Divided we code
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Divided we code

By Heraclitusstudent following x   2017 Dec 8, 3:02pm 174 views   0 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    


Hummm.... CNN on silicon valley....

- On censorship of Google and others: "Being conservative in tech, they say, is enough to threaten their jobs. Aaron Ginn founded Lincoln Network, a community for conservatives and libertarians. He said if you’re conservative in Silicon Valley -- whether or not you voted for Trump -- you're often perceived as racist or homophobic."

- On sexism: "It’s 2017, and sexual harassment in Silicon Valley is still running rampant."
My experience of silicon valley has been a bunch of shy nerds in cubicles or open spaces, where no one would dare posting a swimsuit calendar for fear of being sued. Am I living in a rare bubble in SV?

- On the red pill: "But below the surface of what sounds like a positive digital space for men, there’s a deep undercurrent of misogyny. It's really a place where men can commiserate on how they're oppressed by women."
That reminds me something.

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