Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) may have been from vaccines all along

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As long-time proponents of vaccination — professionally involved in vaccine development, promotion of the dangerous HPV vaccine and accepting of COVID-19 vaccines as a solution to lockdowns — the three declaration authors positioned the decline in childhood vaccination rates at the head of their list of “disastrous” lockdown consequences.

Far from witnessing a disaster, however, observers by June 2020 had begun noticing a wonderful silver lining — a “surprising” pandemic effect on the death rate among infants, in particular, with 200-plus fewer infants dying per week, amounting to a 30% reduction in expected child deaths within a few months.

To explain the “something mysterious” saving the lives of infants, these analysts, along with Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, pointed out how the missed infant vaccines coincided with a “precipitous drop” in reports of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

SIDS deaths — which by definition affect children who are normal and healthy — and sudden unexplained deaths in children over age 1 typically occur in close temporal proximity to vaccination, with nine out of 10 SIDS deaths following two- and four-month “well-baby” visits.

An analysis of three decades of VAERS data found 75% of reported post-vaccination SIDS cases occurred within seven days of childhood shots.

Japanese pathologists who identified SIDS cases taking place within a week of vaccination agree that “suspicious cases do exist,” leading them to encourage forensic pathologists to “devote more attention to vaccination” in SIDS events.

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164   Misc   2024 Jan 20, 4:02am  

The_Deplorable says

Misc says

"Funny in the States SIDS is very much more prominent for Blacks who have a tendency to miss vaccinations."

Except the black children that died from SIDS were vaccinated.

I don't know where you come by your information. Could you post it???

Here is an article showing that a decreased rate of vaccination did not show a decline in the rate of SIDS,

165   The_Deplorable   2024 Jan 20, 2:40pm  

Misc says
"I don't know where you come by your information. Could you post it???"

It is in this thread! If you are following this thread then you already know that we have many studies proving that the vast majority of dead children from SIDS were vaccinated.

"Here is an article showing that a decreased rate of vaccination did not show a decline in the rate of SIDS,"

Reuters is main stream media, meaning Fake News!
166   mell   2024 Jan 20, 3:15pm  

I'm also skeptical of this (data gets fudged on both sides). One def does not want to overvaccinate their child, but there are plenty of vaccines who have stood the test of time, and SIDS mainly happens for other reasons imo. Def never the clot shot, flu shot is also pretty useless (and can be dangerous), then on the childhood diseases it's your choice, some I consider useful, such as rsv and whooping cough for infants/babies. Tetanus is once every 10 years, polio is also a very light schedule. Maybe DTP is ok as well. I'd refuse hep b as well. Vaccinations are not all suddenly bad. Find a sweet spot for you and your family.
167   Misc   2024 Jan 20, 7:00pm  

The_Deplorable says

Misc says

"I don't know where you come by your information. Could you post it???"

It is in this thread! If you are following this thread then you already know that we have many studies proving that the vast majority of dead children from SIDS were vaccinated.

"Here is an article showing that a decreased rate of vaccination did not show a decline in the rate of SIDS,"

Reuters is main stream media, meaning Fake News!

I'm sure that you have better statistics. -- giggles to self
168   Patrick   2024 Jan 22, 5:18pm  


Deadly products should not be on the market

Many people in the freedom movement take the position that they support “freedom of choice” — if someone wants to get a vaccine (or 100 of them) they should be free to do so.

Unfortunately that’s not going to work.

As bad as things are right now (a literal genocide happening in front of our eyes) only 3% of parents completely opt out of the CDC vaccine schedule (as all evidence suggests that they should).

The remaining 97% witness vaccine injuries in their children that are so catastrophic they will cause the collapse of the U.S. in our lifetime. We’re talking TRILLIONS of dollars in harm because they failed to do their proper due diligence and because our system allows this to happen.

So “freedom of choice” in this case is just a path to collapse. We don’t allow freedom of choice for thalidomide; we rightly recognize that it’s a teratogen and ban its use for pregnant women.

If vaccines are toxic (which they are) we should stop them from harming any more people and remove them from the market entirely. ...

I will never normalize this

Why do ob/gyns poison children in utero?

Why do all U.S. hospitals poison children on the first day of life?

Why do pediatricians poison children 90 times before they reach 18?

What the actual f*ck is wrong with these people?

How the actual f*ck did this country become so insane?
170   Patrick   2024 Feb 16, 8:33am  


‘Among 3–5-month-old children, having received DTP (± OPV) was associated with a mortality hazard ratio (HR) of 5.00 (95% CI 1.53–16.3) compared with not-yet-DTP-vaccinated children. Differences in background factors did not explain the effect. The negative effect was particularly strong for children who had received DTP-only and no OPV (HR = 10.0 (2.61–38.6)). All-cause infant mortality after 3 months of age increased after the introduction of these vaccines (HR = 2.12 (1.07–4.19)).
171   Patrick   2024 Feb 18, 5:43pm  


For example, just a few years ago, most of America believed vaccines were safe and effective, and when I wrote my first article here on February 12, 2022, while the majority of people still did (81% had got the COVID vaccine), massive protests were beginning to break out against the COVID vaccine mandates. Now, almost no one is (e.g., according to the likely inflated CDC numbers, only 22.3% of US adults received the most recent booster).

When you consider that it took slightly over a century of protest to repeal the (disastrous) smallpox vaccine mandates, this is incredible progress, especially since the most aggressive propaganda campaign in history was used to push the COVID vaccines upon the world. Likewise, I’ve seen more shift in a month than what many of my friends who have worked for decades in vaccine safety saw happen after years and years of work on it. These are truly remarkable changes.
172   Patrick   2024 Feb 24, 12:21pm  


• Thimerosal (TM) significantly affects mitochondrial bioenergetics in the brain.

• Mitochondrial integrity (membrane potential) was maintained after acute TM treatment.

• Ethylmercury released after the breakdown of TM compromised the cholinergic system.

• The brain is more sensitive to oxidative stress induced by TM compared to the liver.

Thimerosal (TM) is a toxic, organometallic mercury compound (which releases ethyl-mercury-containing compounds in aqueous solutions) used as a preservative in vaccines. Mitochondria are organelle which are highly vulnerable to many chemical compounds, including mercury (Hg) and its derivatives.
174   Misc   2024 Feb 29, 3:59pm  

I'd have to see the entire series instead of 2 cherry picked dates. Looks like 1986 may have had an abnormally low prevalence. Whereas, 2011 may have been a plague year.

So, what is it with having the same dates for one set of data, but having different dates for the other set of data. - Seems suspicious.
175   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 29, 4:01pm  

That chart that showed most diseases we vaccinate for had 90% of their mortality reduced by pathology, medical treatment, and hygiene/sanitation.

We're told that vaccines did 90% of the work in eliminating dyptheria, polio, etc. when that's the inverse of the truth - more like the last few percentage points.
176   AmericanKulak   2024 Feb 29, 4:06pm  

Patrick says


All for a disease that is easily and rapidly cureable by antibiotics, is only fatal if untreated for many many days and mostly only occurs after another bacterial infection is present and untreated for many days, long after either has obvious signs, and the last big break out was on Japanese Cargo Ships carrying IJA soldiers to Rabaul from Hong Kong in 1942 stacked like cordwood due to the lack of Passenger "Maru".
178   Patrick   2024 Mar 7, 10:24am  


RFK Jr. makes a simple but obvious point that I'd never thought about before. Our mega companies love those "trapped" markets. That's why Big Pharma loves to get a new vaccine on the childhood immunization schedule. If you can't afford private school tuition for your kids and your children have to go to public school, you HAVE to get these shots. It's another "trapped" market. - Bill Rice, Jr.
179   Patrick   2024 Mar 16, 7:31pm  


In 1979, eleven babies died of SIDS in one county in Tennessee.

They all had received the same vaccine from the same batch at around the same time.

Wyeth's (since merged with Pfizer) response:

Instead of recalling the vaccine pending an investigation, they covered it up AND ordered all future batches to be spread out across the country, so that any more deadly clusters would go unnoticed.

180   Patrick   2024 Mar 21, 2:13pm  


The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Sudden Infant Deaths

The Disturbing Parallels between Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Adult Death Syndrome

•To maximize profits, the pharmaceutical industry will often identify vulnerable groups who lack the ability to advocate for themselves and refuse pharmaceutical products.

•When the DPT vaccine was first developed over a century ago, it was tested at Irish orphanages. Recently mass graves of those early test subjects were discovered.

•Since the DPT vaccine hit the market, physicians around the world have observed waves of infant deaths following its use, which were often sudden and inexplicable (along with many other severe side effects).

•Numerous data sources correlate increasing childhood vaccination rates with increasing infant deaths. Those deaths played a key role in creating the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. That forgotten data compromises the majority of this article.

•When the COVID lockdowns happened, vaccine safety activists predicted the lockdowns would lead to an unprecedented drop in infant deaths since children were skipping their vaccines. This ended up being exactly what happened, and it was reconfirmed by infant deaths dropping in Florida after the pandemic prompted many parents to begin not vaccinating their children.

181   Patrick   2024 Mar 21, 3:39pm  


A question for the normies:

If something very bad happened at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), how would you know?

For example, just imagine that malevolent corporate interests who want to profit from poisoning kids captured the AAP. Who would tell you?

The AAP wouldn’t tell you because they are captured.

Pediatricians wouldn’t tell you because they are complicit.

The TV news wouldn’t tell you because they don’t want to lose their major advertisers.

The government wouldn’t tell you because they are also captured.

Academics wouldn’t tell you because they don’t want to be the next victims.

So seriously, how would you know? This is not a partisan question, this is an epistemological question that all people of good faith should wrestle with.

Courageous parents caring for their injured children would tell you as would a handful of brave pediatricians who would soon lose their licenses for telling the truth.

That’s how you’d know.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.
184   The_Deplorable   2024 Mar 28, 7:06pm  

I don't get this. What am I missing?

Patrick says

185   richwicks   2024 Mar 28, 7:25pm  

The_Deplorable says

I don't get this. What am I missing?

Patrick says

It's referring to the injections, I believe.

I never heard of kids having heart attacks before except as a joke for morbidly obese children, but kids have died in sports recently, people in fucking high school.
186   Patrick   2024 Mar 28, 8:51pm  

Yes, it's about why kids are getting dangerous injections in spite of the evidence that the SIDS death rate is directly proportional to the number of vaccines received.
187   Patrick   2024 Mar 31, 3:14pm  


Study design: We searched VAERS for US reports after Hib vaccines among reports received from January 1, 1990, to December 1, 2013. We reviewed a random sample of reports and accompanying medical records for reports classified as serious. All reports of death were reviewed. Physicians assigned a primary clinical category to each reviewed report. We used empirical Bayesian data mining to identify AEs that were disproportionally reported after Hib vaccines.

Results: VAERS received 29,747 reports after Hib vaccines; 5179 (17%) were serious, including 896 reports of deaths. Median age was 6 months (range 0-1022 months). Sudden infant death syndrome was the stated cause of death in 384 (51%) of 749 death reports with autopsy/death certificate records.

192   Patrick   2024 Apr 14, 4:23pm  


•A long history exists of a wave of severe injuries following new vaccinations being introduced to the market. In most cases, those injuries were swept under the rug to protect the business.

•In many cases, the severe “mysterious” injuries we see now are remarkably similar to those that were observed over a century ago. Unfortunately, a widespread embargo exists on ever allowing this data to come to light (as that would instantly destroy the vaccine program).

•A variety of independent studies (summarized below) have shown that vaccines cause a wide range of chronic illnesses.

•A 1990 book made a strong case that widespread vaccination was also causing an epidemic of widespread brain damage which was both lowering America’s IQ and causing a massive rise in violent crime.
194   Patrick   2024 Apr 15, 11:13pm  


💉 It’s another pandemic miracle! Highly-credentialed, well-spoken, and persuasive covid doc Peter McCullough has now come all the way over to questioning not just covid jabs — but all childhood vaccines. He is now even uttering the dreaded word, “autism.” See for yourself:


Among other things, in the clip Dr. McCullough described how every single study of kids who went “natural” — didn’t take any jabs — outperformed vaccinated kids in every health category, including autism. So. In any sane world, that evidence should damn the vaccine industry and result in a shot moratorium until they can figure out where they went wrong.

This progress never would have happened without covid. You crazy “anti-vaxxers” have got a lot of powerful new allies. I’m not saying covid would be worth it if it results in destruction of the vaccine industry, but it’s something to think about.
198   Patrick   2024 May 7, 1:18pm  


A pediatrician has come forward to blow the whistle by warning the public about a kickback scheme where doctors are “paid to vaccinate your children.”

Dr. Paul Thomas, a celebrated Dartmouth-trained pediatrician, has revealed that doctors across the country receive a huge cash influx for making sure their patients follow the vaccine schedule as specified by Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration.

According to Thomas, a prominent pediatrician in Oregon, the kickbacks have become so systemic that doctors “cannot stay in business” if they don’t keep their patients fully vaccinated.

Dr. Thomas alleges that doctors are rewarded financially if they strictly follow the vaccine schedule dictated by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
200   Ceffer   2024 May 16, 10:12pm  

Patrick says

They got us to believe that their bullets were cures, and walk to the firing squads ourselves.
202   Patrick   2024 May 25, 4:16pm  


Remember that, we are advocating now for a pause on the vaccine schedule. In America, it needs to be reevaluated.

The contents of the vaccine schedule need to be re-evaluated, but also, its very existence, its construction, its justification, its scheduling, everything- needs to be questioned. And that means we need a pause. Because it is probably damaging lots and lots of children.

Advocate for strict liability on all Pharmaceutical products, and that's really something that lawyers understand, everybody understands. It's a really simple way to fix this problem. It gets rid of almost like 90 percent of the problem from the very beginning, to just say, strict liability.

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