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Racism and False Positives

By HowdyThere follow HowdyThere   2018 Feb 3, 6:54pm 2,806 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

I was thinking about the difference in opinions on racism. It seems like the average white person thinks it's on the decline, while many minority people think it is going strong. One possibility is false positives. First off, I'm a middle aged white guy. When I have a negative experience with a customer service type, I'm inclined to think that the person isn't very good at his/her job, or if I'm more generous, that they've had a bad day. A minority type person might assume it's a racist micro aggression, or an outright racist stance depending on the severity. Think about the number of times you've had an awkward moment or an uncomfortable interaction, and then see that through the eyes of someone who assumes that they're hated, or at a minimum disrespected. I'm not sure what the solution for this issue is. There are plenty of racists out there still, so minorities can't assume that everyone they meet is having a bad day. At the same time, assuming that every negative interaction is racism based isn't helpful either. Thoughts?
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HowdyThere says
There are plenty of racists out there still,

This is just it. There always will be racists. Racism will never go away. I don't think most minorities expect it to completely go away, but the figureheads of "anti-racism" have all the greed... errrr I mean reasons to keep it going. Sharpton, Jackson and those following in their footsteps would be out on the street if the media just stopped covering them every time they stepped in front of a microphone when someone gives some black guy the eye.

And I'm not saying just throw our hands in the air and say, ah fuck it, racism is here to stay, let's do nothing. Let's treat it closer to what it is though, a fringe, edge of society issue and not like it's fucking health care or something. Fake outrage is exactly that, fake. Most normal people stop taking the fake outrage seriously and your cause (not you Howdy - anybody) only looses in that case.

anonymous says
Counting to 10

Unfortunately I get the feeling there are a lot of people that can't count to 10.
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HowdyThere says
I was thinking about the difference in opinions on racism. It seems like the average white person thinks it's on the decline
I think folks have to get real and ask why are certain countries are so ass backwards and continually developmentally behind others.
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The US is actually one of the least racist countries in the world. Most other countries are way more racist.
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WookieMan says
I don't think most minorities expect it to completely go away

Today its not the minorities that are the butt of open societal racism.
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I think most racist people are poor (mostly "minorities"), they always blame every single personal failure on racism. They usually do it because that's what liberal media and hollywood sells to them, thanks to Democratic party.

I've seen a lot of that out here. In other parts of America it's worse. They live segregated, and actively hate each other. And it's not by skin color, but by some weird tribal crap, nationality, origin, etc... usually happens when government brings a few thousand refugees from some country into a specific area, pissing everyone out there off.
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just any guy says
The US is actually one of the least racist countries in the world. Most other countries are way more racist.

Yep. Racism - aside from everyone's innate mild racism - is almost non-existent in the US. Money and efforts would be better spent in prison and law reforms for victimless crimes.
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There's nothing in the constitution that says anyone has to kiss peoples asses or their constitutional rights are violated.
Other than the court mandated anti discrimination laws, which the Liberals seem to selectively enforce where it benefits them the most.
The last 20 years of Liberal politics has been undoing what they already did so they can have purpose and cause.
The Liberals would state if a white guy doesn't let a minority rape his daughter or rob him, or if you shoot a thug in self defense is out a racism and bigotry not defending yourself.
To defend your self from urban assault is an assault on the Liberal institution itself, and puts you in contempt of the Liberal agenda.

Fuck you Racist Clowns

Thanks to the Liberal's tireless work to destroy this country. I can actually talk to black and latino citizens and speak the truth. They are nothing but Liberal slaves as long as they vote for them and buy into their race baiting bullshit. If you buy into it, then you are condemned to live a life of welfare and are fitted with a voice that is NOT your own.

Choose wisely Americans, you want Socialism and oppression or do you want a Democratic Republic where your rights are protected by Laws, and not whimsical whims of sexually confused mentally decapitated morally bankrupt heathens, that are the Democrat political machine?

They are walking with me, they want to be one of the good guys too, you guys are so FUCKED!
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anonymous says
Counting to 10 and engaging the brain fully before opening the mouth does wonders for getting along with other people

Ok this is true. I committed a racial faux pax a couple months ago. My youngest daughter insisted i accompany her to a daddy daughter dance at her school. At the dance I chatted with other dads. One dad i chatted with was the father of one of my daughters best friends. I was glad to meet him and said how my daughter was always talking about xxxx and how it was great to put a face on both her and her dad. He seemed friendly enough if a little reserved and things went well. Later on, my daughter wanted to sit on my shoulders and I let her. Soon enough other girls wanted the same including my new acquaintances daughter. Laughing, I turned to him and said, “sorry, I guess monkey-see, monkey-do!”
Whoops. He and his daughter were black, and the expression could easily be interpreted as a racial slur.
His expression fell slowly and after a moment I realized what Happened. Shit. He turned away and ignored us the rest of the dance.
I never got a chance to say anything else and I doubt he’d have believed me anyway.

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