Inflation Beyond the Stars Thread for April 12

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2022 Apr 12, 12:49am   116,990 views  1,167 comments

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Since we know the numbers are going to suck since Peppermint Patty is leading the Amen Corner Media to blame Putin for it:

Frankly, I prefer my spaceship to have big tits and not fake inflated ones.

EDIT - numbers drop:
America goes back to the 80s: Surging gas prices and higher rents push inflation to 41-year high of 8.5% as White House blames it on Putin invading Ukraine
The consumer price index rose 8.5% in March from a year ago, the fastest increase since December 1981
Housing costs, which make up about a third of the index, have escalated and show no signs of cooling
Gasoline prices soared 49% in March from a year ago as the war in Ukraine rocked energy markets
Biden's administration tried to get ahead of the dire inflation news by blaming Russian leader Vladimir Putin
But Republicans place the blame for soaring prices on 'Democrats' reckless spending and failed policies'


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1112   zzyzzx   2024 May 30, 5:12am  

Now with less alcohol:

1114   AD   2024 May 31, 9:06am  

Inflation is holding steady below 3% based on PCE, which is what the Federal Reserve applies to determine Federal Funds Rate changes.


Stock indexes were mostly lower Friday after the release of the Fed's preferred inflation gauge, the personal-consumption expenditures price index.

The core April PCE, which excludes volatile food and energy prices, rose 0.2% from March and 2.8% year-over-year. Both numbers were close to economists' expectations.

The Chicago Business Barometer declined by more than economists expected to the lowest level in four years, a sign of declining businesses activity.


1115   AD   2024 May 31, 9:49pm  


One indicator as far as the economy cooling (and hopefully inflation decreasing): https://www.mypanhandle.com/news/nearly-40-of-americans-paid-a-late-fee-in-past-12-months-survey

I saw the PCE (which the Federal Reserve uses to monitor inflation) is at 2.7% for last 12 months so at least annual inflation remains below 3%.

1116   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 3, 5:29am  

AD says

I saw the PCE (which the Federal Reserve uses to monitor inflation) is at 2.7% for last 12 months so at least annual inflation remains below 3%.

so at least annual inflation remains below 6%
1121   GNL   2024 Jun 3, 6:42am  

AD says

Remember when it was $5 for a footlong sandwich at Subway ? I think that was about 5 years ago. Now it is $6.99 if you use a coupon :-(


You’re off by just a bit.

1122   HeadSet   2024 Jun 3, 8:00am  

zzyzzx says

I prefer the bag of lettuce that does not include a dick in it (bottom right).
1123   AD   2024 Jun 3, 2:04pm  

GNL says

You’re off by just a bit.

Cost me $6.99 using the coupon for a foot long sub at Subway near my townhome in Panama City Beach.

Your post 180 Crandon Blvd is in Key Biscayne (i.e., a very posh and upscale Miami Beach hood). That's very far from the Redneck Riviera (Florida panhandle) not just distance, but also cost of living and culture.

At least we get at least 8 and 1/2 months of beach weather and the water visibility is +40 feet and the beach sand is white.

But I hear you as far as how expensive Subway is there in Key Biscayne compared to here.

1125   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 4, 9:20am  

AD says

Remember when it was $5 for a footlong sandwich at Subway ? I think that was about 5 years ago.


Introduced in 2007, the $5 footlong deal initially allowed sandwich lovers the chance to order any sandwich of their liking for just five bucks.

Then one day in 2015, the deal tiptoed off the menu altogether.

Subway began advertising $6 footlong sandwiches in early 2016.

Two years later, the $5 deal tried to make a comeback, but Subway CEO Trevor Haynes had to pull the plug on it entirely as complaints ran rampant among franchisees, who claimed their margin of profit was next to nothing. As Hayes told USA Today, each store, which is independently owned and operated, now had a choice to decline the $5 footlong promotion.

1127   zzyzzx   2024 Jun 5, 6:04am  

Shrinking tampons:

1133   HeadSet   2024 Jun 10, 6:20am  

Patrick says

Unfortunately, the "abortion" hysteria has legs and will bring female votes to Biden.
1134   stereotomy   2024 Jun 10, 11:34am  

Why do women consider the greatest gift that they can offer the world - the power to bring new life forth - as a curse or an "inconvience?"

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