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CCP/Hindoo/Saudi/.... inteference in Western politics : Can west maintain independence and free speech of citizens?

By farmer2021 follow farmer2021   2021 Mar 31, 9:06pm 142 views   8 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

West is last bastian of "Freedom of Speech". US is its crown jewel.
Is future safe or our nation will fall to greed of politicians?

Like pro-Beijing / CCP groups, pro-India nationalist groups are also constantly working behind the scene to censor debate and peddle the Indian's government's narrative in Canada, even in our high schools.

Hindooo love affair with Hitler and his brutality.... perfectly fits with rape/riot cult.
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I had many attempts on Facebook/twitter with 1000s of followers, But there is a a fine line and level of influence.. Once You cross that, You are killed from network if you don't tow line.
I have almost figured like a science on How to grow and what get you killed.

Most people on twitter/Facebook with huge following maintain that fine line and negotiate survival.
It is not exercise of free speech but conduct of business for profit.

Even on Quora it is same. Quora is especially notorious as it is infiltrated by right wing Hindoos.
They claim no bias but I can see.

Delegating moderation of our content to fascist country like "India" and oppressive cult like Hindooo is most regressive thing we have done.
I feel sad for future of "free speech" on internet. It needs more warriors like @patrick.
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Sikh gurus about free speech:

Guru Teg Bahadur summed this up beautifully - not just with respect to freedom of speech, but with respect to overall freedom:
Bhey kahu ko det nahin, nahin bhey maanat aan, kaho nanak sun re mana, gyani tahe bakhaan (Slok Mahalla 9)

or in other words, The true wise one is he, who neither oppresses nor recognizes oppression.
Applying this thought to freedom of speech, we can easily see that slander, hate speech, oppression is unwise of Sikhs, and at the same time, Sikhs are expected to freely speak out against slander, oppression, hate etc.
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Also, we should all train ourselves NOT to say "1984" Sikh Genocide. The Sikh Genocide was not 3 days long. It lasted from 1984 to 1998. Inderjit Singh Jaijee places the number killed at 250K while Sangat Singh (also a raw agent) places it at 1.1 mil to 1.2 mil.
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Nobody trolls hapless hindoo commoners like khalistanis. The Hindooo slaves don't realize that Khalistani are also creation of Hindooo thugs to keep you "cow piss drinkers" for life.
Gurpatwant Singh Pannu offers iPhone 12 with VPN to Sikh students to raise Khalistan flags in schools.

With the NIA tightening the noose on Khalistanis and Canada putting it on record that it won’t recognise referendum 2020, a red-faced Pannu is seen taking desperate measures.
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True Sikh will never accept "Dirty foreign hindoo cult" of vulgar people... That's why Hindooo killed .5M and some says 1M. I have seen proof for only .5M.
SGPC whose chief endorsed Khalistan, passes a resolution against RSS for wanting a Hindu Rashtra
Smiling face with open mouth and tightly-closed eyes
They allege that RSS wants to make Sikhs, Hindus while there hasn’t been a single case of a Hindu forcing a Sikh to convert but vice versa was common during the Punjab insurgency.
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Simple question is asked in west and if anybody identify Hindoo(same as Nazi), Should be immediately deported to Hindoo hell hole.
Hindoo must be outlawed.
Why discriminitae against Nazis, when Hindooo can stay?

Not surprised when their government is run by Hindu fascists who look up to the Nazi as their inspiration
They're spreading their ideology & violence all over the world and targeting minority groups like the Sikh community
#Hindutva #FarmersProtest
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Sikhs and their friends .....Don't let "Hindooo cult" spoil our image by getting sucked into their "hate machine worldwide".
Truthfully keep calling ...How bad the cult is and hopefully many Bhartis will be freed sooner than later.
From my vantage I see that this nightmare of Hindooo cruelty is finally coming to an end and Bharat will be free from this cult.
Unfortunately like Nazism, This will bring extreme violence before we can get rid of it.


As I said before, I have no problem You not like extreme left wing politics of Jagmeet Singh(I don't like it either), But If you call him terrorist without showing me police report, I will call you "Hindooo cult" bastard.

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