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US Dairy Subsidies

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U.S. dairy subsidies equal 73 percent of producer returns, says new report


Before Canada gives up supply management, Trump better commit to cancelling US subsidies. In fact, Canada should be considering tariffs on a wide array of US subsidized agricultural products to level the unfair playing field.

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Rocketmanjoe says
I must have missed your proof that the US pays 300% tariffs on diary exported to Canada? Can you point me to it?

The answer is sort of. Canada has a 270% tariff on SOME dairy products after they reach a quota. Most categories that are subject to tariffs never reach the quota. Canada is the third largest market for US dairy exports after Mexico and SE Asia. Number 4 is china.

Twoscoops doesn't need any stinking proof. It's the sjw internationalist world government deep state libruls fault. That is all that needs to be said.
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TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
He and Freedland have antagonized Trump, hoping either he'd reject NAFTA renegotiations entirely and leave the status quo (gain for Trudeau) OR, give Trudeau and excuse to leave while blaming everything on Trump.

Now there's some paranoia. The real explanation is that their base loves the SJW stuff and Trudeau/Freeland thought they could use NAFTA to promote it. Not smart. Apparently this is enough in your world to alienate an ally and force Canada to shift its trade to other markets.

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