Should I vote for Lindsey Graham?

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2020 Oct 2, 8:06pm   1,424 views  13 comments

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I don’t think I’m doxing myself too much to say that I now live in SC. Should I vote for Lindsey Graham or should I vote for the generic D to get him out so we can get someone better?

Why or why not?

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1   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2020 Oct 2, 8:08pm  

Lindsey, he fought for our Supreme Court. He was there for us when we needed him.
2   Tenpoundbass   2020 Oct 3, 8:09am  

I pleaded with my brother to either run and primary him, or find somebody that will. It's too late now, Lindsey needs to be Primaried out, we need the Senate too badly this election to split hairs about how we get him out, so we can get somebody else in.
I agree with your premise under normal circumstances. When the Commies are at the gates or Rome, there is no time for that gambit.
3   RWSGFY   2020 Oct 3, 8:24am  

ignoreme says
should I vote for the generic D

4   socal2   2020 Oct 3, 8:41am  

FuckCCP89 says
ignoreme says
should I vote for the generic D



Lindsey is one of my least favorite Republicans, but that still makes him 1000X better than the next "moderate" Democrat who votes in lockstep with Schumer and Pelosi.
5   MisdemeanorRebel   2020 Oct 3, 8:59am  

Lindsey is good on a few things, like SCOTUS, unreliable on others. However, agreed with the above posters, now is not the time.

Perhaps a cabinet post for Lindsey after the election and then a special election to replace him.
6   ignoreme   2020 Oct 4, 8:30am  

I agree with @SenatorTimScott statement about President Trump needing to make it clear Proud Boys is a racist organization antithetical to American ideals. https://t.co/GsAS8Uz1dx

(1/2)— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC) September 30, 2020

Why can’t we get good candidates?
7   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2020 Oct 4, 8:33am  

His impassioned defense of Kavanaugh merits a yes vote. And maintaining the Republican Senate as well.
8   Tenpoundbass   2020 Oct 4, 9:10am  

ignoreme says
Why can’t we get good candidates?

Trump disavowed the Proud Boys as well as White Supremacists last week.
I think it was the smart move, as the Proud Boys, have started defending themselves. The President shouldn't be in the business of defending people or groups that don't have it in them to defend themselves. The Proud Boys have finally revealed that they have black and Hispanic members, and a Black member is the leader of a Chapter. They have also revealed that their origins was to combat the Feminist movement trying to criminalize the Patriarchy. After those feminist groups couldn't smear them away, the Democrat hate mongering machine branded them as a White Supremacist group.

They are now suing the Biden Campaign as well as several networks for slander. This will be bigger than the Sandman case. And they will win too.

I can see after they win their case in a year or two, President Trump invites them to the White House for an official apology.

If these groups can't or aren't defending themselves against baseless racial accusations, then I would bet and suspect they are just Liberal Art's Larping play actors. Providing the SPLC, ACLU and other Hate groups fodder for their libelous slander against Democrat opponents.
9   SoTex   2020 Oct 4, 10:13am  

If Lindsey wins I think he should wear his best dress to Trumps inauguration.
11   Booger   2020 Oct 4, 4:13pm  

Should I vote for Lindsey Graham?

Yes. It's either him or a commie.
12   SunnyvaleCA   2020 Oct 4, 6:08pm  

FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
I can find a vote for him.


Starting 50 seconds in, this is what the republicans should be like pretty much all time time for: the Kavanah ridiculousness, the Mueller scam (and coverup of the scam), any number of fake-news items disparaging Trump, the US, and US citizens, Hunter Biden bribes, etc. There's a lot that the republicans should be outraged against.
13   Shaman   2020 Oct 4, 6:41pm  

Tenpoundbass says
Trump disavowed the Proud Boys as well as White Supremacists last week.

That was funny. Trump is like “I disavow the Proud Boys, whoever they are!” And in so doing made it clear that he’s being forced to disavow groups he knows little about and that it means nothing because compelled speech isn’t true speech.
Next he might disavow a ham sandwich!

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