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18   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:35am  

19   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:35am  

20   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:35am  

21   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:36am  

22   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:37am  

23   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:38am  

24   anonymous   2019 Feb 19, 3:44am  

26   HeadSet   2019 Feb 19, 6:26am  

HeadSet says
Anthony Wiener
Corrine Brown
Chakka Fatah
Jesse Jackson Jr
Laura Richardson

All these convictions are Democrats in the Legislature, and this is only since 2012 or so.

You should fact check before you cut and paste.
28   Onvacation   2019 Feb 19, 6:29am  

marcus says

You do know the temperature is going down? Don'tcha?
31   Shaman   2019 Feb 19, 8:26am  

marcus says
And how liberals don't understand how evil Islam really is ?

Actually Liberals do understand this quite well. Ask Sam Harris if you have a question on this.
It’s the LEFTIST CONSERVATIVES who love them some Islam. It’s all the strict rules and putting women in their place that gets their authoritarian juices flowing.

You no longer have any claim to the term “Liberal” as you’ve abandoned liberal principles in favor of absolutism, communist dogma, and race baiting. None of that shit is liberal.
34   kt1652   2019 Feb 20, 10:20am  

Koch Family Foundations have spent $127,013,955 directly financing 92 groups that have attacked climate change science and policy solutions, from 1997-2017


42   Tenpoundbass   2019 Feb 21, 6:55am  

Anyone besides me find it Odd that Marcus equates Liberal intrigue and dishonesty as "Political Humor"?

You're a Riot Marcus, a first rate Riot!
43   Onvacation   2019 Feb 21, 7:20am  

marcus says
Michelle is a dude

No. She's just a big manly woman.
45   Tenpoundbass   2019 Feb 21, 7:38am  

Onvacation says
No. She's just a big manly woman.

Did you just Vaguely hint a Gender for Mike Obama?
46   anonymous   2019 Feb 21, 2:12pm  

George Carlin - White Fascist America

47   Onvacation   2019 Feb 22, 7:33am  

marcus says
becasue his ignorant

49   porkchopXpress   2019 Feb 24, 2:45pm  

marcus says
The Wall is just a campaign promise, becasue his ignorant base loves that kind of talk it's not like they are in touch with reality.
How do you know this? Didn't Trump follow the advice of experts in DHS and Border Patrol?
53   HeadSet   2019 Feb 24, 7:01pm  

marcus says

????? Totally different subjects. More on point would be comparing nutcase Hasson with the nutcase who shot up the Republican ball practice.

Irony is Kamala Harris finally admitting about the Jussie Smollette fake attack story, but then immediately go smoozing with Jessie Jackson of the Tawana Brawley fake attack story.
54   GNL   2019 Feb 24, 7:39pm  

marcus says

How come only whites can be found/charges guilty of committing hate crimes? Racism much?
55   CBOEtrader   2019 Feb 25, 6:55am  

marcus says

Trump pro gay marriage in the 80's. HRC and Obama anti gay marriage until 2012.

Tell me more about Trump being against gay rights.

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