Vaxx Failure Thread

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A thread for obvious failures of the jab.

First one:


A married Michigan couple who were fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 both died of the virus just one minute apart.

Cal Dunham, 59, and wife Linda, 66, ‘gained their angel wings’ Sunday despite taking precautions against the virus and being inoculated against it, relatives said.

The couple, who had undisclosed underlying health conditions, fell ill earlier this month during a family camping trip, the couple's grieving daughter Sarah Dunham said.

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979   Patrick   2023 Feb 6, 7:24pm  


Currently the CDC, FDA, NIH, and most government officials, healthcare professionals and mainstream media, are promoting the false claim that the COVID-19 mRNA biological injections prevent hospitalizations and severe disease. This ‘spin’ was born from the harsh reality that the COVID-19 mRNA biological injections do not prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection or transmission.

If a ‘Vaccine” Can’t Prevent Viral Infection then It Can’t Prevent Severe Disease Either. This is Common Sense. No Expert Opinion Required.
My question is, ‘If a vaccine can not reduce the risk for a viral infection, how can it reduce the risk for the severe disease that is caused by that viral infection?’

The answer is it can’t.

An ineffective and impotent COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (harmful biological agent) that exposes a human’s immune system to a virus or part of a virus (the spike protein), but then does not stimulate the neutralizing antibodies required to protect against future viral infections actually increases the risk for severe respiratory disease due to the well-known, harmful biological response known as vaccine-associated enhanced respiratory disease (VAERD).

The FDA approval documents state that VAERD is an IMPORTANT POTENTIAL RISK for both the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections (because the injections increase the risk for both COVID-19 infection and severe disease).

Pfizer even admits that their mRNA injections increase the risk for COVID-19, per a September 17, 2021, post-hoc analysis submitted to the FDA.
980   Patrick   2023 Feb 11, 4:12pm  


vaccines are not magic.
they cannot do or elicit that which your body cannot do.

they do not kill or stop or even affect viruses.

all vaccines do is train your immune system to recognize a pathogen and learn a response to prevent it from infecting you.

you store the information on how to make antibodies and how to trigger T-cells etc.

but ALL the vaccines that really do stop you from contracting and spreading diseases have one thing in common:

they work on a “one and done” virus that does not mutate.

measles, smallpox, chicken pox, mumps, rubella, these are all diseases where you get them once and (barring extreme immune suppression or rare malfunction) you never get them again.

this is the realm of plausible vaccine candidates. ...

there has never been a successful vaccine for a recurrent respiratory disease. not for flu, coronaviruses, RSV, none of it. these viruses mutate too quickly. there is always a new one, a new strain, and it will infect you whether or not you got sick last year. ...

where this gets really worrying is if you fixate an entire population into one response vector and this then creates an intense evolutionary pressure toward an “escape” variant. every person is the same lab running the same experiment and when someone cracks it, it affects everyone. you can, quite literally, create the opposite of herd immunity. you can create herd antigenic-fixation. ...

and so every boost with out of date virus coding, even if it did work (dubious), would STILL be counterproductive. you need to be ahead, not behind. being behind is just going to lock more people into more kinds of fixation, make the next surge worse, and keep herd antigenic fixation going. no one will ever get out from under this and the side effects just keep piling up.

this is a disastrous idea.

and mRNA vaccines are about the worst possible way to go about this as they do not even teach your body to recognize the virus itself, only the effects in infected cells. it was just never going to be sterilizing. amazingly, even tony fauci, now that he has retired, seems to know this.
981   Patrick   2023 Feb 14, 2:43pm  


Excess deaths in Alberta surge past 10,000 ...

Alberta government censored & hid all data about COVID-19 vaccine injuries to the immune systems of the double vaccinated (Part 1), the failure of the first COVID-19 booster (Part 2), and more immune system damage to the triple vaccinated (Part 3).

For what will ultimately be the deadliest cover-up in Alberta’s history, it has been a rather sloppy one. Alberta’s Public Health Chief Dr.Deena Hinshaw was likely relieved to be fired, she’s not really cut out for this level of criminal activity. She seeks asylum in British Columbia, with a pharma left BC NDP govt which will protect her.

Her deputy Chief Medical Officers of Health Dr.Jing Hu (a respirologist from Wuhan, China) and Dr.Rosana Salvaterra resigned (click here) and no one knows where they are now. At least their “cash benefits” for their hard work and long nights of deleting COVID-19 vaccine injury data from government websites, kept up with inflation.

982   Patrick   2023 Feb 15, 3:03am  


The COVID-19 vaccines have failed to stop the infection, do not prevent transmission of SARS-CoV-2 among fully vaccinated individuals, and have not been shown to reduce hospitalization or death in prospective, randomized, double blind placebo-controlled trials. The consent form for COVID-19 vaccines indicates the only benefit occurred in the past with previous strains. As an epidemiologist, I was shocked when Watson et al, made the claim that vaccination helped prevent 14-21 million deaths in 2021. How can reviewers and editors allow an author group to make such a claim when no mortality benefit is granted by the US FDA who regulates the language of the consent form?

Watson relied on a the Epidemiological SEIR (Susceptible → Exposed → Infectious → Recovered) model previously referred to as “the science”, by many government leaders, such as the former German chancellor Angela Merkel. In a analysis by Klement and Walach, the SEIR model was found to be invalid because Watson assumed the vaccine would prevent infection and therefore in some individuals, COVID-19 would not occur and thus the progression to death would be avoided. This is not realistic. ...

Randomized trials by Pfizer, Moderna, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Novavax, and the killed virus vaccines all failed to show that vaccination prevents infection and thus reduces death during the trial observation period. ...

The preponderance of evidence is that the effect is in the opposite direction with more infections, COVID-19 deaths, vaccine injuries, disabilities, and fatal syndromes with the vaccination campaign.
983   Patrick   2023 Feb 16, 4:22pm  


In the Omicron period, compared to pre-Omicron periods, unvaccinated SARS-CoV-2 positive adults <65 years old without comorbidity had reduced proportions of hospitalization and death overall.

The original article does a little pfellating of Pfizer in an attempt to stay out of trouble, but that is to be expected of the whores that "scientists" have become these days.
984   Patrick   2023 Feb 16, 9:17pm  


As universities in the United States continue to mandate liability-free injections (COVID vaccines) for students at limited risk of contracting COVID, it becomes imperative that more public information be made available for the ingredients of these experimental vaccines. ...

Informed consent cannot be obtained with poorly characterized therapeutics. ...

The “Thailand study” (Mansanguan et al) implies even higher rates of cardiac risk for students, where 29.24% of students (n=301) experienced cardiovascular manifestations. Studies including 23 Million Nordic patients observed a significant rate of myocarditis in this age group as well. This study, while larger, was not as controlled as the Thailand study in that Mansanguan et al. took baseline measurements of the patients and explored more than just myo/pericarditis.

These risks are not seen with C19 itself. ...

On the flip side of this risk equation we find infection from C19 has been shown to provide more durable immunity than the narrow spike protein focused vaccines. Natural immunity provides mucosal antibodies and T-Cell recognition of the proteome derived from the entire 30kb viral genome where the vaccines are focused on a small ~4kb (1273 amino acids) region of the virus. ...

It is is well established that these vaccines do not stop transmission and recent studies from the Cleveland clinic (preprint) even demonstrate negative vaccine efficacy with each additional vaccine. ...

They also demonstrate a dose dependent effect or a ‘Biological gradient’ which is one of the tenets of the Bradford Hill conditions for causality. This implies the vaccines are weakening patients immune systems and making them more susceptible to C19 and other infections.

Thus the vaccination policies at universities appear to violate fundamental medical ethics as they are asking students to absorb a negative risk/benefit medical intervention to shield older faculty. This is using their student body as human shields while failing to inform that the shield has a ‘Russian Roulette’ price for its user. This is mis-informed coercion not informed consent.

This is particularly true for vaccines that do not stop transmission and in several studies show signs of negative vaccine efficacy (Barnstable Mass). The Barnstable Mass study run by the CDC showed higher infection rates amongst the vaccinated. Australia is now 96% vaccinated (16+ 2 Doses) and the hospitals are enriched above 96% for vaccinated patients. Excess mortality in Australia is higher post vaccination than during the pre-vaccination pandemic.
985   Patrick   2023 Feb 17, 3:33pm  


Moderna’s leading mRNA influenza jab has failed, the company said yesterday.

In a large clinical trial, the vaccine appeared LESS able to stimulate the immune system than older flu jabs for two of four flu strains, the company said. It also had far higher rates of side effects than the older shots.

The lack of efficacy was notable because flu vaccines have almost no real-world efficacy, as Dr. Anthony Fauci himself conceded in a paper last month.
986   Patrick   2023 Feb 24, 5:36pm  


A bombshell new report has just been quietly published by the United Kindom government, revealing that “fully vaccinated” people accounted for a staggering 92 percent of Covid deaths last year.

The official figures show that those classed as “fully,” “triple,” or “quadruple” vaccinated accounted for nine in ten of all COVID-19 deaths in England over the past two years.

For the entirety of 2022, the fully vaccinated accounted for 92% of Covid deaths.
990   Patrick   2023 Mar 20, 2:14pm  


Primary Series and Boosters--No Impact on Maternal COVID-19 Test Positivity
Large Study Published in BMJ Ignored Safety, Found No Benefit with Dangerous Injections
991   Karloff   2023 Mar 20, 2:54pm  

zzyzzx says

I wonder how often this is made up as some excuse to take a few days off, avoid some event, or just try to scaremonger the plebs into thinking that covid is "still out there!".

Guys like newsom are craven liars, so you can never trust their public face. You want the truth out of them, you have to catch them on a hot mic when they think they aren't being overheard by the rabble.
992   Patrick   2023 Mar 22, 7:42pm  


Obligatory reminder: at the county level, all apparent (mild) vaccine effectiveness is entirely explained by the Healthy User Bias (HUB).

How Does the HUB Get Missed?

Let us understand first that the HUB is not even a concept on the tips of the tongues or minds of many of us who have been employed in Statistics work outside of the medical field. It may also be the case that those who are familiar with the concept have not explored it well enough to have intuition about its presence. Add to that the conflict of interests associated with the biomedical field, and you have the makings of a memory hole.
993   Patrick   2023 Mar 23, 5:26pm  


Recall Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam study (Chau et al.) looking at vaccinated healthcare personnel during Delta variant; viral loads via PCR cycle threshold in vaxxed nurses were 251 times higher than in infected cases with the original strain in March/April 2020...

These are critical early studies that showed us clearly that the vaccine was failing and even was facilitating/enhancing infection and re-infection in the vaccinee.
994   Patrick   2023 Mar 25, 10:56pm  


Despite all the hopes and aspirations for those pushing vaccine ideology, prospective, randomized, double-blind placebo controlled trials in 2020 never demonstrated reductions in hospitalization and death. As a result, no therapeutic claim of survival can be made by anyone. Reduction in the risk of death is listed in the “benefit” section of vaccine consent form. COVID-19 vaccines have never saved lives. ...

The real tragedy in Texas and all over the world was the absolute or relative lack of early combination therapeutics at home in high risk COVID-19. Gkioulekas et al concluded that by December of 2020, we had clear and convincing evidence (P<0.01) that early treatment was effective in reducing hospitalization death, a claim that could never be made for COVID-19 vaccines. Verkerk et al demonstrated the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths occurred as a result of little or no access to early combination therapy. Failure to treat resulting in avoidable death is always a tragedy.
995   Patrick   2023 Mar 26, 5:11pm  


Booster mandates in young adults are expected to cause a net harm: per COVID-19 hospitalisation prevented, we anticipate at least 18.5 serious adverse events from mRNA vaccines, including 1.5–4.6 booster-associated myopericarditis cases in males (typically requiring hospitalisation). We also anticipate 1430–4626 cases of grade ≥3 reactogenicity interfering with daily activities (although typically not requiring hospitalisation). University booster mandates are unethical because they:
(1) are not based on an updated (Omicron era) stratified risk-benefit assessment for this age group;
(2) may result in a net harm to healthy young adults;
(3) are not proportionate: expected harms are not outweighed by public health benefits given modest and transient effectiveness of vaccines against transmission;
(4) violate the reciprocity principle because serious vaccine-related harms are not reliably compensated due to gaps in vaccine injury schemes; and
(5) may result in wider social harms.
996   Patrick   2023 Mar 29, 10:11pm  


COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Grossly Overestimated from Non-Randomized Studies
Multiple Sources of Bias Created Illusion that Vaccines Worked as they Failed in the Real World

Proponents of COVID-19 mass vaccination will admit the products are not perfect yet claim they saved “millions of lives.” Major therapeutic claims such as mortality reduction with a single novel product can only be made on the basis of large, prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled randomized trials with proper primary endpoints. Non-randomized studies have threats to validity that cannot be overcome.

Fung et al in a recent paper just scratch the surface in addressing this complex issue. They point out that background infection rates and cross-overs from unvaccinated to vaccinated early in the campaign were sources of bias that led to inflated vaccine efficacy. ...

For all of the above reasons, claims that the COVID-19 vaccines worked to reduce spread of infection, hospitalization, and death must be rejected. The burden of proof has not been met and threats to validity have not been overcome. All of the COVID-19 vaccines should be removed from the market and we should begin the investigative phase into how this massive program failed to stop COVID-19.
997   Patrick   2023 Mar 31, 11:05pm  


Thomas Lewis
Writes Told You So

Since The Vaccines Do Not Work ...

Technically ...

Everyone Is Unvaccinated.

Except Those Whose Bodies

- Developed Natural Immunity.

The Rest Are Just

Vaccine Victims.
998   Patrick   2023 Apr 4, 9:34pm  


Another day, another loss for the mRNA jabs, as old-fashioned live attenuated virus vaccines are shown to provide superior immunity in hamsters
The bright and shiny new technology is not always the way. Fuck everybody who said otherwise.
999   ForcedTQ   2023 Apr 5, 10:02am  

Patrick says


Thomas Lewis
Writes Told You So

Since The Vaccines Do Not Work ...

Technically ...

Everyone Is Unvaccinated.

Except Those Whose Bodies

- Developed Natural Immunity.

The Rest Are Just

Vaccine Victims.

Injection Victims

Not Vaccine Victims, as it is not a Vaccine...
1000   Patrick   2023 Apr 9, 10:02pm  


COVID-19 deaths in 2022 were 39% higher than 2021
Media is silent
1001   GNL   2023 Apr 10, 4:30am  

My personal experience so far is, "nothing to see here" regarding covid or the jab.
1003   GNL   2023 Apr 16, 10:05am  

Patrick says

Could it be because the jabbed, on average, are older than the unjabbed?
1004   HeadSet   2023 Apr 16, 3:15pm  

GNL says

Patrick says

Could it be because the jabbed, on average, are older than the unjabbed?

Even if so, it shows the jab as ineffective.
1005   Patrick   2023 Apr 27, 11:41am  


Gazit et alshowed that “SARS-CoV-2-naïve vaccinees had a 13-fold (95% CI, 8-21) increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected.” When adjusting for the time of disease/vaccine, there was a 27-fold increased risk (95% CI, 13-57).
1006   Patrick   2023 Apr 27, 1:41pm  


Exploding the myth that Covid jabs protect against death in two charts
The public health industry (yes, it's an industry) relies on bad math and worse data collection to argue the Covid shots work. But the truth is out there.
1010   Patrick   2023 May 6, 11:50pm  


Brilliant professor Norman Fenton published a simple spreadsheet analysis on YouTube explaining the reason the CDC didn’t count people as vaccinated until 2 weeks after their second jab.

It’s a statistical shell game.

I’ll give you the gist so you don’t need to watch the whole explainer video, but if you want to see the details, it’s all there, linked below. The basic idea is, if you shift forward the window of vaccinated infections (or hospitalizations) by calling jabbed people “unvaccinated,” you increase the unvaxxed numbers and reduce the number of vaxxed showing infected/hospitalized.

So far, we already knew all that. It was a way to make the unvaxxed look bad. But the statistical effect ripples forward for several months before the two groups catch up, so the numerical efficacy calculations falsely show a “scientific” benefit for the jabs. The jabs could just as well have been a placebo, and you’d see the exact same apparent benefit. By calculating efficacy this way, by time-shifting the vaxxed cohort, it created fake, artificially-high efficacy numbers.

No better than saline.

But eventually you get to a point where the time-shift doesn’t provide much statistical benefit, the numbers catch up with each other, but by that point, they just call it “waning efficacy,” and roll out the boosters, creating another 2-week time shift where — think about this — even people who’d already had two original shots suddenly became “unvaccinated” again for another two weeks, creating another time-shift and more fake inflated efficacy results.

Because of the time-shifting, it is entirely possible that the jabs had no efficacy at all, they were placebos with a bonus Russian-roulette feature. To figure it out, the efficacy calculations must be re-done, accounting for the time-shift. And while they’re at it, they could use absolute risk reduction instead of relative risk reduction.

But that would spoil all the fun, wouldn’t it?
1011   Patrick   2023 May 10, 2:24pm  


MedRxIV published a Cleveland Clinic study pre-print titled “Effectiveness of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Bivalent Vaccine.”

It should have been titled, the “NON-Effectiveness of the Covid Vaccine,” or “Risks of the Covid Vaccine.”

The short version is the prestigious researchers found that the more jabs a person took, the more likely it was they’d catch symptomatic covid.
1012   Patrick   2023 May 11, 7:29pm  



"Richie is joined by Professor Norman Fenton. Esteemed Professors Norman Fenton and Martin Neil launched a newsletter to challenge the credibility of the global response to covid-19 and expose how governments and their advisers use and abuse statistics to fit their narratives. ...

DR. NORMAN FENTON: Nobody I don't think anybody seriously believes the vaccines are effective at stopping infection transmission. We know that was a lie, right? We do know that's a lie and everybody kind of accepts that now, right? But what's remarkable is that they have sustained what is just as equally a big lie, which is that the vaccines, although they don't stop that transmission, infection transmission they stop people being seriously ill and dying of covid, right? How often do we hear that mantra? You know you get the, all of these media celebrities and politicians saying you know, oh, I'm really ill with covid but thank God for my five jabs whatever—

RICHIE ALLEN: Yeah, yeah.

DR. NORMAN FENTON: — otherwise it would have been so much worse, right? You get people like Julia Hartley-Brewer, right, who was supposedly you know one of the main challengers of the official covid narrative, she still bangs on even today about, you know, the jabs still stop you becoming seriously ill and dying with covid.* I mean it's, it's incredible. But that, that has been maintained because that one, that we have completely, we have completely destroyed that narrative. The idea that you can't become seriously ill, hospitalized and die after having been vaccinated, is the one perpetual myth that just they can't seem to let go of. And they can't let go of it because once you destroy, once you show that that's not true, the entire the basis of the continuation of the vaccine program, irrespective of any potential safety signals or actual adverse events, because I'm not talking about that, I'm just talking about whether or not you can die with covid after having been vaccinated. Because if you can, and you can die just as equally and maybe more likely as someone who's unvaccinated, then what the hell are we doing with these vac— what's the point of them? ...

DR. NORMAN FENTON: I did have a prestigious career and I was highly respected but the fact is it did all change as soon as I started to show that the entire covid narrative was driven by these sort of flawed and easily manipulated statistics. And then you know I was suddenly called a conspiracy theorist, a spreader of [mis]information, and from that point on all of my research papers on the subject were censored, I was treated like an academic pariah, you know, colleagues shunned me. ... It was horrendous, but the good news about it is that you do find out who your true friends and colleagues are, and what's more, I have discovered, you know, through the last three years, I have met in person and online people whose views I really respect.
1013   Patrick   2023 May 12, 9:53am  


Why in Australia do we have excess deaths at an 80 year high and why in New Zealand are excess deaths at a 100 year high?? Just curious. It isn't COVID since they are all vaccinated and the vaccines keep you from dying from COVID, right? So what is causing this?

1015   Patrick   2023 May 15, 10:35am  


The COVID-19 vaccines are so ineffective against COVID-19 that they have negative efficacy. This means that you have a greater likelihood of infection and/or hospitalization from COVID-19 after having received the vaccine than not receiving it. The COVID-19 vaccines have not only failed to reduce cases and hospitalizations from Omicron and COVID-19 generally, but they have actually increased the incidence of both. Results of negative efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines are seen all over the world.

Neither the Pfizer nor Moderna clinical trials addressed preventing transmission.
1016   Patrick   2023 May 18, 11:37am  


Public Health Scotland's report in January and February 2022 showed us back then (with UK data) that the VACCINATED (1 or 2 or 3 doses with dose response) compared to UNVACCINATED were at elevated risk of becoming infected and being a case (see Table 14 and Figure 13); this Scottish report was stopped soon after this report (as well as UK's) given the troubling vaccinated data
1017   Patrick   2023 May 18, 7:47pm  


So the question on the table is: if the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines raised antibodies against the ancestral wild type Wuhan strain of SARS-CoV-2, would they cover the Delta variant? The only real way to know is to find a case who is fully vaccinated with “protective” antibodies in the bloodstream who contracts COVID-19. Recently such a patient has been reported from Catania, Italy.

Esposito, et al, published an autopsy of an 83 year old man who was admitted to the hospital with heart failure and was later diagnosed with acute COVID-19 and succumbed 18 days later. There is no mention of treatment with lifesaving medications in the McCullough protocol such as ivermectin, corticosteroids, or anticoagulants. Sadly his lungs were ravaged with SARS-CoV-2 despite having adequate antibody titers for the Spike protein generated from the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

Esposito, M.; Cocimano, G.; Vanaria, F.; Sessa, F.; Salerno, M. Death from COVID-19 in a Fully Vaccinated Subject: A Complete Autopsy Report. Vaccines 2023, 11, 142. https://doi.org/10.3390/vaccines11010142

The important points of this paper are: 1) the original Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine failed to stop the Delta variant, 2) antibodies are an invalid surrogate of protection and should have never been used 8 times by the US FDA in EUA approvals for extended use of COVID-19 vaccines.

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