A Depression for the history books

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It's been a while since the world has seen any true atrocities. The closest was in Darfur where probably a couple hundred thousand were killed, but the world came together and kinda put an end to that. Sure the Syrian civil war killed about 350000 but they were fighting it wasn't just a slaughter. In Yemen about 300000 deaths and Biden just released more funds to those wacky Iranians. Still a fairly small number of deaths for a war.

Now under Pol Pot a couple of million got slaughtered. Nobody said anything about it at the time.

We have people now complaining about being mis-gendered. And the slave like conditions the Uyghurs are being put in. WTF?

As a heads up, China has been on a bit of a building boom. Construction accounts for more than 25% of its GDP. At the height of our housing bubble construction accounted for about 8% of our GDP. Like what happened in the US, China's boom just stopped all of a sudden. There's gonna be about 100 million plus unemployed construction workers in China. This will cause a ripple effect throughout the rest of the economy. The country's entire financial system is simply going to disintegrate.

Who gets what kind of rations is going to be determined by their social score. The individual Chinese will do what they are told. If anyone is not happy about their new lot in life, they will simply be killed. The Chinese leadership is going to have too many things to worry about than dealing with dissidents. I'm expecting a few million to be killed, although things could get out of hand.

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1   cisTits   2022 Feb 8, 2:10pm  

More human beings have died from the 50 year plus Abortion Holocaust than the Germans killed (12 million) in the camps.
2   Misc   2022 Feb 8, 3:38pm  

Soros, giving a webinar for the Hoover Institute (yes, this really happened) seems to think things are going to go jenky because of the debt.

I will stick with it being employment.

I think as far as the debt/assets, everything gets taken by the CCP. Debts are gone but all assets are seized by the State. You know put the Commie back into Communist. That'll teach people for having a 34% savings rate. Everything they have worked for and saved for their entire lives simply gone, and they'd better be happy about it or they get killed.

3   HeadSet   2022 Feb 9, 5:59am  

Misc says
Everything they have worked for and saved for their entire lives simply gone,

That seems to be happening now in the USA with inflation.
4   Tenpoundbass   2022 Feb 9, 6:10am  

HeadSet says
Misc says
Everything they have worked for and saved for their entire lives simply gone,

That seems to be happening now in the USA with inflation.

TPB pushing rewind on the tape, get's to the part years ago, when Economic Smarties were all saying.
"Why you never EVER want to pay off your mortgage, because you're supposed to sell it one day for 300% more than you bought it. But you don't win the game, unless you manage to do so, by paying as little as possible on the original principal. The whole point of a Mortgage is, living in a house you couldn't afford to play cash for, on other people's dime."

They never could for the life of them, realize there's something to be said about owning your assets outright. Now is when owning your asset starts paying you every month, for all of the inflated money, you're now keeping in your pocket every month.

Going rent here in South Florida is now $3999 on the low end for a 1700 sqft house. So now that's $4K a month my house is paying me.

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