Why can't anyone explain how these 14 kids died after getting vaccinated?

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On July 16, 2021, the CDC looked into the deaths of 14 kids in VAERS who died after vaccination. Their deaths are still unexplained to this day. If it wasn't the vaccine, what killed those kids?

In July, 2021, the CDC published an analysis of 14 kids aged 12-17 who died after being vaccinated. They listed the causes of death as: pulmonary embolism (two), intracranial hemorrhage (two), etc. and then changed the topic. No discussion. No nothing. The message they attempted to send was: “there is nothing to see here folks, move along.”

Wow. No analysis at all. Just move on. And not one peep from the mainstream medical community complaining about them completely glossing over these deaths. Stunning.

There is plenty to see in those 14 deaths… if you bothered to look
I wanted to document, for the record, that there was plenty to see there.

Let’s start with intracranial hemorrhage. In the entire 30-year history of the VAERS system, there are no reports in that age range dying from intracranial hemorrhage.

Read that again.

So it isn’t “background.” And if it wasn’t the vaccine that caused those deaths, then what did? The CDC is silent on that.

Shortly after the report came out, I published an in-depth analysis of each of those cases (I only located 13 of the 14); see this document starting on page 58 which includes links to each VAERS record.

My analysis of the VAERS records showed 5 of the 13 died of cardiac arrest. That’s not normal for kids. In a recent 5 year period (2015 to 2019), there have been zero deaths listing cardiac arrest in that age group (as you might expect). Zero deaths in 5 years! So the 5 deaths are both excess and suspicious and merit investigation. But not according to the CDC.

Unless there is a business card implanted in the body saying “killed by the Pfizer vaccine,” they won’t find causality.

We know for certain the CDC is inept at finding causality. One of the world’s top pathologists, Dr. Peter Shirmacher, looked at people who died after vaccination and determined that at least 30% to 40% died from the vaccine and the number could be close to 100% (there is only so much you can definitively tell from autopsies done after death for these vaccines).

For the CDC, Pfizer, and Moderna not to admit a single death to date is absurd. They are lying to you.
What caused the cardiac arrests if it wasn’t the vaccine (which is known to cause cardiac arrest based on other age ranges as well)? The CDC never tells us. Again, they are silent on the “true” cause.

There were two suicides. But the normal rate of suicides for that age group in VAERS is 0.2 deaths per year. So these deaths by suicide weren’t normal background; something caused these deaths. The circumstances need investigation; investigation that the CDC never did.

For example, we know that people kill themselves after vaccination due to unbearable physical pain, loss of a limb, or tinnitus that is so loud it is unbearable to name a few I’m aware of. And since none of the kids were insane, what sane person would vaccinate themselves right before killing themselves? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. So why did they die? We don’t know. The CDC never investigated. They don’t care.

For all the other causes of death, I looked at the statistics for what kids die of and determined these didn’t fit the pattern. I asked multiple doctors I knew and they said “no way” did these kids die of normal causes.

The CDC showed no statistics to show that these were just “expected.” They just changed the topic. That is irresponsible beyond belief. I have no words for this.

So what caused all these deaths if it wasn’t the vaccine?
The CDC skipped over answering that question. They don’t know and they don’t care.

But it wasn’t just 14 kids that died.

The underreporting factor for VAERS this year is 41 for serious events (like death). Of the 14 deaths, 1.6 are expected, so 12.4 deaths are “excess.” This suggests that the vaccine killed an estimated 508 kids (as of the end of July), and nobody knows what killed them.

That’s a lot of kids that died in vain. Nobody heard the message all these kids who died were trying to send. It’s tragic.

What caused the death of Ernest Ramirez’s son?
Ernest Ramirez lost his only son (age 16) just 5 days after his first Pfizer shot. His son had absolutely no health issues before the vaccine. He played sports and was checked regularly for any problems.

His heart just stopped beating while he was at a park (cardiac arrest). The paramedics were never able to restart his heart.

After a lot of heroic effort, Ernest was able to get an autopsy done. The cause of death listed by the medical examiner was “an enlarged heart.” It was more than twice normal in size. Nobody reported the death to VAERS.

According to Dr. Peter McCullough who reviewed the autopsy report, the cause of death was vaccine-induced myocarditis that caused his heart to swell to double the normal size. This sort of size change can happen very rapidly, well within the 5 day window.

Ernest has been very public about the death. I learned about it nearly 2 months ago. But no one from the CDC called. Nobody from the FDA called. Nobody from Pfizer called. Nobody from the NY Times called. Nobody from CNN called. No mainstream media will cover it since the vaccine doesn’t leave a business card when it kills someone. The mainstream media easily rationalizes ignoring the death, “The CDC hasn’t said it was caused by the vaccine. You can’t prove for certain he died from the vaccine, and we don’t want to create vaccine hesitancy without proof because we don’t want to spread misinformation.”

Nobody wants to face the fact that the vaccine kills kids. We look the other way. Even when it is 99.99% certain he died from the vaccine, they aren’t going to report it since they might be wrong. Even if the child died 2 minutes after vaccination, they won’t report it as caused by the vaccine.

Statistically, the cause of death for those 14 kids they analyzed could happen by chance… maybe 1 in billion. But nobody did the math to let us know that.

These kids died and the CDC didn’t even do an analysis to determine the chance of that happening by random chance. Why not? I know the answer. Because if they did the calculation, it would be an admission that it didn’t happen by chance. Then they’d have to explain what did kill those kids. By not doing the calculation, they basically sweep it under the rug. The press never asks. Problem solved.

Ernest Ramirez lost his only son. He wants to prevent the same thing happening to other parents. But the system is doing its job in suppressing this tragic story. Nobody wants to look at it because they know if they did it would blow the narrative. Nobody wants to blow the narrative because they’ve been (falsely) led to believe that the narrative is the only hope to save society.

A mother in Trinidad loses her son to intracranial hemorrhage
My friend Sherwin Francis sent me a video of a woman in Trinidad who lost her son after being vaccinated. He was vaccinated on Friday and on the same day he died. She cries, “He was bleeding…. he was bleeding in his brain.”

When was the last time you saw something like that?

Do you think this was bad luck? Of course not. Kids in that age range don’t die like that from bleeding in the brain unless there is head trauma.

This child’s death is consistent with the 2 out of 14 cases of intracranial hemorrhage reported by the CDC. In all these cases, they happen right after vaccination.

Does anyone think they might be connected? How did the CDC rule out the vaccine as the cause of death in the 2 cases they investigated? What caused the bleeding in the brain in these kids? That’s not something that “just happens.” There is always a cause.

How many more kids must die of unexplained deaths before we figure out we’ve been lied to?
We are good at writing news stories about kids who died tragically. These stories typically never mention that the kids were just vaccinated. That way, nobody figures out the connection. They only get to observe, “wow, there are sure a lot more deaths in young kids" recently. They are never told when the kids were vaccinated. So nobody makes the connection. I documented many of these cases in the slide presentation I made at the October 26 FDA meeting. I asked the panel, if it wasn’t the vaccine that killed these kids, then what did? Nobody on the panel answered. They just ignored me (as usual).

Here are a few you can investigate yourself. What caused all these kids to die unexpectedly without warning shortly after vaccination?

Here are some of the hyperlinks friends have sent me. Please read their stories.

Jacob Downey and Jacob Downey (story 2)

Francis Perron

Farisa Navab

Sean Hartman

Simone Scott

In the UK, deaths in males children are up 86% since the vaccines were rolled out
Click the image to read the article. A bit hard to explain since an 86% increase is not just statistical noise. However, the “hypothesis” that the vaccines are deadly (more deadly to males) explains the increase.

IMPORTANT: This is an 86% increase in the all-cause mortality rate so it includes all the kids that we are supposedly saving from COVID.

If it wasn’t the vaccine that caused the 86% increase in all-cause mortality, then what did? This is a shocking increase.

Why aren’t any public officials explaining the increase? They are all silent on this (and the mainstream media won’t ask the question).

Close to 800 kids have been killed by the vaccines so far
There are now 21 deaths in VAERS in the 12-17 age range. (21-1.6)*41 gives an estimate of 795 excess deaths.

Tragically, this will be ignored and there will be some excuse given for the all-cause mortality. Most people will never investigate and believe whatever the government says. They’ll make something up about all the cardiac arrests, pulmonary embolisms, and intracranial hemorrhage. Either a fact check will say this article is bunk because “everyone knows you can’t use VAERS to determine causality” (which is untrue), or the fact checker will simply cite the CDC as saying there “no causality” (without explaining reasons for the deaths) and close the case.

The all-cause mortality (ACM) from the vaccine is ignored by nearly everyone. We have a single-minded focus on how many kids we might save from COVID as the only thing that is worthy of discussion. The ACM is never discussed in any of the FDA or CDC meetings because it is zero since the CDC has said nobody has died from the vaccines. They don’t have to explain ANY of the excess deaths. They wave their hands and say, “all those excess deaths” were just background deaths from normal causes even though they know that isn’t true. Those were true excess deaths; we subtracted the background.

Killing 117 kids for every kid we save from COVID is a bad tradeoff. But that’s what the best risk-benefit analysis I’ve seen shows. Is it wrong?
There are 28M kids between 5 and 11. Nearly half of them are already recovered. About 1 in million of the rest might die due to COVID. So by vaccinating 28M kids, we might save 14 lives.

Here’s another, more conservative, perspective.

Dr. Toby Rogers, who is an expert on cost-benefit analyses, did an independent risk benefit analysis.

He computed a number needed to vaccinate (NNTV) of 630,775 kids to save a COVID life. So if we vaccinate them all, we might save 44 kids.

Dr. Rogers determined we will kill 117 kids from the vaccine in order to save one life, so that would result in the untimely death of 5,148 kids. Even if he got it wrong by two orders of magnitude, vaccinating kids is still nonsensical because we kill more kids than we save.

As far as I know, nobody who thinks Dr. Rogers got it wrong has presented the “correct” risk-benefit analysis.

If there is a more correct analysis, please let me know in the comments.

For example, what is the risk-benefit analysis the school boards are relying on?

Even the FDA admits the case for vaccinating kids is sketchy!
The FDA did 6 scenarios of benefit risk and to their credit admitted if cases were at their lowest it would tip against vaccination.

The problem with their analysis is that they assume that VAERS is fully reported and that there are no deaths caused by the vaccine. Once you fix these rookie mistakes, you get a completely different result.

Why aren’t we hearing more about vaccine deaths?
There was a memo sent out to doctors from the CDC. It was a short memo:

Death after vaccination is never a vaccine death. Death within 28 days of a postive COVID test is always a Covid death.

Get it?

Summary: nobody is willing to defend their position
Here is our team of experts. We are all happy to be proven wrong on all of this. None of us want to spread misinformation. But we remain troubled by the fact that no prominent advocate of vaccination is willing to explain to us how we got it wrong.

Nearly two months ago, TrialSiteNews called for a public debate on vaccine safety. Nobody on the pro-vaccine camp responded. Nobody. Zero. Zip. Nada. Not even Pfizer. The maker of the vaccine won’t defend its own product?!?

When Senator Johnson has an open discussion on vaccine safety, the only press that shows up is from The HighWire. The YouTube video of the event has only around 5,000 views (as of Nov 11, 2021).

The lack of transparency and willingness to be questioned should be concerning to every American. The public is only being told one side of the story. Mainstream media is suppressing the other side and they are not allowing an open debate on what the data shows. I wonder why...

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19   WookieMan   2021 Nov 13, 7:37am  

Al_Sharpton_for_President says
Alex Azar, Trump's Sect'y of HHS, tried to point out obesity as explaining the greater prevalence of COVID morbidity and mortality amongst African Americans

I do recall that. As a subsection of the population blacks are fat. I don't think they'd deny that. It's leftist whites that blame them being fat on the food white people sell them. Or we won't open a quality grocery store in their neighborhoods with produce or some other nonsense. Because a black person cannot operate a business like a grocery store???

My experience in black neighborhoods in Chicago is not quality of food, it's quantity. You can still get fat eating apples and oranges. Black people like sugar either natural or in processed food. And they like a lot of it. They choose processed foods because it's higher in sugar.

When I have a bad beer drinking month (too much) I gain exactly zero pounds. All those empty calories. It's not about the input, it's about the output. If I find I'm going out a bit too much, I put in more effort to do some exercise or at least take some long walks. Blacks in Chicago can't because they like shooting each other. I'm not being sarcastic here either. Blacks, at least in Chicago, make awful food choices and fear for their life walking down the street, so they sit inside and eat. Even then they still get shot inside their homes from a stray bullet.

Of dozens to maybe hundred female black tenants, maybe, maybe 5% were of healthy, attractive weight in most guys minds. Most were 5'5" and 180lbs+. Unless you're 6' as a chick, no woman should weigh 150lbs or heavier. Very rarely was there a rail thin black girl I'd have to deal with. If they were, and knowing what I know, likely heroin or crack was their vice instead of food.
21   Patrick   2021 Dec 4, 1:53pm  


1 in 2680 young men develop acute myocarditis/pericarditis in adolescents following Comirnaty vaccination in Hong Kong
What more evidence does the USG need?

Robert W Malone MD, MS
5 hr ago

Strong data from a peer reviewed article in the journal of Clinical Infectious Disease shows that there is a significant increase in the risk of myocarditis/pericarditis following Comirnaty vaccination among Chinese male adolescents, especially after the second dose. Onset of myocarditis was a median of 2 days after vaccination. The clinically significant (acute and/or “mild”) myocarditis/pericarditis incidence rate came in at one out of every 2680 young males.
22   Patrick   2021 Dec 4, 1:54pm  

Comment from link above:

California will mandate the vaccine for all school age children as soon as the corrupt FDA approves the vaccine for that age group. That is imminent.

A male adolescent is about 800 times more likely to get a serious case of life threatening Myocarditis from the "vaccine" than die of Covid.
23   Eman   2021 Dec 4, 2:09pm  

BoomAndBustCycle says
It’s my understanding that any inflammation is short lived and it’s best to not exercise strenuously for a week post COVID vaccine. Any heart inflammation will be long gone by than. A lot of the people that died post vaccine went out to football practice the next day or did something strenuous exercise wise.

A pharmacist friend advises to take it easy for a few days post shot. Of course this advice isn’t widely shared because they don’t want to spook people and have people put it off.


This is one eff’ed up response. Not disclosing the side effect of the vaccine to the consumers? How would people know not to do strenuous exercise when they’re not being advised to? We don’t feel the side effects until the next day while they advise us to “move our arm a lot” so we don’t get sore the next day. Playing tennis is a good way to move the arm around a lot. Running is a good way to move the arm a lot. This is so eff’ed up.
24   Patrick   2021 Dec 4, 2:11pm  

BoomAndBustCycle says
It’s my understanding that any inflammation is short lived and it’s best to not exercise strenuously for a week post COVID vaccine. Any heart inflammation will be long gone by than.

That is absolutely false.

Myocarditis has a fatality rate of something like 50% over 5 years.

It's deadly serious, not transient.
25   Eman   2021 Dec 4, 2:26pm  


“What’s clear, however, is these risks for children and adults are different.

For starters, children have far less to fear from COVID-19 than adults. In fact, kids are more likely to die of the flu, car accidents, heart problems, cancer, swimming pools and other factors than COVID-19, CDC data show. Moreover, the risks of health complications from vaccination—though rare—are also less known.”

Why the fuck are they forcing kids to take the vaccines when their risk is much much lower? WHY?
26   mell   2021 Dec 4, 2:44pm  

Patrick says
BoomAndBustCycle says
It’s my understanding that any inflammation is short lived and it’s best to not exercise strenuously for a week post COVID vaccine. Any heart inflammation will be long gone by than.

That is absolutely false.

Myocarditis has a fatality rate of something like 50% over 5 years.

It's deadly serious, not transient.

That's correct. There are rare cases of very "mild" myocarditis, but even there you have to be careful and get checked out at least for the next 2 years on a regular basis, and even some mild cases will be dependent on meds for a long time. Sure inflammation in non essential parts of the body can be dealt with and usually resolves, but the problem with the mrna vaccines is that you don't know which cells in which organs will become s protein katyushas. In the wrong organ you may be dead soon or crippled. Whereas with a covid infection it usually is constrained to the respiratory tract and does not attack multiple organs (there are rare exception as for all resp. viruses where multiple organs are affected). And the respiratory tract is 100% regenerable unless you are one of the few with excessive lung inflammation/pneumonia. Plus you can prevent multi organ damage in almost all cases if you start taking Ivermectin et al plus a good emergency Rin protocol right at the onset of symptoms. Of course your doc won't tell you that so as always, talk to your Doctor!
27   Booger   2021 Dec 4, 3:18pm  

Eman says
Why the fuck are they forcing kids to take the vaccines when their risk is much much lower? WHY?

28   Shaman   2021 Dec 4, 4:54pm  

As far as we know, everyone who takes the vax has mild myocarditis. It just might be too mild to notice. Still, it’s permanent heart damage which will cause your ticker to have to work harder to do the same job, cutting your life span.
31   Patrick   2021 Dec 13, 9:42pm  

Why liability protection for vaccine manufacturers is a terrible idea

I have a simpler solution. Drop the liability protection.

If that means no vaccines are produced, I will not shed a tear. We will all be better off for that since the data shows that vaccines in general have pretty much been a disaster.

We should simply let the market forces operate without government interference. If a manufacturer makes a drug that is useful and safe, they will profit. If they make a drug that is deadly, they should take it off the market.

Here’s the key question that nobody wants to answer:

We don’t have liability protection for any other drugs or for any other product for that matter. Why should vaccines be carved out? Isn’t it time we ended this?

If we can end the liability protection for vaccines, these vaccines will be pulled from the market since they will become unprofitable since they have killed so many people. It will be a win for humanity.
32   charlie303   2021 Dec 14, 2:55am  

They are casualties of WAR.

The longer term damage will present itself.
I do not trust or believe any of the stats or data as I believe the institutions providing them have been infiltrated and corrupted.
I do not believe any historical data either. Even though it may be accurate it has not taken into account the vaccine.
The vaccine is a game changer and will vastly disrupt the historic norms, trend lines and traditional prognoses.
The whole field will have to revise itself.

There will be an almighty backlash.

34   KgK one   2022 Jan 17, 5:31pm  

Docs are giving vaccines like candy. Last time they said giving 4 differnet kids Vax at the same time is ok.

They keep making requirement for school so can't even decline it.
35   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 9:22pm  


New FOIA Release Shows CDC Lied About Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Efforts
They never found any safety signals, because they didn't look for them
36   Patrick   2022 Jun 16, 9:57pm  


Arnold Monto of the VRBPAC Committee's $176,074.44 Conflicts of Interest Include Payments from Pfizer
I suppose there's a rational explanation as to why he was even on the Committee?

Dr. Arnold Monto of the recent VRBPAC Committee that rubberstamped COVID-19 vaccines for kids, toddlers, and infants.

So, I wondered: Does he have any conflicts of interest with vaccine makers?

Why, yes. Yes he does.

See for yourself. Toggle the settle to “All years”

37   mell   2022 Jun 17, 9:11am  

KgK one says

Docs are giving vaccines like candy. Last time they said giving 4 differnet kids Vax at the same time is ok.

They keep making requirement for school so can't even decline it.

That's a big issue. We're not generally anti vax but we routinely decline a portion of the vaccines to have them given at a later time to not overload the kids. 2-3 different jabs at once is already a lot, ideally it should be no more than 1.
39   Robber Baron Elite Scum   2022 Jun 21, 8:03am  

Because if they explain, everyone will know they purposely poisoned and killed them because they are large pharma corporations who have the resource and hidden know-how of drugs impact on the body.

They are not dumb, they have all the tools, scientists and equipment to produce cures for illnesses but refuse too.

Instead they create stuff which just hides symptoms and make you think you are doing well when actually it is going to create more problems later on.

Vaccines are a scam along with mental health drugs.
40   WookieMan   2022 Jun 21, 8:25am  

Robber Baron Elite Scum says

Vaccines are a scam along with mental health drugs.

I do believe vaccines work. This one clearly doesn't, so kind of in agreement.

Mental health drugs can get fucked. We need to stop this shit with marijuana. Legalize it and get it on every grocery store shelf. Not just a dispensary where the government gets their cut and pisses it away.

I've dealt with depression, anger and alcohol issues in the past. Weed has been the best medicine. It has helped with pain recently. You can take weed and not be "high" out of your mind and have medicinal benefits to the body without the damage of shit like Tylenol. You'd be better off drinking than taking Tylenol daily.

Bad news is I'm about to mow the lawn and get wet bulbed..... supposed to feel like 106º today and humid as a sweaty ball sack.
42   richwicks   2022 Jul 5, 10:27am  

WookieMan says

I've dealt with depression, anger and alcohol issues in the past. Weed has been the best medicine. It has helped with pain recently. You can take weed and not be "high" out of your mind and have medicinal benefits to the body without the damage of shit like Tylenol.

I would also recommend cannabis as a useful mental health drug, perhaps the only one.

It's been a while since I've been on the stuff, but for me, it makes me kinder, more empathetic, more creative, more sympathetic, more appreciative, AT THE EXPENSE of losing all my ability to be detail oriented. I can't write code when I'm stoned, but I sure as hell can make an architectural design when I am.

I don't think alcohol has any benefits.
43   AmericanKulak   2022 Jul 5, 10:32am  

SSRIs need to be far less prescribed than they are.

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