Monoclonal antibodies

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2021 Dec 17, 12:38pm   716 views  5 comments

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What does anyone know about monoclonal antibody treatments for Covid? Advised? My son, unvaxxed, just got Covid after hanging with a colleague who is Double vaxxed. His doctor set him up to get the monoclonal antibodies if he wants. He feels pretty crappy, is a healthy and slim 40 year old, excellent nutritional habits and works out a lot. Any thoughts appreciated. He is 3 or 4 days into feeling sick

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1   Shaman   2021 Dec 17, 3:37pm  

From everything I have read, those work best in the first days of Covid infection. You haven’t a day to lose for these to be at their most effective. There are clinics that offer the antibodies for Covid patients for free. I saw one in my area in Cypress, California. If he waits much longer though, don’t bother with the antibodies.

Ivermectin is effective all the way through the sickness. Contact a Frontline Doctor through their website and get a prescription for yourself or him, just say you’ve had a positive test and they’ll prescribe ivermectin. You’ll probably need to have the scrip filled at a privately owned pharmacy since most of the corporate ones won’t do it. I hear Walmart pharmacy will fill it!

Some more things to get from the GNC or grocery store:
Quercetin phytosome which is great for combatting the virus
Vitamin D
Allisure Allicin (garlic extract)

None of these last things are dangerous in any way and will help him recover. Best of luck! He will be fine I am sure.
2   anniecoyote   2021 Dec 17, 4:48pm  

Thanks for your help! I think he is a little unsure on the antibody treatment after reading the fact sheet, but is already on zinc and vitamin d.
3   HeadSet   2021 Dec 17, 5:46pm  

Shaman says
Allisure Allicin (garlic extract)

Is "Allisure" a brand name? I see bottles that read "Allicin" garlic extract, but none say "Allisure."
4   Robert Sproul   2021 Dec 17, 5:54pm  

The mAb treatments are how Rogan and Trump both made short work of The Bug. I understand that many places you have to be old or with significant co-morbidities to be eligible. I would run down and do it TOMORROW if it was made available to me and I am a staunch Alopathic Medicine Sceptic and a rabid anti-corrupt-big-pharma-rushed-Covid-vaccine guy.
5   NuttBoxer   2021 Dec 17, 8:28pm  

If he's doing ok, I wouldn't do anything beyond supplements. Do not stop the zinc until smell fully returns. Basic supplements you should always be taking consist of a multi-vitamin(Thorne), Pro-biotic(PB8), and fish oil(Nordic Naturals). For sickness should be taking liposomal vitamin C(Mercola) as your body does not produce it. Double the dose of whatever's on the label. Should also take Echinacea(Now), NaC(Thorne), and Horsetail. The words in parenthesis are recommended brands.

Also forgot, get some sweet wormwood(Herbpharm).

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