Psychology of vaxxers. They are accepting the state into their body, becoming one with the government

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Maybe the battle is between those who unfairly benefit from credentialism, and those who don't.

Liberals defend their credentials which allow them to exploit those who don't have the same credentials. Credentials create monopolies, the ability to set high prices regardless of quality of service. It is a way to defeat free market competition.

The funding of universities depends entirely on the demand for their degrees, which they control. Their biggest horror would be a system where anyone could take tests to prove competence in a subject without paying for the years of classes and subjecting themselves to obedience to professors.

Thatcher and Trump refused to give the automatic respect many academics feel is their due. They gave the impression that they could see right through us, an uncomfortable feeling.
- Thomas Frank

Most of academia is less about learning than about paying for a paper proof of status and conformity. Non-conformists are expelled from schools, or failed out. Most teachers do not like their authority to be questioned. Bosses like the academic proof of conformity when they hire. The most "educated" are the most obedient.

Trump was a threat to their credentials and therefore a threat to their incomes and status.

The academic elite need a reason to hate those threatening themselves, therefore they use imaginary "racism", to which there is no defense. The accusation is the conviction.

Then they don't need to worry about the real class problem, which is independent of race. They would be uncomfortable looking at class, because they'd have to look at themselves and their unearned class privileges.

So their faith in the injection is faith in the "expert class" of which they are members, and they demand that the hoi polloi submit to it as an expression of the elite's power and prestige.

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384   Patrick   2022 Aug 16, 4:13pm  


AT&T phone reps are required to be vaccinated even though they work from home
I talked to an AT&T phone rep who has been working from home since March 2020. AT&T requires all such workers who work exclusively at home (and are never in the office) to be fully vaccinated.

If you are an AT&T phone rep who has been working from home since the start of the pandemic, AT&T requires you to be fully vaccinated to continue your employment (religious or medical exemptions are available).

Also, the union sided with the company in requiring vaccination for employees who work 100% at home.

The only possible explanation for such a requirement is that AT&T believes that the virus can be transmitted over the phone lines.

I would love to see that data on that one.

385   Patrick   2022 Aug 19, 11:47am  


social contagion: is "long covid" often just "long parent"?
monkey see, monkey do, monkey pretend to be ill too!

want so see what social contagion looks like?

it looks like this:

Twitter avatar for @ShamezLadhani
Shamez Ladhani
1/ Our new preprint on Long Covid & Kids:

TOPLINE: Teenagers who had parents with long covid were significantly more likely to report long covid symptoms at 6 months after a positive OR negative SARS-CoV-2 PCR-test (CLoCK study)


is "long covid" mostly a mental disease? ...

“long covid” is showing a stunning number of the markers of psychosomatic disease, social contagion, and of munchausen by proxy behavior whereby caregivers impose illnesses and maladies upon children to gain attention and approval by caring for them.

Women with "trans" children are the same thing. Mom's mental illness foisted on the kids.
386   Patrick   2022 Aug 24, 8:10pm  


Gregory Poland, MD, director of the Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minnesota, remains a steadfast vaccination advocate -- even though he developed tinnitus soon after receiving his second dose of COVID vaccine.

A little more than a year ago, Poland was driving back from the hospital after receiving his second shot when he nearly veered out of his lane.

"It was like someone suddenly blew a dog whistle in my ear," Poland told MedPage Today. "It has been pretty much unrelenting."

Since then, Poland said he has been experiencing what he describes as life-altering tinnitus, or ringing in the ear. It occurs in both ears, but is worse in the left than in the right.

He remains steadfast that opting to receive his booster -- after which his tinnitus briefly disappeared but then returned at a slightly higher pitch that made it just a bit less bothersome -- was the right move. After all, it would be "way too ironic" for a prominent vaccinologist to die of COVID, he said. He also worried about the possibility of contracting COVID and spreading it to his patients.

Yet Poland realizes his life may never be the same, and that many others may be grappling with the same reality. He continues to receive emails from other individuals across the country and around the world who say they have also developed tinnitus after COVID vaccination.

Poland believes there may be tens of thousands of people affected in the U.S. and potentially millions worldwide. He feels strongly that more research should be done to determine what caused these symptoms and what can be done to help people desperate for relief.

"What has been heartbreaking about this, as a seasoned physician, are the emails I get from people that, this has affected their life so badly, they have told me they are going to take their own life," Poland said.

Troubling Symptoms

Poland said of his own symptoms that he "can only begin to estimate the number of times I just want to scream because I can't get rid of the noise or how many hours of sleep I've lost," he said. The noise he hears is "particularly loud at night when there are no masking sounds."

WTF? Asshole doctor injured by the death jab, so he takes another death jab anyway.
387   RedStar   2022 Aug 24, 8:22pm  

My childhood friend, an ardent "science" supporter, with whom I often argue about climate change, got pretty sick after the first shot. Mid 40s, perfect health...all of a sudden massive palpitations, shortness of breath, panic attacks...all from the shot. The MD's wouldn't diagnose myocarditis but he was in a bad way for months and they told him to not get the 2nd shot.

Just learned that after all that he ended up getting the shot again this last month. He's happy that he's finally fully protected. You can't fix stupid.
388   richwicks   2022 Aug 24, 8:45pm  

Patrick says

WTF? Asshole doctor injured by the death jab, so he takes another death jab anyway.

There's a point where you have to let people go.

You expect them to reason as you do, but after a point - let them go. Haven't you experienced this, in a FAR SMALLER circle?

My business partner's father is a PhD biologist. His father is ENTIRELY taken in by this bullshit, he's an expert in this field. You have to just cut some people loose. His father, of ALL PEOPLE should know, but doesn't, and although he has some difficulty with his father as a relationship, he still trusts him over his own logical capacity. My business partner is no idiot, but man, he's got some walls in his logic. If he read it in the Economist - it's true.
389   Patrick   2022 Aug 29, 6:39pm  


The Purge: Biden Admin vax mandates were used to suppress dissent, produce ideological conformity
Nothing scientific about it.

Jordan Schachtel
42 min ago
There was never anything scientific about it.

The “Fauci ouchie” has become weaponized by governments to act as a litmus test for compliance and conformity, and the FBI’s developing role in the process serves as the perfect example for how the purge is being conducted throughout the American government.
390   Undoctored   2022 Aug 29, 9:36pm  

Yes I’ve tried to make sense of the vaccine requirements at work and school. At this point it’s clearly not about maximizing vaccine uptake. They know the holdouts won’t budge. Litmus test is right. It’s about screening out the pesky free thinkers and when they can’t be fired or expelled because of what remains of our civil rights laws, keeping them out of the office or campus and limiting their influence on their peers.
391   Patrick   2022 Aug 29, 9:53pm  

Undoctored says

It’s about screening out the pesky free thinkers and when they can’t be fired or expelled because of what remains of our civil rights laws, keeping them out of the office or campus and limiting their influence on their peers.

The good news is that it won't work. Everyone who is fired, expelled, or otherwise cancelled just becomes yet more determined to tell the truth to everyone.
392   Patrick   2022 Aug 30, 3:15pm  


The Rockefeller Foundation and several other globalist nonprofit organizations are pumping millions of dollars into funding a group of behavioral scientists tasked with creating new and more convincing narratives to drive COVID-19 vaccinations.

The behavioral science project is being funded to figure out why large numbers of people around the world refuse to take the jab and to develop ways to convince them to change their minds. ...

They are operating with the intent to tailor vaccination narratives to fit different ethnic and political backgrounds.

Researchers are looking for the key to the gates of each cultural kingdom so they can convince the entire global population to take the jab.

... in order to get those people to die and leave more of the earth for the Rockefellers and their friends.
393   Patrick   2022 Aug 31, 5:24pm  


... An alternative hypothesis is that “Very Liberal” respondents are finally confronting the reality that the highly inoculated (I refuse to call these “vaccines” at this point) are clearly not being protected from infection, replication and spread, and may be starting to recognize that data from all over the world (and in our own hospitals) demonstrate that it is the highly inoculated who make up the majority of the hospitalized COVID cases, as well as the vast majority of the deaths attributed to the disease over the last six months. ...

394   Patrick   2022 Aug 31, 9:45pm  


Bougie dread

The thing that she feared the most —
more than sharks, snakes, and spiders combined —
was the mere suggestion that the mainstream narrative could not be trusted.

The arrogance

Bougiecrats would rather:

crash the global economy;
close schools for years on end; and
engage in self-inflicted genocide

than admit that they were wrong about vaccines.
396   Patrick   2022 Aug 31, 9:50pm  


The release of the reformulated shots is timed to influence the midterm elections

Here’s what’s up:

ACIP is having an “emergency meeting” September 1 and 2 to push through the reformulated boosters.

On orders from the White House, Walensky will approve immediately after the meeting concludes.

Reformulate shots will start going into bodies immediately after Labor Day (around September 6).

What do we know about the mRNA shots (well, no one knows anything about the reformulated shots because they skipped clinical trials). But what about the other shots?

They suppress the immune system for a few weeks, but then two months after the injection is what Alex Berenson calls “The Happy Valley” when antibodies are at their peak.

What’s two months after Labor Day? Election day.

Peter Marks at the FDA and Rochelle Walenksy at the CDC timed the roll out of the reformulated shots so that they would be at their maximum efficacy literally on the day of the midterm elections.

But the only way to meet that date was to skip human clinical trials altogether — which is what they did.

What else do we know about these shots? After 4 months, efficacy goes to zero and by 6 months efficacy goes negative.

The other thing that we know is that these shots accelerate the evolution of new variants. Sometimes those variants are more mild (Omicron) sometimes they are more severe (Delta) — it’s really just a roll of the dice. But with antibody dependent enhancement we know that the vaccinated are more vulnerable to infection.

So what’s going to happen is that Dems are going to artificially create the appearance of efficacy by election day, in the attempt to keep the House and Senate. But by January 2023, the bougiecrats who are dumb enough to get dose 5 in September are completely and totally f*cked. Efficacy from the shots will be less than zero. And they will be especially vulnerable to the new variants.

For the vaccinated we are likely looking at a winter of severe illness and death.

The rest of us will be fine. I doubt U.S. democracy will be able to survive this astonishing mix of cynicism and corruption from the highest ranks of government though.
397   richwicks   2022 Aug 31, 10:14pm  

Patrick says

Peter Marks at the FDA and Rochelle Walenksy at the CDC timed the roll out of the reformulated shots so that they would be at their maximum efficacy literally on the day of the midterm elections.

I don't buy this.

Who is going to get another shot at this point? Who is going to notice the are experiencing peak efficacy for the sniffles? It's not like the unvaccinated are all going to be sick and stay home on the day of the election unless a disease is going to be released on the population for which a vaccine exists to protect them. I just doubt it.
398   Shaman   2022 Sep 1, 9:54am  

It’s going to look really bad when a good chunk of the vaxxed are dropping dead within hours or days of this new FDA approved jab. Democrats are once again cutting their own throats.

As Sun Tsu wrote: “When you see your enemy making a mistake, do not interfere.”
399   ElYorsh   2022 Sep 1, 6:05pm  

richwicks says

Patrick says

Peter Marks at the FDA and Rochelle Walenksy at the CDC timed the roll out of the reformulated shots so that they would be at their maximum efficacy literally on the day of the midterm elections.

I don't buy this.

Who is going to get another shot at this point? Who is going to notice the are experiencing peak efficacy for the sniffles? It's not like the unvaccinated are all going to be sick and stay home on the day of the election unless a disease is going to be released on the population for which a vaccine exists to protect them. I just doubt it.

They will claim low COVID numbers as proof of their success and use it on the campaigns.

The clinical trials were skipped because they know that people would be waiting to see those results.

When people start suddenly dying or getting rare diseases and side effects, they will just keep gaslighting everyone insisting it wasn't the vaccines.
401   Ceffer   2022 Sep 2, 9:53am  

Science is tedious, labor intensive, extremely expensive, lengthy, and often inconclusive. It is then subject to multipolar confirmation or rejection from other true scientists, also tedious, labor intensive, extremely expensive, lengthy, but hopefully eventually conclusive.

Science isn't a sound bite. Everybody wants sound bite science, which is a vulnerability in the popular cell phone brain. Sound bite assertion fallacy science is what we get to promote vaccines. Aside from being knee jerk Satanic inversion lies, sound bite science is pure propaganda.

Vaccines have one purpose, and it is political: to get people to line up so that the Guv an Globalists can fire any toxic, transhumanist, or purely experimental shit into your arm that they desire under color of authority, using contagion fear inductance through MSM as a vector.

The government and the Globalists ARE the disease. Like all diseases, they exploit host vulnerabilities: all of the intelligence agency and DARPA derived psyops research to expose whatever psychic vulnerabilities they can.

They don't care if you suffer and die, they want that. They don't care if you are the lab rats, that's the way they like it. You are a designated resource on a spread sheet, and money conduit. Like all the crooks say, it isn't personal, it's just business.
402   Ceffer   2022 Sep 2, 11:28am  

Patrick says

than admit that they were wrong about vaccines.

THEY weren't wrong about the vaccines. The vaccines have done as intended. It's the malleable puppets and victims who were wrong about the vaccines.
403   HeadSet   2022 Sep 2, 3:22pm  

Patrick says

The release of the reformulated shots is timed to influence the midterm elections

Yes, to create another Covid crisis to justify mail-out voting.
404   Onvacation   2022 Sep 2, 5:25pm  

Ceffer says

It's the malleable puppets and victims who were wrong about the vaccines.

Biden's, "pandemic of the unvaccinated", speech back in early January of this year warned,
" So, there is no excuse — no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. This continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we got to make more progress."
Progress meaning getting everybody Vaxxed.

I believe that was the last push, for now, to get us on the passports and control our every moment while culling the herd. They failed.

They're getting desperate. A cornered animal is very dangerous. We are living through interesting times.
405   Patrick   2022 Sep 7, 9:27pm  


A liberal goes to a Trump rally to see what people are like.

What do you think he discovered?

If you’re a conservative you, of course, know the answer.

But Samuel Donner, who does the “100 New Friends” video series on TikTok, didn’t know the answer, according to Fox News.

As a self-professed Los Angeles liberal, he admitted he was nervous about going to a Trump event in flyover country.

And he was pleasantly surprised. “Going in I was expecting aggression,” Donner said in a video played on “Fox and Friends” with Steve Doocy, “but I actually experienced a lot of kindness.”

Donner’s videos feature him wandering about and approaching strangers to ask, “Want to be friends?”

He decided to stretch himself by taking his gimmick to a Trump rally in Memphis.

To Donner’s surprise, the Trump rally “was much more friendly than what I was expecting,” he told Doocy.

“Growing up in L.A., you think these events are going to be like very aggressive and also I was just kind of saying that I was a liberal, but I was absolutely like baffled that people wanted to talk and would actually be friends with me when I asked — ‘Want to be friends?’ And they said ‘Yes.’”

Donner said his project seeks to find common ground among people. “At the end of the day, humans have a lot more common ground than we’re led to believe.”
406   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 7, 10:52pm  

He picked a Good time to travel outside LA.

Now he can return and ask "Want to be friends" to the Blackout Rioters.
407   Patrick   2022 Sep 10, 5:27pm  


2 core precepts:

everyone is the hero of their own movie. humans almost never believe they are the bad guy and will go to great lengths to avoid doing so.

devoid of demonstrable external reference, all motion is relative and my moving rapidly away from you appears no different to me that you moving rapidly way from me.

propensity to edit or misattribute evidence is directly proportional to the intensity with which people held their initial beliefs. those with lightly held convictions find them easy to change. those whose ideals and ideologies have been inextricably woven into the warp and weft of their identities find it nearly impossible. they are chained to the mast of the good ship dogmatism and will perform virtually any mental gymnastic to avoid admitting or even recognizing that they have steered it into an iceberg.

in the end, what this means is that those who begin as ideologues and build “activist identities” become more and more convinced of how right they are when exposed to evidence of being wrong and the more obviously wrong they are, the more intense the new convictions, assumptions, and delusions must be to overcome the evidence of their eyes and ears to preserve their sense of self. ...

this is how the people wrecking the world become ever more sure that they are saving it.

but here’s the fun twist: as they are propelled ever faster toward extremism in order to defend the priors that underpin their sense of self, they do not experience it as movement.

they think they are standing still.
408   Patrick   2022 Sep 10, 5:33pm  

i never trusted government a whole lot, but i did trust them to stay within certain bounds of misbehavior.

but then it overstepped them. everywhere. at once. 2020 was some sort of dinner bell to push endlessly and aggressively on all fronts in unison and 2021 made it worse.

obviously, this had been building for some time, but in 2020, it changed radically and i changed in response. i think a lot of us did. reluctantly, many of us went to battle because we simply could not abide what we were seeing.

but it’s not my identity and i never want it to be.

it’s what i am doing because it needs to be done i (and i suspect many others) would be glad to have it over and done with as well.

this is not a basis for sense of self that most pushing back crave. it’s a chore that needs doing, an augean stables that needs mucking out.

i am most assuredly more polarized than i was, but i also know this about myself. i can still see where i was and i’d like to go back albeit with some real changes to what power the state is allowed to have.

you can see it it in the “drift from position” measures. those wanting to be left alone may be driven to more active impulse by greater depredations, but the base desire is more or less the same. it’s just “this is a new way you have threatened or trespassed upon me, so i will find a way to stop it.”

but the folks succumbing to the authoritarian impulse of “rule by expert and ideologue” lack this sort of polestar. they have no idea how far or fast they have moved. ...

suddenly public health thinks it can lock you down, mask you up, jab you with experimental drugs, close the borders, close the schools, abate your rent, and ban you from social media if you disagree. many openly envy china’s ability to ignore human rights entirely to do so. the NIH publishes racist screeds.

how does one even speak to people so mazed in funhouse mirrors of other-abnegating self-regard that evidence of error becomes validation of belief and that their own wild radicalization serves as incontrovertible proof of yours? ...

these dictatorial departures from practice and reason justified with ever accelerating fabulism and accusation are not fooling the center.

each new outrage just pushes more people into the “wow, i need to defend myself from this” camp.

it galvanizes resistance.

it galvanizes action.

the path to success for those who would see their liberty regained and retained is in ignoring the extremists and embracing the “silent majority” as it is wakened by the whip hands assailing it: those who were “not political” but become so in self defense.

this is the true core and measure of a society: the reluctant warrior who never sought battle but will rise in defense of the right to self-determination and the pursuit of happiness.

that and only that is its ultimate guarantor.

direct conflict with the deeply deluded yields nothing. it only makes them more extreme and more delusional. the answer cannot lie there.

it lies instead in reaching out to the center and welcoming them to the new overton window from which the mud has been cleared so that as they peer through it, they join in the grand undertaking of peaceful but implacable rollback of the bureaucratic and technocratic state.
409   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Sep 10, 7:13pm  

Patrick says

propaganda works really well. im amazed how fucking easily people can be manipulated out here in good old usa. our government is so full of shit.

George Carlyn was right about our fucking government
411   GNL   2022 Sep 11, 7:20am  

joshuatrio says

Retarded: Check
412   Onvacation   2022 Sep 11, 9:01am  

"I wear my mask to protect you. YOU WEAR YOUR MASK TO PROTECT ME!"
413   Patrick   2022 Sep 11, 7:44pm  


Side-by-side comparison

• Work;
• Can save your life in a crash;
• Are made out of a densely woven nylon of some sort;
• Don’t cause myocarditis;
• Don’t really generate a lot of revenue.

Covid-19 shots:
• Do not work;
• Cause myocarditis;
• Have killed over 30,000 people since Dec. 2020;
• Cause strokes, heart attacks, miscarriages, thrombocytopenia, shingles, etc.
• Make Pharma very very rich;
• are destroying the developed world.

So basically they are two completely different and unrelated products. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

Someone call the DSM people

I think at this point we have to conclude that bougieness is a form of mental illness.

It seems to mostly afflict highly-educated people in the middle class.

It is characterized by a desire to fit in at all costs.

Symptoms include a lack of discernment — such as an inability to tell the difference between mice and humans, computers and humans, or defective medical products and seat belts (I know it’s hard to believe, but we’ve observed thousands of cases of this through a comprehensive study of their online behavior).

This desire to fit in and lack of discernment makes bougiecrats a threat to themselves and their families. Bougiecrats are known to inject genetically modified substances that skipped safety testing into their own bodies and their kids (in order to ingratiate themselves with certain large multinational corporations).

The only known treatment is to have them cancel their cable and watch 100 hours of The Highwire instead.

However be forewarned, bougiecrats often became irascible when presented with evidence of their illogical behavior.
415   Patrick   2022 Sep 15, 3:31pm  

Gosh, think the vaxx and boosters might have something to do with your damaged immune system?
416   Patrick   2022 Sep 20, 2:01pm  

Sep 12
Who you were during the first month of COVID is you really are. Everyone loves “freedom” now that’s easy and popular to love freedom

Did you love it when it was unpopular?

Sep 12
This is exactly why I’m hesitant to be around those who acted shamefully during Covid. Maybe they came around later, but how they acted during a “stressful situation” is who they really are.

Sep 12
COVID insanity did a lot of bad. But it was a hugely beneficial stress test for the people in your life.

That mom of yours who banned you from visiting her because your kids weren’t vaccinated? Yeah, she’s gonna turn you into the state for your guns one day.

This is all true.

Never forget that the ones telling you to get the toxxine are exactly the ones who would have pushed you onto the cattle cars to the death camps.

That's who they are and they can never change the fact that their evil nature has been exposed by all this.
417   Ceffer   2022 Sep 20, 2:05pm  

"I wear my mask as a symbol of abject submission to the Globalists, so they can piss on my head and laugh."

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