Wake up call for white conservatives

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2018 Oct 29, 10:24am   2,685 views  10 comments

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I don’t feel particularly sorry for Megyn Kelly. In some ways I see her dismal as vindication that she lost her career over one misspoken word, while along the way she seemed to relish destroying men’s careers over an offcolor joke or flirtation.

Having said that, I’m becoming more and more concerned with the weaponization of political correctness, especially when it’s selectively applied to people of a conservative mindset.

It started with the Hillary Clinton campaign demonizing uneducated white working-class men. I could tell where that agenda was heading and now white educated women are being labeled as a privileged class to be destroyed if they even raise a contrarian question.

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1   Tenpoundbass   2018 Oct 29, 10:30am  

It's her fault for not having the balls to tell those rabble rousers calling for her head.

"You Idiots act like it's a bad thing to be Black. Do you think being black is so taboo that nobody sould honor them or celebrate their color?
Is being black a lifelong penitence to be shamed?"

"Is the Gang culture the Movies and Music industry promotes all Americans are expected to celebrate from the Black culture? I'm not the racists you all are."

Of course she didn't because she's just a talking head bimbo that made her fame Sucking a very old man's dick then playing the victim card for it.

Fuck her and the Cunt she slithered in on.
2   Malcolm   2018 Oct 29, 10:33am  

MegaForce says
This was ALWAYS the planned endgame. So, one can say it is a little late to become concerned just now. But then again, I read 1984 like 11 times or so. :)

There was never a blatant all out assault on whiteness. We had political correctness before, but this last election has revealed people's true colors.
Sorry if I deleted someone's comment, I was trying to get my graphic to display properly.
3   Goran_K   2018 Oct 29, 10:38am  

I have no sympathy for her. She was critical of Trump for fighting PC culture. Now she got a taste of what she's defending.

Taste like shit. lol
4   Malcolm   2018 Oct 29, 10:39am  

Goran_K says
I have no sympathy for her. She was critical of Trump for fighting PC culture. Now she got a taste of what she's defending.

Taste like shit. lol

Part of me doesn't like seeing it happen to anyone, but I can't disagree with you.
5   Malcolm   2018 Oct 29, 10:50am  

For the younger audience, the white man in the upper right is actually Eddie Murphy on SNL.
6   clambo   2018 Oct 29, 10:56am  

What is interesting to me is the black females who all like to attach "white" straight hair extensions to their actual hair. This is an expensive and tedious process, they tie little knots to the head's real hair to attach the thing which looks like a wig which it essentially is.

I never made fun of my friend who did this and was appropriating "white hair" for herself. I said it was a waste of her money. She went to a wedding on Saturday as a blonde with long flowing locks which are obviously impossible to grow for her race.

Megyn was just disliked at her work for some reason and they are so touchy evidently they found it necessary to get rid of her.

Not so fast, they'll fight over the contract that they agreed to. Wait and see how they try to drag Megyn down and say she's been a "racist" for decades and only now has it been noticed.
7   Shaman   2018 Oct 29, 11:01am  

Leftists always eventually eat their own.
It’s a movement that ends with the snake biting it’s own tail. Or like a game of musical chairs... where the acceptable positions to take keep decreasing, and anyone too slow to adopt the latest trend is unceremoniously booted from the game.
It’s a mental disease brought on by having too little real struggle, work or too little significance, and no self worth. These people just attach themselves to the movement du jour in hopes of achieving something significant by association. Then they relentlessly criticize and abuse people who are actually doing significant things...because social justice. It’s pathetic and sad.
8   Tenpoundbass   2018 Oct 29, 11:23am  

And Megan is right there is literally no difference than a black guy donning a pompadour and wearing a sequin singing Elvis, or a white guy wearing fake dreds, grease paint on his face and wearing a pair of gold rimmed shades to impersonate Snoop Dog.
It's not like the person is singing "Down my the old mill stream" while wearing a straw hat, and put red lipstick on.
It's only a problem for people who profit by making a problem out of it. And is why Racism will always be a problem. It's too politically valuable to ever forget or get past.

Until Blacks walk away and stop being Liberal's little rag ball, to tug and fight over and discard at will when done with it. Then race will always be a problem. The Liberals will always take advantage and exploit it.
9   RWSGFY   2018 Oct 29, 11:24am  

I'm glad to report that I have no idea about the recent covfefe involving that cunt and "blackface" and it feels good.
10   Goran_K   2018 Oct 29, 11:34am  

Malcolm says
Part of me doesn't like seeing it happen to anyone, but I can't disagree with you.

I agree. I think it's terrible that someone's career can be totally annihilated by NPC culture in this way. It fucking sucks.

But Megan Kelly is an adult and chose to dip her toes into those waters, then eventually dove in. She knew exactly what she was embracing when she left FOX to go to NPC. NPC, like NPCNN, or MSNPC are the largest rat's nests of NPC culture.

Me personally? If I dislike drug dealers, I don't go and work in a drug den. I can pick and choose where I take my talents. It's too bad Kelly thought she could hang with the snakes without getting bit. That's just stupidity.

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