Biden is highly likely vaccine injured; Newsom is DEFINITELY vaccine injured

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2021 Nov 21, 9:09pm   349 views  6 comments

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Peripheral neuropathy is extremely common after vaccination (an estimated 80% of vax injured have it), and the timing lines up perfectly. His doctors have ruled out every other cause.

I have to catch a plane and will update this story later today.

My text and emails have been lighting up recently with messages such as: “Biden now has peripheral neuropathy like all of us vax injured. Wonder if it was from the vaccine.”

Subtle hint, but let’s check it out…

My initial determination is that it appears that Biden’s medical problems that caused him to finally get a medical checkup were highly likely to be caused by his recent vaccine booster shot.

I say that because:

all the evidence we are presently aware of fits that hypothesis without exception,

there isn’t any evidence supporting a more likely alternative hypothesis.

If you think I’m wrong, reply in the comments and tell me the alternative hypothesis that better fits the fact pattern.

Here are some of the things we know about Biden (see the medical report):

Problems started after his very first vaccine (gait issues) a year ago.

Problems got a lot worse after his recent booster (peripheral neuropathy in his feet). It was so bad that he had to go in for a physical which he has avoided until now.

He got his booster September 27. He got the real shot, not a saline solution (Biden actually believes the vaccine works and didn’t get a saline shot).

His symptoms due to the booster probably started in early November and then got progressively worse, prompting him to finally have to agree to get an exam.

His physical was on November 19.

The doctors basically ruled out every possible cause of the peripheral neuropathy. Of course, they would never admit that the vaccine caused it. It wasn’t even investigated as a possible cause despite the statistics on how common it is after vaccination (as anyone who has ever been in a “vaccine injured” support group would attest). That’s pretty stunning that the doctors wouldn’t even consider that, isn’t it?

More on this story later…

A lot of people are surprised Biden got the real thing. I’m not. Biden REALLY believed it works. He's fundamentally an honest guy. I never doubted that. He's just not good at evaluating evidence in plain sight. Like most people, he's never done a VAERS query and listens to what the CDC says instead of what the data says.

Newsom is 100% vaccine injured with GBS

As for California Governor Newsom, I now have multiple sources that “definitely confirm” that he has GBS. I originally wrote he had GBS, changed it to Bell’s after his appearance on TV, but I have new info from multiple trusted sources that he has GBS and additional video evidence (more about that later today).

GBS can go in one of two directions from here: better or worse.

Newsom is banking on the “get better” option and thinks he can cover his tracks by waiting it out.

I offered him unlimited amounts of money to give me a paper with the doctors he consulted with after his booster. If he’s telling me the truth, he could collect $100M just for handing me a blank piece of paper. My offer was ignored.

Q: Who would turn down $100M for a blank piece of paper?
A: Someone who is lying to the public about their vaccine injury.

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1   Karloff   2021 Nov 21, 9:38pm  

He's fundamentally an honest guy.

2   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 12:09am  

Hey, I don't agree with everything I quoted.
3   Ceffer   2021 Nov 22, 2:57am  

The reason I know Biden didn't get the real thing is that they would have had a complete ER/intensive care/resuscitation unit when he got it RIGHT THERE in case he had a reaction, or they would have given him the jab in a hospital where those things are readily available, not his stupid fake White House set. That would apply to any person of importance being publicly jabbed with the real thing. So, unless those doctors and medics were just off camera and not shown, which it did not appear was the case, then he got saline or placebo.

As for Newsom (who doesn't vaccinate his own children), he must have thought he was getting the placebo but got a hot shot of the real thing instead for whatever dark reasons (that is, if that is what he is suffering from). I still think there is a chance that he has chemical dependency issues and may have gorked himself rather than suffer vaccine injury. The vid of him with Bell's Palsy could have been altered and not real, the one I saw was low def.
4   richwicks   2021 Nov 22, 3:17am  

A lot of people are surprised Biden got the real thing. I’m not. Biden REALLY believed it works. He's fundamentally an honest guy.

That's one of the stupidest statements I've ever seen written about Biden.

Biden isn't the least be "fundamentally honest". He was drummed out of the presidential primary in 1988 because of his compulsive lying - he even lied about his childhood. He was obviously accepting bribes through his son being on the BOD of Burisma. He cynically uses his son Beau in place of Hunter whenever he's questioned about Hunter Biden's corruption simply because Beau is dead. He is certainly accepting bribes through his son's "art" now.

There's also no reason to even tell Biden he's getting the vaccine. He's just a puppet controlled by the intelligence agencies. It doesn't matter one bit of Biden believes in the efficacy of the vaccine or not.
5   HeadSet   2021 Nov 22, 12:45pm  

Patrick says
He's (Biden) fundamentally an honest guy.

Since when? Biden has a long history of outright lies and plagiarism. Also do not forget the pay to play graft he has collected for decades.
6   Tenpoundbass   2021 Nov 22, 12:48pm  

Patrick says
Biden’s medical problems that caused him to finally get a medical checkup

I believe it on that tidbit alone. Biden took great joy in trolling his haters in not getting checked out by a Doctor. For him to now go to a Doctor, seems out of character, for a man or should I say his handlers have been trying to avoid an honest medical assessment from a capable Doctor for over 3 years.

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