Why memes are so effective

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2022 Jul 22, 6:32pm   30,686 views  336 comments

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lying with taut talking points or evocative images is easy. hell, that’s what they’re for.

but memes that lie mostly do not work.

they are not funny or evocative because the analogy fails. it’s code that won’t compile. only that which draws valid comparison sets off the associational informational cascade that leads to the vast enhancements in informational density that make this modality special.

and without that your meme loses its potency.

you can only tell people so much in a brief span.

that’s why they call it an “attention economy.”

the true meme gets you to run code you already have installed.

that’s why it is so powerful and why its effect cumulate.

we are just starting to see the capability of this jump in communication evolution.

it will shake worlds.

and this is a glorious thing.

it skewers everything.

no one is safe.

(not even if they were promised that there would be a monkey to help them)

the speed with which this can pour a spicy glass of “shut the hell up” and provoke real thought by eliciting and evoking analogy is unprecedented as is the sublime, anarchic free market to select and spread the best means of doing so.

once, the powers that be needed fear only a few cartoonists and voices and could easily suppress their spread. now you must fight against the full force of the insight and creativity of the global myriads and the relentless upvote of the informational instantiations which best work to convey meaning as infallibly adjudicated by an audience of billions that play off one another like jazz night at birdland.

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254   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 Feb 9, 8:26am  

UkraineIsFucked says

Patrick says

Already have: https://patrick.net/post/1378889/2023-03-24-biden-prosecuting-meme-shitposter

Hey @Patrick, I didn't post this on Jan 8 2024. Something going on with the timestamps?
255   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2024 Feb 9, 8:29am  

UkraineIsFucked says

Hey Patrick, I didn't post this on Jan 8 2024. Something going on with the timestamps?

@Patrick NM. Maybe I did.
264   Patrick   2024 Feb 13, 9:42am  


but memes are too fast for emotion. their informational density is higher, they evoke past salients, set multiple frames at once, and worst of all, they’re funny and memorable. (i wrote a whole series on this)

you’re never going to get the time to explain that piling guilt on people for what someone who looks like them did 4 generations ago is quite literally the definition of racism and that notions of inherited or blood guilt are anathema to pluralism, diversity, equity, and even basic morality.

but if you can convey it in 6 seconds?

lights out, game over.

266   The_Deplorable   2024 Feb 15, 11:56am  

Patrick says

Except you have to be guilty to be offended.
268   HeadSet   2024 Feb 15, 8:03pm  

Patrick says

What, are you calling us stupid and oversensitive? Why, I never....!!
269   Misc   2024 Feb 16, 3:37am  

Funny that it is Pure Unadulterated White.

Damn Racyst
279   Patrick   2024 Feb 23, 3:08pm  


Bill Gates Partner GAVI Vaccine Alliance Targets Online Memes

This is the greatest compliment! Memes are having a good effect.

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