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Can't find anything at all in the media anymore, except wildly biased yellow journalism.

Trump continues to insist there was mass fraud, but all media simply dismisses his claim as "false" without any reasoning or evidence.

I'm pretty damn sure Biden's election was fraudulent.

Update: after 2000 Mules presented the evidence, I'm 100% sure that Biden's election was fraudulent. See https://2000mules.com/

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550   richwicks   2022 Sep 25, 8:29pm  

tomtomtom says

Fair elections would end the oligarchy rule in the US.

Sure it would, but the oligarchy controls our government, so there won't be fair elections.

It's TRIVIAL to validate the vote today. It wasn't difficult 50 years ago.

Our main problem is two goober clones are run against one another because the parties pick the candidates. Kamala Harris versus Jeb Bush - that may be our next election, and the result is - who gives a shit? They run Turd Sandwich against Giant Douche and have for my entire adult lifetime, perhaps before.
553   Hircus   2022 Sep 28, 8:22pm  


After receiving public pressure from President Joe Biden, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a bill that will make it easier for the state's farmworkers to unionize.

Newsom's office had originally signaled a reluctance to sign the legislation, which allows farmworkers to vote by mail in union elections. Newsom's office said the bill relied on "an untested mail-in election process that lacks critical provisions to protect the integrity of the election."

mail in election fraud is only possible when it hurts dems, not when it befits them.

Briben / Dem leadership wants to make election fraud possible everywhere.
554   Patrick   2022 Sep 29, 3:55pm  


Dem Gets 30 Months in Prison for Election Fraud Crimes, Such as Stuffing 'Ballot Boxes' from 2014-2018

A former Democratic congressman is going to prison for election fraud.

Michael “Ozzie” Myers of Philadelphia was sentenced to 30 months in federal prison on Tuesday, according to a Justice Department news release.

The politician served nearly two terms in the House of Representatives from 1976 to 1980, representing what was then Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District.

Myers admitted to orchestrating the fraudulent stuffing of ballot boxes in Pennsylvania elections in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, according to the Department of Justice.

The political operative worked with elections judges Marie Beren and Domenick Demuro in his fraud operation, according to Fox News. Demuro admitted in May 2020 to taking bribes from Myers, and Beren “pleaded guilty to the scheme in October 2021.”

Myers arranged ballot stuffing in favor of Democratic candidates who had paid him “consulting fees,” according to the Justice Department.

The corrupt election workers would add ballots in favor of Myers’ clients and proceed to certify the compromised results.

In a remarkable twist, this isn’t even the first time that Myers has been locked up for corruption.

Myers served three years of prison time for accepting bribes from FBI agents posing as wealthy Arab sheikhs seeking political favors in the so-called “Abscam” scandal, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Democrat would be expelled from the House in 1980 for the scandal, becoming one of the few representatives in the history of Congress to be given the boot.

Prosecutors are pointing to Myers’ crimes as poison to election confidence in Philadelphia.

No. The real poison to election confidence is the failure to execute him for his crimes against the country, along with the corrupt election workers who helped him.

30 months is nothing for such a crime.
557   Patrick   2022 Oct 1, 3:12pm  

Not real, but funny.
558   Patrick   2022 Oct 3, 2:49pm  


Bombshell Texts Show Milwaukee Mayor Colluding With Democrats To Rig 2022 Election ...

While city officials, under the direction of Chheda, have said Milwaukee is not receiving any private funding for the effort, two things are clear: The mayor’s office is taking orders from Democratic Party operatives, and the city of Milwaukee is coordinating with left-wing groups in what looks like an expensive effort to influence the outcome of November’s election. ...

The party says that records released give the appearance of coordination between Johnson’s office and longtime Democratic Party operatives. If that coordination involves the use of government resources or personnel to drive Democratic Party voter turnout, that would be a violation of state statutes and the city of Milwaukee’s own “Political Activity Policy.”

RPW Executive Director Mark Jefferson says the party is deeply concerned that cities like Milwaukee are working with Democrat operatives and partisan third-party groups to get out the vote “in a manner designed to tip the scales for Democrats.”

“Government’s role in elections must be to ensure fairness and transparency, not to benefit one party at the expense of another, and we will aggressively fight to ensure that election laws are followed,” Jefferson said.
561   Patrick   2022 Oct 3, 11:16pm  


Brazil is tense: my view, a November 2020 US repeat will happen, the right players are finding votes for Lula over Bolsonaro; Bolsonaro won, but they are now going to find Lula votes, lets see!
562   steverbeaver   2022 Oct 3, 11:31pm  

Right on cue, watch the covid cases resurge here in the US.
563   Patrick   2022 Oct 4, 2:56pm  


After further investigation, election officials realized that the anomaly caused 7 out of 18 tabulators to miscount ballots.

The State of Tennessee, the EAC, and the two accredited entities that test voting machines, Pro V&V and SLI Compliance, investigated the anomaly and were able to repeat the problem but were "not able to determine the root cause of the anomaly.”

That's why we need REPEATED HAND COUNTING by members of all political parties, local to each polling station.

564   richwicks   2022 Oct 4, 6:54pm  

Patrick says

That's why we need REPEATED HAND COUNTING by members of all political parties, local to each polling station.


It was the Bush administration that had them installed after the 2000 election. Diebold ring a bell?
565   Patrick   2022 Oct 5, 11:33am  


How a Tiny Elections Company Became a Conspiracy Theory Target
Election deniers catapulted a Michigan firm with just 21 U.S. employees to the center of unfounded voter fraud claims, exposing it to vicious threats.



Election Software Executive Arrested on Suspicion of Theft
The executive, Eugene Yu, and his firm, Konnech, have been a focus of attention among election deniers.

567   Patrick   2022 Oct 5, 4:20pm  


CEO of election company that sued True the Vote was just ARRESTED for exactly what True the Vote has been claiming...

Last month True the Vote was sued by a Michigan election company for defaming them.

According to the Texas Tribune, Konnech sued True the Vote for claiming, among other things, that they stored US election data on a server in China:

In addition, the complaint says, True the Vote, Engelbrecht, and Phillips “falsely claimed” they discovered Konnech had stored data on an unsecured server in Wuhan, China, “which Defendants hacked into and stole data from,” including personal data on 1.8 million poll workers “which they claim is a vehicle for the Chinese Communist Party to breach U.S. elections.”

The company said it uses no such server, and stores all U.S. data “exclusively on protected computers located within the United States.” In addition, it said, it does not have data on that many poll workers “or even a small fraction of that number.”

There are other allegations highlighted in this defamation lawsuit but this one is the most pertinent right now.

Why? Because the CEO of Konnech was just arrested for storing election data on a server in China!
568   Patrick   2022 Oct 5, 4:53pm  


WATCH: Large Garbage Bag Used To Transfer Stacks of Absentee Ballots From Detroit Drop Box…Is This What SOS Benson Means When She Says MI Elections Were “Most secure in history”?
569   Ceffer   2022 Oct 5, 11:08pm  

I understand all election machines now come with Alexa.

"Alexa, who is winning the election?"

Alexa: "It looks like Democrats are running away with all precincts again. It isn't even close. Have a nice day!"
572   Patrick   2022 Oct 6, 8:39pm  


Konnech CEO Eugene Yu's connection to China's National People's Congress & Chinese telecom giants
I meticulously documented everything I found about Eugene Yu for the last six weeks — and now I’m ready to teach New York Times reporters and FBI agents what I found. It’s super simple!

Eugene Yu, the CEO of the U.S. election software company Konnech, was arrested yesterday in connection to the storage of election data on Chinese servers.

He was arrested in Michigan by investigators from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office with assistance from the Meridian Township Police Department.

Investigators allegedly found U.S. poll workers’ information stored on servers in the People’s Republic of China.

The day before Yu’s arrest, the New York Times’ Stuart Thompson published an article entitled, “How a Tiny Elections Company Became a Conspiracy Theory Target.”

Thompson, who covers “misinformation and disinformation,” wrote about how “far-right election deniers” concocted an elaborate “conspiracy theory” that Konnech “had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data.”

Near the end of the article, he dedicated a few sentences to Eugene Yu’s Chinese company, “Jinhua Yulian Network Technology, a subsidiary out of China, where programmers developed and tested software.”

“Konnech closed the subsidiary in 2021 and no longer has employees in China,” he concluded.

Contrary to the New York Times reporter’s lack of curiosity, I found it extremely concerning that Eugene Yu, also known as Jianwei Yu (于建伟), established a Chinese R&D subsidiary in Zhejiang, China, on November 29, 2005.

So I spent the last six weeks meticulously documenting everything that I could find about Jinhua Yulian Network Technology (金华宇联网络科技有限公司) in a series of articles. ...

On that same website, Yu boasted about his success with “Election Management Solutions Detroit” and “U.S. Overseas Voters,” as he wrote in Chinese:

“In line with the principle of "political tasks first and economic benefits of enterprises second," our company has perfected and formed the whole set of election management theory and software tools in line with China's national conditions.”

“We hope to ride on the spring breeze of political reform and provide you with election consulting services and election campaign management in line with China's national conditions based on our democratic election campaigns with Chinese characteristics.” ...

What was even more disturbing was that, according to Engelbrecht and Phillips, the FBI’s Washington D.C. office attempted to cover up this national security issue rather than investigate why Chinese nationals are programming U.S. election software.

“The problem is they know about this and chose to do nothing,” Phillips said.

573   Ceffer   2022 Oct 6, 11:10pm  

They use the Konnech software in machines in Alameda County. No wonder it feels like the CCP are running the operation, they probably are already:

575   Ceffer   2022 Oct 7, 7:57am  

Foreign CCP Chinese just strolling on in to defraud our elections openly. How stupid can we be?
577   Ceffer   2022 Oct 7, 8:02am  

Question is: is this finally the flash point that will trigger an avalanche of reaction to election fraud, the straw breaking the camel's back? I wouldn't count on it. The FBI will probably try to hide and memory hole it as they do everything else in the political criminal universe.
578   Patrick   2022 Oct 7, 11:49am  


Rasmussen Reports
More: Cornered by the Konnech arrest, legacy media amps up their lie that the 2020 elections were the most secure in American history. They have no proof now that the CCP had no access to our 2020 election systems. Quite the opposite. So they're spraying their same old propaganda

More: The Konnech Chinese data hosting security issue was reported to the FBI by True the Vote in January 2021. The FBI ended up attacking True the Vote for identifying the issue which - here in October 2022 - is entirely unresolved & denied by legacy media.

583   Ceffer   2022 Oct 11, 10:37am  

Too little, too late, too evasive, too full of bullshit, too evisceratingly expensive, too lethargic, too compromised and generally too token court system ejects a correct decision, several years after the fact. Wow, that's what call action.
584   Patrick   2022 Oct 11, 8:00pm  

There should be no mail-in ballots at all because identity cannot be verified.
585   Misc   2022 Oct 12, 5:36am  

Identity is verified via signature on the mailed in ballots. However, the number of mail in ballots that were cancelled dropped by quite a bit on a percentage basis during the 2020 election.

I personally don't trust the system, but it is what we have,

587   Patrick   2022 Oct 13, 8:38pm  

Lol, 30330 is Biden's campaign number.

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