The Greatest Health Care system?

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2014 Jul 20, 10:16am   4,648 views  11 comments

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A constant refrain of people with a vested interest in the U.S. health care system as it was before January 2014 was that we "have the greatest health care system in the world."

This study of eleven industrialized countries done in November 2013 will put that lie to rest:


While not every aspect of our system was the worst or most expensive, there isn't much to recommend it.

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1   Tenpoundbass   2014 Jul 20, 1:57pm  

He's right, I was insured at that time. The Liberal Patnet collective told me that it wasn't Obamcare. To just wait and see, come January 1st things were going to be different, Hallelujah!

2   elliemae   2014 Jul 23, 3:27pm  

Hey TPB: I love the way that you quote vague statistics as if they somehow hold some magic meaning. You seem to believe that you're "in the know," and that by throwing out some random numbers you can prove anything. Now it's my turn:

I asked four of my coworkers what they thought of my running for the office of President of the United States of America in the next election.

My secretary thought it would be a wonderful idea and that I would be an excellent leader of the free world, and I felt that she was so astute that I approved her request to have the rest of the day off with pay.

My office partner supported my candidacy after I gave her the desk near the window and promised to shut up for the rest of the afternoon so she could play some stupid game on Facebook.

Our shared assistant was thrilled about the prospect of me being out of the office if I run - so I've got her vote.

My boss - not so much. She realized that if I was elected the next President she wouldn't be able to get me to substitute for her at our long-assed meetings. Since she does this frequently, I most certainly don't have her vote.

So - to recap - 3 out of 4 people that were polled support my run for president. That's a 75% approval rating, which makes me a shoe-in.

I'm giving my notice at work tomorrow.

3   Tenpoundbass   2014 Jul 24, 12:22am  

Elliemae the crap talking Liar.

Are you trying to tell me, that YOU and a few other busy body know it all LIberals on this board didn't bombard me with your Liberal regurgitated propaganda, every time I described the massive fraud, mismanagement, high prices, hidden prices, and outright misrepresentation of the facts surrounding Obamacare and the actual costs to the tax payer as well as the individual. As well as the impossible task of trying to navigate anything and everything that was my employer based insurance. While I was putting forth the notion, that what I had was better than Obamacare was slated to be. While you Libots, droned on and on, about how it wasn't even Obamacare and Obamacare was going to be better, and I was just a liar and a racist.

You even went as far as to inject your fantasy world into the reality of my very real visit from an Obama navigator.

Now feck(Can I say Feck, it's British for "fuck", but it sounds so pseudo intelligent?) off, if you want to talk and debate about anything well I'll be happy to oblige you. But between you and SBH, who have no life of your own, have nothing better to do, but run around and chase the mailman down the street snapping at his heels and tires every time he passes through.

To hell with you and anyone that wants to PRETEND that Obamacare is great and is helping anyone but Health stock investor's portfolios.

You can have my share of it, since you love it so much. And you can also have the more than majority of American's who have intentionally elected to not screw them selves over by participating in this scheme that is nothing more than the biggest con job ever constructed in the history of charlatans, crooks, and no good sons of motherless goats.

4   monkframe   2014 Jul 24, 1:04am  

Call it Crazy says

Notice the data and dates of your report:

Survey of adults age 18 and older in eleven countries.

• Sample sizes: Australia (2,200), Canada (5,412), France (1,406),

Germany (1,125), Netherlands (1,000), New Zealand (1,000), Norway

(1,000), Sweden (2,400), Switzerland (1,500), United Kingdom (1,000),

United States (2,002).

• Survey in the field February to June 2013.

This was BEFORE Obamacare kicked in...

Come back in a year or two and show us some charts...

Yes, it was before the new law kicked in, showing how bad things were here in the USA. Preliminary studies already show some redistribution of wealth downward, and of course, in states where Democrats are governor, there are health exchanges unaffected by the latest court battle.

And a note to the Captain: Can you keep a civil tongue in your head? Policy discussions (or any other kind) rarely move forward with loads of cursing at other people. I will not delete your comment, I don't believe in that, but really dude, lighten up.

5   marcus   2014 Jul 24, 1:11am  

In the Captains world, all the people with preexisting conditions, or people of low to low middle income who are incredibly happy with their improved health insurance situation "can just go to 'H' 'E' double hockey sticks."

It's all about him. And when I say that, I mean about 20% his situation and how it has affected him, and the other 80% being his warped emotions and what he gets from his vicious cycle of taking in right wing propaganda and then venting on patnet and then experiencing the backfire effect when his views and emotions get reinfoced by arguing with the homosexual liberal pansy ass communists here on patrick.net.

6   Tenpoundbass   2014 Jul 24, 1:13am  

Well would it be better if I were black and had Pulp Fiction in my credits?

I'm just tired of all these Mother fucking fakes on a plane!

7   elliemae   2014 Jul 25, 7:15pm  

CaptainShuddup says

Elliemae the crap talking Liar.
You even went as far as to inject your fantasy world into the reality of my very real visit from an Obama navigator.

You claimed that an "Obamacare navigator" knocked on your door. I don't dispute that someone knocked on your door - but it wasn't someone sent by the Affordable Healthcare Act. That act specifically disallows door-to-door solicitation. So it wasn't someone from "Obamacare" who knocked on your door. You just decided that the president himself was responsible because you had to get up in your drug-fueled angry haze and pull your underwear over your bulging belly in order to tell someone who knocked on your door to get lost.

The study quoted in this post isn't relevant to the ACA, and it doesn't prove or disprove the validity of your hatred of all things Obama.

The only thing that your post does prove is that you have a problem with periods - you use them freely and without reason

8   carrieon   2014 Jul 25, 8:39pm  

After Obamacare is fully implemented by the Insurance companies, the U.S. stats will then look like one big middle finger on these charts.

9   elliemae   2014 Jul 26, 12:30pm  

APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says

The grossest part about being pitchforked by Michelle Obama is the way she held out the bloody prongs for her daughters to lick.

As long as the blood was considered to be a health food, that's not a problem.

10   monkframe   2014 Jul 26, 2:21pm  

Whew, I'm glad facts dominate the argument, as in every other facet of our former republic.

11   HEY YOU   2014 Aug 16, 4:42pm  

Junk A.C.A.

Rep/Con/Teas want their children & grandchildren to access healthcare under the old system.

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