San Diego resident and concerned advocate for sustainable societies. This includes economic and environmental sustainability.

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Did We Just Pop a New Housing Bubble???? (
by Malcolm on 9 Jan 2018  35 comments, latest 10 days ago
I just saw a TV commercial for a "save your home" California state program offering up to $100,000 to homeowners, to prevent a foreclosure. I have recently decided for myself...

Sexism and Racism at the Riverside Sheriff’s Department
by Malcolm on 21 Feb 2018  10 comments, latest a month ago
I don’t believe I have ever seen a poster for a men’s career day. I like how they include one token white woman in the photo, although she is under...

Why Climate Change is a Religion and not Science (
by Malcolm on 10 Jan 2018  94 comments, latest 2 months ago
An article that I wrote on TopBuzz exploring some of my own observations.https://www.topbu I have put out an internet challenge that no one seems to want to take me up...
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