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Atlanta Fed Upgrades Q3 Predicted GDP Growth to 5%

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"...The Atlanta Federal Reserve’s “GDPNow” measure (which predicts future GDP growth based on current data) just upgraded its third quarter GDP prediction from 4.7 percent to 5 percent growth."


This and the 'special' election (nice word for 'libtard fiasco') results pretty much means that the Blue Wave is as fantastical as the hippogryph in Harry Potter.

Buckbeak The Hippogryph hunting Socialists ("death-eaters") with Harry Potter
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Inflation is ROARING! Japan is seeing a potential departure from their lost decades as well, thanks to Abenomics. Personally I think this is likely temporary in the States from the tax cut stimulus, however there's certainly some room to run yet. A lot of cash out there and mostly clean balance sheets. Time for everyone to lever all the way up!

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