Also the Left; The Great Hypocrisy thread

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2021 Jan 29, 6:34pm   26,865 views  318 comments

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I'll start

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269   stereotomy   2023 Aug 8, 10:35am  

I should be glad that Roseanne left the democratic plantation, but then I feel a little conflicted. She voted and advocated for this shit, and now that it's here, she doesn't like it?

It sounds like the 60's stereotype of middle class women. "Put the couch there. No, that's terrible - move it over there. Oh, wait, that's even worse - put it over there. OK, why don't you put it back where it originally was."
271   richwicks   2023 Aug 9, 7:54pm  

stereotomy says

I should be glad that Roseanne left the democratic plantation, but then I feel a little conflicted. She voted and advocated for this shit, and now that it's here, she doesn't like it?

Look, you'd have considered me "on the left" in 1995 and really my position hasn't changed. I don't CARE about gay marriage, I don't care if two men or women are having sex, I don't think school prayer should be in public schools, I don't think creationism should be taught in public schools, I didn't think Operation Desert Storm was justified, I didn't care that Bill Clinton got a blowjob although Lewinsky was a bit young for him, but legal.

I haven't changed a bit. I don't think elementary school teachers should be talking about sex AT ALL in school, much less pushing tranny and gay bullshit. I don't think the last 7 wars we've had in the last 2 decades were justifiable. I think Ukraine is bound to lose the war, and the best thing to do is negotiate a settlement, the longer we prevent that, the more people die.

I haven't changed, the PARTY has. Nothing the democrats claimed they cared about, 25 years ago, do they care about.

Roe versus Wade has been over-turned, and and look, nobody cares. I don't think Rosanne Barr has changed much, IF at all.

I used to think, very stupidly I admit, that the Democrats were "anti-war" - they aren't. They're completely unprincipled scum. Both parties are. They always play dumb. I'll never forget when George W. Bush said something along the lines of "A Neocon? What's that? I have never heard of it". I remember when the word "Neocon" was called a conspiracy theory. They run the democratic party now, Bill Kristol is a democrat now!! Seriously:

272   AmericanKulak   2023 Aug 9, 9:18pm  

stereotomy says

I should be glad that Roseanne left the democratic plantation, but then I feel a little conflicted. She voted and advocated for this shit, and now that it's here, she doesn't like it?

When Roseanne was a democrat in the 90s, at least some of democrats were still talking about factory closures, small farms getting wiped out, etc. and it was the Republicans who were all "Trade Deficits are good! I have a trade deficit with my dentist all the time, I give him money for tooth filings but I haven't sold him any propane from my propane and propane accessories store, it doesn't matter! Wanting to make things inside the US is kind of like North Korean Autarky! Besides, we're going to keep all the high tech jobs and only export the low value added stuff like making socks and plastic hangers!"
285   Patrick   2023 Aug 28, 5:42pm  


So the problem of disinformation is also a problem of democracy itself—specifically, that there’s too much of it. To save liberal democracy, the experts prescribed two critical steps: America must become less free and less democratic. This necessary evolution will mean shutting out the voices of certain rabble-rousers in the online crowd who have forfeited the privilege of speaking freely. It will require following the wisdom of disinformation experts and outgrowing our parochial attachment to the Bill of Rights. This view may be jarring to people who are still attached to the American heritage of liberty and self-government, but it has become the official policy of the country’s ruling party and much of the American intelligentsia.
289   Patrick   2023 Aug 31, 11:31am  


Five pro-lifers immediately jailed after being found guilty of FACE Act violation for protesting at late-term abortion center, now face 11 years in prison...

Lauren Handy, Will Goodman, John Hinshaw, Heather Idoni, and Herb Geraghty, were all part of a group of rescuers who peacefully protested against the murder of children at a DC abortion mill in October 2020 and have now been found guilty of a crime for standing for life. ...

Remind me again, how many of the people who firebombed pro-life pregnancy centers have been charged and arrested?
These rescuers were arrested at a facility that has been exposed by LiveAction in an undercover video stating that born-alive babies were allowed to die. This same clinic was also the place where 115 baby corpses were recovered, including very late-term babies, 20-40 weeks gestation, in March of 2022.

Not exactly the nicest folks out there. ...

If you protest the murder of unborn children, Democrats throw you in jail.

If you riot and burn a city to the ground, Democrats pay you for your trouble.

Where is justice?
290   Patrick   2023 Aug 31, 11:45am  


YouTube Demonetizes Channel Over Video of Democrats Challenging Election Results

YouTube has demonitized a channel over a video for the crime of making Democrats look like raging hypocrites.

A journalist named Matt Orfalea, who works with Matt Taibbi, created the video which intersperses clips of Trump questioning election results with Democrats doing the exact same thing.

Someone at YouTube clearly thought this was a problem and yanked the monetization for the entire channel. ...

So what kind of video could spur YouTube’s censors to declare Matt Orfeala, or “orf,” a single independent video journalist a “violent criminal organization”?

One that pushes back against the totalitarian left’s current narrative that Trump is the only person to have ever challenged states’ slates of electors, of course.

We can’t have Trump’s jurors seeing this!

YouTube is telling people that they can make money only through some political speech — political speech that serves the Democrat Establishment and Tech Oligarchy.

The tech censorship never ends. ...


As you will see if you click now, the above video, as I argued to Google, could not possibly be violative of any “misinformation” guideline, as it was comprised entirely of “real, un-altered clips of public figures making public comments.”
293   Patrick   2023 Sep 5, 2:55pm  


It's not news though. It was very public when Zuckerberg first said it. I remember well how it seemed like someone "had a chat" with him and then he turned 180 degrees and demanded every employee submit to the death jab.
295   Patrick   2023 Sep 7, 12:56pm  


Democrat President Joe Biden suggested to reporters that his 2024 election mask is just for show when he walked into a press conference without wearing the face covering.

As he approached the presidential lectern during a press conference, Biden was carrying the mask in his hand.

He then told reporters in the room not to “tell them I didn’t have it on” before placing the muzzle on his face to begin the press briefing.

“Let me explain to the press, I’ve been tested again today,” Biden said Wednesday.

“I’m clear across the board, but they keep telling me – because this has to be 10 days or something – I gotta keep wearing it [the mask].

“But don’t tell them I didn’t have it on when I walked in,” he added, prompting laughter among the corporate media hacks in attendance.

However, despite Biden’s insistence that he didn’t need it, he put on the mask to begin the press briefing to ensure the American people saw him wearing it.

Has video.
298   Misc   2023 Sep 9, 12:41am  

The President of the Chicago teacher's Union decides to send her precious child to a Private school. She knows firsthand what a dumpster fire public education is. She advocates against other parents being able to choose a private education for their child, however.

301   Patrick   2023 Sep 11, 5:37pm  


Democrats Once Opposed the Post-September 11th Expansion of the Surveillance State
The Dept. of Homeland Security, once viewed as an Orwellian power grab, is now championed by Democrats to police “dangerous” political speech.

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