Right now, Rin is the only person he knows of, who's had no side effects due to the J&J vaccine due to his preparation

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Since no one's correctly read his prior thread ...


Here's a re-cap ... the J&J/Jannesen shot uses a Cold Virus as a carrier for the gene vector for the Spike protein.

Those viruses can be stopped in their tracks by a strong cocktail of antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and blood thinning supplements.

Now, more than a month ago, I used

4000 mg Flax Seed Oil (mostly used as a lipid based solvent)
4000 mg Turmeric with Bioperine
3000 mg Quercetin (This is a LOT!)
3000 mg Ascorbate (Vitamin C in salt form)
2000 mg Allisure Allicin (Active ingredient in Garlic, fully isolated)
1000 mg R-Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid which recycles all antioxidants including Glutathione)
1000 mg Enteric Coated Aspirin
200 mg Zinc

per day for two days.

I took the shot with a friend and had no aftereffects. My friend who went with me, had muscle pains for 3 days. Other ppl went through similar bouts in the 1 or 2 weeks which followed.

For some here, like Bitcoin, it was a lot longer and more severe.

All and all, if it's not rapped in an mRNA liposome, the above protocol works given that it's difficult for a Cold virus to perfuse with one's deltoid cells given the lack of binding capability and the tiny percentage of ones which do, have their S-proteins weakened by the blood thinned environment as well as the anti-oxidant effect on endothelial linings.

In addition, it's limited to that tiny region in and around the injection site whereas the mRNA trash, goes all over the place in the body which invites long term chronic illness if not an immediate crisis.

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1   Rin   2021 Aug 2, 12:49pm  

stereotomy says
Rin for the win!

To paraphrase Herman Melville ... "call me World Emperor"

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