Lawsuits Are The Answer

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I'm convinced that the right way to fight back against mandates and censorship is lawsuits.

Corporations in particular are afraid of lawsuits because they have a lot of money. Sue them first.

But it's also useful to sue the government when they are violating our rights.

A nice suit started by https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.org/ :





XAVIER BECERRA, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, AND John & Jane Does I-V; Black & White Partnerships; and ABC Corporations I-V,


Dear Friend,

Today America’s Frontline Doctors filed a petition for a temporary restraining order against the U.S. Secretary of the U.S. Department of HHS, Xavier Becerra.

Here’s why:

Children are not guinea pigs: There is a statistically zero percent chance of young people dying of COVID-19. To promote an investigational product that has no long-term studies and no animal studies, to pressure parents and teens to use an experimental product that has not been fully approved by the FDA breaks all of the rules of medicine and the HHS’ own goal to protect Americans.

The expansion of the Emergency Use Authorization (EAU) for younger children is all risk and no benefit. HHS is ignoring the science and the data.

HHS is betraying its mission to, “enhance the health and well-being of all Americans…and by fostering sound, sustained advances in the sciences underlying medicine, public health, and social services.”

Sadly, millions of parents are being misled by HHS Secretary Becerra and the FDA, and we are calling on the Federal Courts to stop Becerra and compel HHS to suspend the promotion and rush to administer a vaccine that has not been fully tested and approved.

COVID 19 Vaccine Side Effects: We’ve never seen this level of side effects for any vaccine without the FDA taking action. The Rotavirus vaccine was canceled for 15 cases of non-lethal side effects and the Swine Flu vaccine was canceled for 25 deaths. But now, by the CDC’s own data, we are seeing a 12,000 percent increase in deaths with these vaccines and they’re still promoting this to our kids.

Support the Science: Under the age of 20, the survivability rate for COVID-19 is 99.997 percent. More than 4,000 deaths have been tied to the administering of COVID-19 vaccines in the last four months as opposed to 1,500 total in the previous ten years for all vaccines.

This last fact alone should be enough to STOP this dangerous vaccine. But HHS, the FDA and the CDC are ignoring the science and they are putting the lives of our children on the line.

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373   Patrick   2023 Oct 14, 11:00am  


I’ve now written several articles pointing out the obvious. Namely, that all important organizations that are supposed to discover the truth are completely captured.

One of the most-important of these professions is Plaintiffs’ Trial Lawyer firms. These are attorneys and law firms that are supposed to exist to represent people who suffered grave harms from malfeasance or nefarious (and illegal) acts.

First questions: Where are these fearless, justice-seeking lawyers today? What are they doing with their lives and careers?

We know what they are NOT doing: They are not suing any person or company whose activities directly or indirectly injured or killed hundreds of millions of possible plaintiffs who are pleading for justice. ...

Potential lawsuits might expose (and give some compensation or “justice”) to tens of millions of people who suffered harm from lockdowns, iatrogenic deaths and injuries, vaccine deaths and injuries and/or vaccine mandates that resulted in people losing their jobs and incomes.

So why aren’t these lawsuits being filed? Why won’t 99 percent of these firms even consider representing a potential plaintiff class that’s so massive in size?

Nobody wants to leave the safety of the herd
Or: club membership bestows benefits

My answer is that plaintiff trial lawyers are part of a “club” that’s now completely captured. It’s more important to these attorneys to remain in this privileged and protected club than it is to do the job lawyers were created to do. ...

What these lawyers in their $5,000 suits are really admitting is that they do fear repercussions from the most powerful entities in the world.

They are either scared as hell of getting on the wrong side of the “Powers that Be” … or they are admitting they’d prefer to remain a member in good standing of the club that rules the world. ...

It’s possible legions of members of Plaintiffs Trial Bar are waiting for one brave lawyer in their group who does say, “Damn the torpedoes” and starts suing away.

Of course, this scenario would entail a handful of judges who would allow good cases to go to trial … and this possibility is being blocked as well.

It turns out that the judges are lawyers too. This makes one think everyone who could make a difference …. won’t … because they’re all members of the same captured club.
374   Misc   2023 Oct 15, 9:10am  

Pretty much all lawyers got the free PPP money, That money was a loan and one of the conditions was that you had to abide by the pandemic dictates. That and yes they are scared shitless of the powers that be.
377   richwicks   2023 Oct 20, 2:38am  

HeadSet says

I wonder what his chances are.


The government is in collusion with the criminals. It's pretty obvious, the government itself pushed the vaccines, it's not like that vaccine companies just lies, and the government was like "whatever - do what you like, SEEMS like a good idea.."
378   Patrick   2023 Oct 22, 3:21pm  


Breaking: You can now sue the mRNA COVID vaccine manufacturers for damages and the FDA is required to take the COVID vaccines off the market. Why? Adulteration. The plasmid bioactive contaminant sequences were NOT pointed out to the regulatory authorities. It's considered adulteration. ...

The FDA is now at a crossroads. Either they admit that they knew about the plasma contamination, and failed to disclose that to the public and to the outside committees, or they can claim that they didn’t know about it in which case Pfizer is liable. But we have the Pfizer documents that were given to the FDA so we know what the FDA got. And I seriously doubt there’s any disclosure of SV40 contamination. That means we have an adulterated vaccine and the FDA has to remove it from the market until the adulteration is fixed. If the FDA doesn’t do that, they should face criminal prosecution for endangering the public, and not following the law. ...

Here's the Michigan story for those who asked showing when there is contamination, there is no immunity. It makes sense. Otherwise, they can add arsenic into the vaccines and not be liable. ...


DETROIT, Mich.— A Michigan judge has ruled for the first time that a drug manufacturer is not protected by the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act in a case where a man suffered two strokes and a leg amputation after receiving a COVID-19 medication contaminated with glass particles.

The PREP Act was declared by the U.S. Department of health and Human Services for emergency use, and shields manufacturers, administrators and distributors of vaccines from liability claims of loss caused by a drug.

The case, filed by Ven Johnson Law on behalf of Dan Nowacki, focuses on how Nowacki suffered a stroke after receiving Remdesivir that was contaminated with glass particles.

The drug was administered intravenously at St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital and is designed to combat COVID-19 symptoms.

Two lots containing 55,000 vials of the drug were recalled after it was found they were contaminated with glass particles.

In November 2021, Nowacki was admitted to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Chelsea with COVID-19.

During his stay, he was administered five doses of Remdesivir and at least two of those doses belonged to the contaminated lot, the lawsuit states.

Days later, he suffered a massive stroke and other serious complications.

Nowacki developed hematomas and swelling on his face, thighs and arms.

According to the lawsuit, around December 16, 2021, Nowacki suffered another stroke, which left him permanently bedridden and in need of 24/7 round-the-clock care.

On July 12, 2023 and August 2, 2023, Judge Carol Kuhnke heard oral arguments from both Ven Johnson Law and the defendants as to whether the case should continue to trial.

The defendants in the lawsuit was filed in Washtenaw County Circuit Court and listed Gilead Sciences, Inc., the drug manufacturer and St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Hospital, Inc. as defendants.

The judge ruled that Congress did not plan to extend the PREP Act immunity to a drug that substantially deviated from FDA approval and included glass particles.

The defendants now must stand trial.

Here is a list of 90 lawyers that you can contact if you want to sue the vaccine manufacturers:


The SV40 promoter is found in all the vials and it was in the gene sequence that was provided to the regulators. There is no mistake. The problem was that neither drug company ever pointed it out to the regulators. It's an unapproved contaminant that doesn't meet the standards set. So the regulators are off the hook. But if the regulators don't take action, then they dig themselves into a very deep hole. The law requires the FDA to stop the vaccine.
Robert Malone @RWMaloneMD just messaged me: “Yes I think that this DNA adulteration issue could be the wedge we have been looking for. Use of a plasmid with SV40 sequences as the template for manufacturing the pseudo-mRNA is, at a minimum, reckless and I can see no logical justification”
It does appear that Biden and most all of the US lawmakers are supporting the drug companies. That’s what they’re paid to do.

Why do I say that? The adulteration has been known since April 2023 and nobody has called for an investigation. Not even after Health Canada confirmed it. They didn’t even ask for an investigation!! ...

A writ of mandamus can be used to force the FDA to follow the law.

Also, a court injunction could halt both mRNA vaccines in the US immediately. But this would require a showing of "irreparable harm" (among other criteria).

If we can prove that the plasmid contamination is causing "irreparable harm" (i.e., integrating into your DNA), the vaccine is TOAST.

So can you guess what we are working on now?

Hey, I know that hospital! I used to live in Chelsea, MI.
379   NuttBoxer   2023 Oct 23, 8:08am  

Kirsch posted the same thing on Twitter. I'm guessing if FDA does pull it no one will be told.

380   Patrick   2023 Oct 25, 4:00pm  


I noted a few weeks ago that a lawyer for the Los Angeles Unified School District had faced an obviously hostile panel of judges from the 9th Circuit while defending that district’s morally and scientifically insane Covid-19 “vaccine” mandate for its employees.

Soon after, the school board voted to drop the mandate, with board president Jackie Goldberg nonetheless shrieking like the dimwitted lunatic she is that the mandate had been entirely proper and wonderfully effective.

Yes, this is an image from September 26, 2023 ...

The LAUSD ended hundreds of careers with a shameful policy that attacked the principle of informed consent and the medical autonomy of its employees, then refused reasonable demands to change the policy, then dragged litigants through a long and expensive cycle of legal conflict — and then, facing not just obvious defeat but the prospect of making case law over the topic of their horrible behavior, they dropped the policy and told the court to consider the whole argument moot. Whoops, can’t make case law, now.

This is why it’s so hard to sue governments into behaving reasonably. If they’re winning, they play out the game. If they’re losing, they flip the board and scatter the pieces.
382   stereotomy   2023 Oct 26, 9:53am  

Patrick says


Now all they have to do is punish the schools and universities for harm done to students.
383   zzyzzx   2023 Oct 26, 9:59am  

Patrick says

with board president Jackie Goldberg nonetheless shrieking like the dimwitted lunatic she is

Every single time!!!
384   HeadSet   2023 Oct 26, 2:20pm  

Patrick says


I wonder if that will apply to all those nurses the governor refused to rehire.
385   Booger   2023 Oct 27, 4:10am  


Companies PANIC as LAWSUITS take on DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)!
388   The_Deplorable   2023 Oct 28, 11:05am  

See also "How Pfizer Hid Nearly 80% of COVID Vaccine Trial Deaths From Regulators - By Angelo DePalma, Ph.D." https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/pfizer-hid-data-covid-vaccine-trial-deaths/

Patrick says
https://twitter.com/Storiesofinjury/status /1718090740377473327

389   Patrick   2023 Oct 30, 11:21am  


Finally, after LibsOfTikTok’s author, Chaya Raichik, had her lawyers send the Anti-Defamation League a spicily-worded demand letter, the ADL capitulated and removed Chaya from their awful “glossary of extremists.”

The so-called Anti-Defamation League has yet to call out any of the pro-Hamas protests or disgraceful politicians and insurrectionists, like Rashida Tlaib (D-Mi.). But Libs of TikTok sure got them going.

All Chaya ever did was republish crazy leftwing TikTok videos onto platforms that conservatives use, occasionally adding a snarky comment. But just that has been too much for the liberal machine, which has relentlessly tried to doxx and destroy the young conservative.

Now Chaya’s pushing back a little. Progress!
390   Patrick   2023 Oct 30, 1:16pm  


Murder, terrorism, and a host of abuses have been committed. On October 24, 2023, a request for a criminal investigation, particularly regarding the crime of Second Degree Murder while Committing Acts of Terrorism by Anthony Fauci and several other high-level federal officials, as well as Administrators of hospital systems providing care to patients in Florida, (“Accused”) was filed with the Attorney General of the State of Florida. The filing was made pursuant to the requests of 32 residents of Florida who are next-of-kin of relatives, and former healthcare providers, of deceased victims who perished due to the COVID-19 infection mismanagement and/or fatal “COVID countermeasure” treatments received while life-saving, treatments were suppressed & denied in Florida hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities.

The two attorneys who extensively researched and compiled this brief, and many other concerned citizens, believe that it is essential that the Florida Attorney General and her staff conduct a thorough investigation to determine if the evidence contained in the filing (and/or other evidence found during the investigation) substantiates indictment of the Accused for the alleged, or related, crimes. If the evidence provides probable cause that crimes have been committed, then a Florida grand jury should indict these Accused and the state prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Based on the currently available evidence, it appears that the most applicable crimes the Accused should be charged with are Second Degree Murder while Committing Acts of Terrorism and Florida RICO.

Presently, it is believed that no other request has been made to a state Attorney General similar to this filing with the Florida Attorney General. Based on the current legal landscape, if Fauci, et al are ever to be held accountable and punished for COVID-related crimes, such justice has to be delivered by a state or county level criminal court. For the truth of the victim’s and their families suffering to be heard and justice pursued on their behalf, we must not permit these horrific actions be left unchecked and unchallenged.
392   Misc   2023 Nov 1, 1:13am  

Good luck to them.
393   Patrick   2023 Nov 3, 5:41pm  


She Got the Best Covid Care the Government Allowed. She Is Among Thousands Who Died. Her Husband Is Suing.
Scott Mantel goes to court in what may be a landmark case for those who died when hospitals took government bonus money to give patients dangerous remdesivir while denying life-saving ivermectin.

She died seventy-seven days later, at age 52, after a brutal battle with both a virus and the hospital that took her in.

Now a lawsuit filed by her husband, Scott Mantel, asserts that Mount Sinai Nassau South Hospital blocked potentially life-saving treatment and bears responsibility for Bucko’s “wrongful death.” The case, seeking damages, may be the first of its kind in the nation.

At the center of Scott Mantel’s fight is ivermectin, an FDA-approved drug that showed promise in treating Covid, keeping people out of hospitals, and—the likely reason it was sidelined—thwarting the government’s plan for mass vaccination with an experimental mRNA technology. There would be no need for that approach if a cheap, safe, FDA-approved drug could successfully treat Covid.

Three years in, the battle to stop ivermectin has recently been called out in unheralded court rulings. One decision supported doctors who said the FDA had no right to effectively bar the use of ivermectin, which the agency wrongly portrayed as harmful and used only for livestock.

“FDA is not a physician,” the ruling said. “Nothing [in law] authorizes FDA to issue medical advice or recommendations.”

In another case, an appeals court said the White House “coerced,” commandeered, and intimidated social media platforms to go along with its Covid policies, likely in violation of the First Amendment. (That explains a lot, including my own suspension from Twitter on March 1, 2022, for a tweet that said, “Pharma is afraid of ivermectin. It should be.”)

Those cases, which are pending, demonstrate how Covid was micromanaged and suggest why people like Deborah Bucko needlessly died. In Bucko’s case, twice a court order was needed to force Mount Sinai to administer ivermectin, delaying urgent treatment by thirteen and eight days each. Twice Bucko was cut off after five days of treatment with ivermectin, even though she had improved significantly the first time, and the second round was prescribed for up to thirty-five days, records show.

She died awaiting a third court hearing.
394   Patrick   2023 Nov 8, 11:51am  


A Pennsylvania family the FBI raided last September over the father’s pro-life advocacy filed two claims today for a total of $4.35 million in damages due to the FBI’s unconstitutional, “malicious,” and “corrupt” use of “excessive force.”

Mark Houck and Ryan-Marie Houck say in their legal filings obtained by The Federalist that their seven children continue to suffer as a result of the FBI raiding — with battering rams, ballistic shields, armor, and long rifles — the home of a nonviolent pro-lifer who didn’t own any guns and whose seven children were just waking for breakfast.

The Houcks “have lost three babies from miscarriages due to the stress of the FBI’s conduct and resulting prosecution” and subsequently been diagnosed with infertility, Ryan-Marie Houck’s filing says. She says she still cries for hours and the family’s high anxiety provoked by the raid has caused them to install security cameras and rarely leave home.

In the Sept. 23, 2022 raid, “Government agents aimed rifles and handguns at Mr. Houck from his porch and from behind vehicles in his yard and driveway,” Ryan-Marie Houcks’ complaint says. “They also aimed their weapons at Mrs. Houck, who slowly walked down a staircase to approach the Houcks’ front door. Mrs. Houck approached after Mr. Houck had already walked peacefully outside with his hands up. Any bullet that missed Mr. Houck could have struck Mrs. Houck or her children, who were stirring throughout the house and had gathered behind her on the staircase. The entire family was located directly downrange.”

The FBI said they put their guns away once Houck was arrested. The sunrise raid that included approximately 20 law enforcement officers was conducted after Mark Houck’s lawyer had informed the Department of Justice he would voluntarily turn himself in if requested. Mark Houck’s complaint says his 9-year-old daughter was terrified to find two officers dressed in black carrying rifles looking into their home through a back window. ...

A Pennsylvania jury acquitted Mark Houck in January on all charges the Department of Justice brought against him. The DOJ argued Houck had violated a federal law that prohibits physically obstructing abortion facilities. Houck and his son were 100 feet away from the facility when they were accosted by a pro-abortion escort.

Mark Houck’s complaint notes that, except for one single recent case, the DOJ has prosecuted only pro-lifers for alleged violations of the FACE Act used against him. The law is supposed to apply both to abortion supporters and pro-lifers, but the DOJ has almost exclusively used it against pro-lifers.

“The force used in the seizure of Mr. Houck was unreasonable. Mr. Houck had not been charged with a severe crime at the time of his arrest, nor had Mr. Houck ever been charged with a severe crime,” Mark Houck’s filing says. “Mr. Houck’s attorney had offered to accept a summons on Mr. Houck’s behalf in the event of an indictment. Mr. Houck did not pose an immediate threat to the safety of the officers or others. Mr. Houck did not resist arrest or attempt to evade arrest by flight. Mr. Houck has no history of being violent or dangerous. Mr. Houck, nor anyone living with Mr. Houck, was armed.”
395   Patrick   2023 Nov 11, 2:27pm  


Hold onto your butts, because this one’s a doozy. A lot of our focus has been on the RNA COVID-19 vaccines, especially the concerning phenomenon of negative effectiveness, but you may find it nice to see the similar DNA jabs getting trashed as well. The manufacturer of the AstraZeneca DNA jab is being sued in the British High Court, because it has apparently caused a bit too many injuries and deaths. In fact, it is reported that “it was recommend it no longer be given to the under-40s in the U.K. because the risk of receiving the jab outweighed the serious harm posed by Covid”. Wait, what? Read that again. What happened to “safe and effective”?! It’s not new to have court cases around the jabs (hi there), or to have people thinking the jabs aren’t worth the risk, but such things are now seen in mainstream news outlets, like the UK’s The Telegraph. Source. Even the BBC is interested. Source. And News.com.au in Australia. Source.

Lucky this garbage was never mandated, huh? Oh wait. Oops. Source. Sorry for the unnecessary deaths lol? Maybe the elites shouldn’t have knighted AstraZeneca’s CEO? Source. Maybe the BBC shouldn’t be so biased in their COVID reporting, so that they don’t need to ‘apologise’? Source. And to think, people like me were given shit just for mentioning some of the issues with AstraZeneca that were already being reported by the actual science and the mainstream news around two years ago. But now the Telegraph wants to win us over and even publish a related piece saying that “The young and healthy, who were at minimal risk from Covid, should not have been told they had to take the vaccine”? Source. Could you maybe have said that two years ago? Instead of acting like presstitutes to the great investor in COVID jabs, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation? Source. Source. Source.

Extra: Don’t act so shocked, we already knew the same few people own just about everything. Yes, even the drug companies and the mainstream news outlets, like Woody joked about.

Extra: When jabbed people have been injured and killed when they faced basically no risk from COVID, and unjabbed people like myself have been demonised, gaslit, and persecuted for making a sound personal health decision that is being increasingly validated, bullshit apologies are just not going to cut it. It’s time to pay up, bitches. We’re pissed af, we’re growing in number, and we’re coming for you. As they said in that great film about the GFC, The Other Guys, “I hope you like the taste of prison food. And penis.”
397   Patrick   2023 Dec 1, 9:27am  


TEXAS IS SUING PFIZER! For Misrepresenting COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Censorship

"The COVID-19 vaccines are the miracle that wasn’t."

From Ken Paxton’s November 30, 2023 Press Release:

“The facts are clear. Pfizer did not tell the truth about their COVID-19 vaccines. Whereas the Biden Administration weaponized the pandemic to force illegal public health decrees on the public and enrich pharmaceutical companies, I will use every tool I have to protect our citizens who were misled and harmed by Pfizer’s actions.”

“We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies."

The legal complaint focuses on Pfizer’s claim that its vaccine was “95% effective” and argues that Pfizer's claim of 95% vaccine effectiveness is misleading, as it relies on relative risk reduction instead of the FDA's preferred metric, absolute risk reduction, which would show an effectiveness of only 0.85%.
399   Patrick   2023 Dec 3, 4:50pm  


All those who were fined for breaching Covid-era rules that were later declared unconstitutional will be reimbursed and their infractions will be deleted from records under a bill passed by the National Assembly on 20 September.

Between March 2020 and the end of May 2022 more than 62,000 infraction proceedings were launched under legislation that was subsequently ruled unconstitutional and the fines issued totalled €5.7 million, Justice Minister Dominika Švarc Pipan said in presenting the bill.

About 30% or just over €1.7 million in fines had been paid before enforcement was paused soon after the new government took office in June 2022.
401   Ceffer   2023 Dec 3, 5:07pm  

Patrick says

Kaiser Permanente in CA is getting sued:

Kaiser is entirely complicit in the Globalist Vaccine Democide and Rockefeller medicine poisoning. If they go bankrupt, the doctors could wind up personally liable if any tainted monies endorsing the scourge can be seen to have fallen in their pockets, or there are documented bullying to take the vaccines out side of free choice and reasonable informed consents. I speculate there was a lot of 'vaccine capping' rampant at Kaiser, where doctors and personnel were rewarded for flogging vaccines.

Fraud, as usual, voids any legislated immunities. This is going to go on a long time and could bankrupt Kaiser and leave doctors in retirement pumping gas.

Of course, the Euro Demons who promulgated all this left the medical establishments knocked up and cold on the corner, and who knows if they will ever be called to count while their useful idiots tumble like dominos.
403   Undoctored   2023 Dec 4, 6:45pm  

I am happy to announce the cancellation of the Santa Clara County employee (and contractor and volunteer) requirement to be “fully vaccinated” just last Thursday. No lawsuit necessary, just the threat of one. Read about it here:

404   Patrick   2023 Dec 5, 8:49pm  



Nancy Pelosi is being sued by Thomas Massie and Marjorie Taylor Green for her role in financially sanctioning Congress members who refused to comply with her mask mandates. The Petition for Certiorari landed at the United States Supreme Court and names Pelosi in her official capacity as the (former) Speaker of the House.
405   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 7:19pm  


On Dec. 5, the state of Texas, along with conservative media outlets The Daily Wire and The Federalist, filed a lawsuit in federal district court against the U.S. State Department, claiming in the suit that the agency funded and backed censorship efforts aimed at bankrupting media outlets with conservative views
406   Patrick   2023 Dec 8, 11:40am  


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has now brought a suit to bring accountability for the fraud that resulted in record profits for the pharmaceutical industry. Last week, he filed a complaint alleging that Pfizer misrepresented Covid vaccine efficacy and “conspired to censor public discourse” in violation of Texas’s Deceptive Trade Practices Act (DTPA).

While Big Pharma enjoys immense government-provided insulation from legal liability for vaccine injuries, it cannot lie to promote those products.

Paxton alleges that the $75 billion Pfizer has raked in through sales of Covid vaccines were the “direct and proximate result” of the company’s deceit.

The DTPA requires Paxton prove two questions to succeed in his case. First, he must establish that the company lied or failed to disclose known information concerning its Covid vaccine. Second, he must prove that the company’s fraud was designed to promote sales of the shots.
408   Patrick   2024 Jan 8, 11:21am  


As I expected, Pfizer is using their EUA countermeasure status and PREP Act coverage among other arguments asking to move this case to the federal court.

Pfizer’s Notice of Removal full document

They need to move this case to a federal court, because that’s the court controlled by the criminal cartel masquerading as the US Government, and in that court they have absolutely nothing to worry about. When criminals investigate themselves, and find themselves guilty, they pat themselves on the back for the job well done and pay themselves a bonus.
409   Patrick   2024 Jan 17, 1:04pm  


United workers sue airline, say it mocked religious employees for not getting jabbed. Their CEO was particularly nasty, they claim.

Remember back in 2021 when about half of the country turned into evil, shaming vaccine experts who said you'd kill people if you didn't get the experimental shot?

Well, some workers at United Airlines haven't forgotten, and their lawsuit against their employer is a doozy!

A legal brief filed early Saturday in part of a larger lawsuit against the airline contains internal communications obtained in discovery, which shows management's effort to coerce religious employees to take the coronavirus vaccine at every turn. The effort was so blatant that one union president, Craig Symons, expressed to Scott Kirby and others that United was "over the line" and attempting to institute a "purge of religious orthodoxy," the brief revealed.

Scott Kirby, the CEO of United, was accused of attempting to purge religiously orthodox employees from the airline, and was incredibly frustrated by the religious exemptions to vaccines.

Yes, THIS guy wasn't a fan of his religious employees:

... United Airlines had the strictest of all mandates. They granted religious and medical exemptions to around 2,300 employees, but those employees weren't allowed to just continue their jobs. They were placed on unpaid leave and had all of their medical benefits stripped.

They didn't fire them, but they did stop paying them.

The plaintiffs won an injunction and can now work again, but United hasn't backed off of their policy. ...

He's also, in addition to being a drag queen, a self-loathing anti-white racist and anti-male sexist!

... At one point, Kirby allegedly proposed "requiring accommodated employees to walk around with special stickers on their badges broadcasting vaccination states," the brief states.

"Unsurprisingly, United's lawyers shot down this idea. And United acknowledged that Mr. Kirby's idea would ‘create conflict' in the workplace," the lawsuit alleges, citing internal communications. "In fact, even some HR employees were taken aback by Mr. Kirby's proposal, stating that putting stickers on unvaccinated employees' badges is ‘like the scarlet letter … Oh my goodness. Who are we???"‘

The vaccine mandates really brought out the absolute worst in some people, didn't it?
While some HR reps were apparently shocked at Kirby's attitude, others reportedly helped to perpetuate it throughout the company. ...

United also "employed religious language to coerce employees into getting vaccinated rather than seek a religious accommodation," the lawsuit alleges.

"United told employees that getting vaccinated was about ‘loving your neighbor and colleague as yourself,"' the brief alleges.

Where have we heard that before?

Maybe they got it from Francis Collins or any number of "progressive" Christians who guilted people into the vax!
411   Patrick   2024 Feb 5, 6:55pm  



Lawyer Peter Fam writes in his Substack of 4 February about another legal win against vax mandates….this time in NSW. Employers now must face the possibility of legal exposure for enforcing brainless vaccine mandates and coercing employees to receive a dangerous injection. Peter Fam writes:

“Late last week, the NSW Court of Appeal found that the Personal Injury Commission was correct in awarding Ms Diane Dawking (a special needs teacher) workers compensation for the psychiatric injury she suffered as a result of the Department of Education's repeated threat that if she did not inject herself with a drug still in clinical trials that she would lose her livelihood.”
412   Patrick   2024 Feb 10, 1:01pm  


According to a new lawsuit filed in December on behalf of two media organizations, those being The Daily Wire and The Federalist, as well as the State of Texas and AG Ken Paxton versus the U.S. Department of State (the State Department) through its Global Engagement Center (GEC) and various US government officials, it is alleged that the defendants are actively intervening in the news-media market to both censor and limit the circulation of disfavored press outlets. These illegal activities are being done covertly to suppress speech of the American press, and are a direct violation of the first amendment of the US Constitution. Furthermore, as the State Department is only authorized to spend taxpayer dollars for the administration of foreign affairs, this program also violates its Congressional mandate.

The lawsuit states:

The Daily Wire, LLC (“The Daily Wire”), FDRLST Media, LLC (“The Federalist”), (jointly “Media Plaintiffs”), and the State of Texas bring this civil action to halt one of the most egregious government operations to censor the American press in the history of the nation against the above-named Defendants for declaratory and injunctive relief, and other appropriate relief, and allege as follows:

1. The U.S. Department of State (“State Department”), through its Global Engagement Center (“GEC”), is actively intervening in the news-media market to render disfavored press outlets unprofitable by funding the infrastructure, development, and marketing and promotion of censorship technology and private censorship enterprises to covertly suppress speech of a segment of the American press.

2. Defendants have been granted no statutory authority to fund or promote censorship technology or censorship enterprises that target the American press, tarring disfavored domestic news organizations as purveyors of “disinformation.” There is no enumerated general power to censor speech or the press found in the United States Constitution, and the First Amendment expressly forbids it, providing: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.” U.S. CONST. amend. I.

3. The full breadth of Defendant GEC’s censorship scheme is currently unknown. At a minimum, Defendant GEC has funded, promoted, and/or marketed two American censorship enterprises: the Disinformation Index Inc., operating under the name Global Disinformation Index (“GDI”), and NewsGuard Technologies, Inc. (“NewsGuard”). These entities generate blacklists of ostensibly risky or unreliable American news outlets for the purpose of discrediting and demonetizing the disfavored press and redirecting money and audiences to news organizations that publish favored viewpoints.

4. Media Plaintiffs are branded “unreliable” or “risky” by the government-funded and government-promoted censorship enterprises of GDI and NewsGuard, injuring Media Plaintiffs by starving them of advertising revenue and reducing the circulation of their reporting and speech—all as a direct result of Defendants’ unlawful censorship scheme…”

“Yet, without authority and in direct violation of Congress statutory appropriation, Defendants have converted State Department resources and tools of warfare—information warfare—which were developed in the context of national security, foreign relations, and to combat American adversaries abroad, to use at home against domestic political opponents and members of the American press with viewpoints conflicting with federal officials holding the reins of this unlawful administrative power…”

“This lawsuit seeks injunctive relief to halt the unconstitutional and ultra vires actions of the State Department and put an end to one of the most audacious, manipulative, secretive, and gravest abuses of power and infringements of First Amendment rights by the federal government in American history.”

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