Types of Porn

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Sex porn
Experts debating politics porn
Crime porn
Court porn
Celebrity porn
Former sportsmen discussing sports
Cooking porn
Home improvement porn
Fashion porn
Religion porn
Sports porn
Self help books porn

What else is out there?

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51   Bd6r   2022 May 30, 8:14pm  

Patrick says
In high school chem I realized that I could dissolve and mix the lead nitrate and potassium iodide that I had in my chemistry kit at home to create potassium nitrate, a component of gunpowder. And it worked, I made gunpowder by mixing in charcoal and sulfer. Then I had horribly orange lead iodide as a byproduct which I threw out hoping my parents wouldn't find it. Probably poisoned some landfill, though it wasn't a large quantity.

We could buy potassium nitrate as fertilizer so no need to make it. After black powder we graduated to making acetone peroxide (of shoe bomber fame). That was dangerous, a friend of mine has a scar on side of face...my best success tho was mixing Aluminum powder with potassium permanganate. That goes off with a huge bright flash.
All of that is strictly verboten these days. No wonder kids are afraid of and bored by chemistry.
52   Misc   2022 May 30, 11:23pm  

Reparations porn.

Lottery porn.
53   WookieMan   2022 May 31, 6:22am  

Ultra_FJB says
Prof only gave one one A per class.

I found the sciences that I did take, and retained almost nothing, to always be that way. It was weird. Our top students in high school would be thrilled with a B in Chem. Chem and biology teachers are strange animals from my small/short experience with taking them. Sciences were not my jam.

My Chem teacher would do a martial arts "act" or whatever you'd call it at the end of classes on Fridays. He'd also blow shit up. He frankly did some pretty reckless stuff in a school setting. It was a fun/bad class. I took the C and in hindsight, who gave a shit. I used or needed nothing from those classes. Was useless knowledge for me, so I emptied that from the brain bank.

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