Amazon's deletes all negative viewer reviews of less than 6 of 10 re: Rings of Power

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2022 Sep 4, 8:23pm   596 views  17 comments

by AmericanKulak   ➕follow (9)   💰tip   ignore  

Every viewer and critic who wasn't dependent on "Access" - that is, saw the series after it was released, said it was a horrid bomb.

So Amazon is deleting all their reviews from IMDB, owned by... Amazon

It's also the only program on Amazon Streaming you can't vote on.

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1   Patrick   2022 Sep 4, 8:44pm  

AmericanKulak says

IMDB, owned by... Amazon

Factcheck: true.


Didn't realize Goodreads is also owned by Amazon, which brings them way down in my estimation.
2   WookieMan   2022 Sep 4, 8:54pm  

All reviews are bull shit anyway. People literally get paid free vacations to go to hotels so it can be verified and then give bad reviews by the competitors that paid for it. Same happens in restaurants. I generally don't look at reviews. Specifically 1 or 2 star reviews. Ignore most 5 start reviews unless they have thousands. 3 and 4 star are the most honest is what I'll read.

Not saying the series is good. I just wouldn't base much off of reviews, especially from the general public. It's loaded with bull shit.
3   Hircus   2022 Sep 4, 9:27pm  

I've found the imdb numeric score to be useful. Scores in the 8+ range I tend to enjoy if the movie/tv show's description seems like something I may like.

6 and 7 tend to be ok, but not great. I tend to need to be interested in the topic to enjoy it enough to finish watching.

5 and below usually suck.

I suspect amazon will try to keep it working well, usually. But they will occasionally manipulate things when beneficial, so as to maintain veil.

I wonder when amazon bought/absorbed them. I recall they bought goodreads some years back, so it was likely legitimately good at one point.

Amazon product ratings on the other hand...lotta fakes. A trick I notice often is a seller will sell some generic product that's easy to get good reviews on for a while to accumulate legit 5 star reviews. Then they will update the description to list a totally different, unrelated product. Bam - 5 star reviews, but when you read the reviews you realize people are rating a spatula, not the bluetooth speaker you expected. This seems to happen more often on listings that have color/size/feature variations. I'm guessing their description/review system is more exploitable in that case.
4   RC2006   2022 Sep 4, 10:01pm  

6   Ceffer   2022 Sep 4, 10:21pm  

It's interesting that Above Top Secret, that has civilian reviewers, seems now infested with MSM bots that post maybe a third to a half of the threads and tilt them away from the real opinions.

An opening thread on ATS on the Amazon LOTR really dissed it, like gag me with a spoon, followed by several that suddenly took up the slack and said it was OK and good to watch. Strongly stated conservative opinions also on ATS will be followed up by incredibly daft and idiotic liberal counter opinions.

It sounds like a nightmare of SJW shit again, with the hobbit leads taken by 'female' hobbits rather than the male hobbits the story originally had.

It's like the Assassin's Creed game where they started making a lot of characters gay and lesbian. When they had female amazon adversaries, they buffed them so they were much harder to beat than the male adversaries.

The latest Batman movie showed some pushback, because even though imbued with SJW spirit, the scene where Cat Woman (mulatto) and Batman are talking on top of a building, it was clear the actors and the director were laughing and mocking a line where she said something about 'white privilege'.

I think with enough expensive flops, as usual, the stuff will tone down or end. British shows have very strict quotas about having a large number of gay, tranny, lesbian, minorities etc. in each program ad nauseum. I've seen a couple where they have black walk in roles where the blacks have absolutely no realistic place, they don't even talk sometimes, but are in a bit role just to say they were in the cast for quotas.

Netlix has abandoned some of its woke status, but it will take a while for all the SJW stuff and scripts that were already in the pipeline to shake through since they go over like lead balloons. I imagine that Amazon also have to wait for the shit to roll through the pipes. It shows the bleak estimation and contempt that the PTB have for the viewing audiences that they think they can force feed this crap to the plebs.
7   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 4, 10:24pm  

Ceffer says

like gag me with a spoon

+10 for this forgotten phrase.
11   AmericanKulak   2022 Sep 5, 8:52pm  

I heard that the female black Dwarf isn't all that bad, but Guy/Lad-riel is like half Mary Sue AND a Karen combined, plus the dialogue is shit. Also, all male characters except Elven Don Lemon token are either evil or stupid.
12   PeopleUnited   2022 Sep 5, 9:19pm  

I’ll be watching the rings of power just as soon as my VCR can record the episodes so I can fast forward through the commercials. In other words. not likely to be on my screens any time soon. But that won’t stop the descent into madness that is present day America. Wear your mask, take your injection and watch the latest steaming pile of streaming BS. It will all be over soon and you will own nothing and be happy just like Soros and Gates intended.
13   RedStar   2022 Sep 5, 9:23pm  

I want to see some White Africans in the next Black Panther movie
14   richwicks   2022 Sep 5, 10:54pm  

PeopleUnited says

I’ll be watching the rings of power just as soon as my VCR can record the episodes so I can fast forward through the commercials.

VCR - that dates you. I hope you mean DVR. VCRs were obsolete 25 years ago even though DVR was in its infancy.

I don't like fantasy at all anymore. The less television and films I watch, the more I realize most of society emulates what they see. Television and films construct MOST people's outward personalities. I have learned to hate most visual depictions of anything. People complain "they're promoting agenda's now!" - they ALWAYS were. Maude was the first television show where the main character had an abortion. That was in 1972. Fifty years ago.

It's not just people's social norms that are controlled through popular television and films, not just their "moralities", but their very basic personality. Next time you watch a "sit-com" imagine if you were actually in that situation dealing with the toxic asshole character being an asshole that you're laughing at, and consider "would I really put up with such a person?" It's all toxic, and has always been. The reality of most sit-coms is that given the same situation, you'd be seeing a fist fight, or at minimum a breakup of a friendship.

The norm on television and film is any disagreement results in a shouting match and harsh words. That's what CRAZY people do. Well, we're surrounded by crazy people thanks to Pedowood and teeeveeee.

One of Philo Farnsworth's GREATEST regrets was inventing television. He expected it to be an education medium, and instead, it turned into a propaganda and control mechanism. You want to know why so many women are crazy? Watch some daytime television shows or a soap opera. They model how they act based on how they see completely unrealistic characters being depicted.
15   HeadSet   2022 Sep 6, 8:11am  

richwicks says

VCR - that dates you. I hope you mean DVR. VCRs were obsolete 25 years ago

I still have a couple of VCR/DVD combo recorders that are capable of recording over the air digital TV signals onto the VHS tape. Yes, obsolete like you said. Over the air TV is still best recorded on a $29 DVR from Walmart that uses a thumb drive. That way it is 1080 and can be watched on the TV or a computer.
16   PeopleUnited   2022 Sep 13, 3:05pm  

richwicks says

VCR - that dates you. I hope you mean DVR. VCRs were obsolete 25 years ago even though DVR was in its infancy.

I don't like fantasy at all anymore. The less television and films I watch, the more I realize most of society emulates what they see.

Was sarcasm, simply pointing out that streaming video is not my thing. I want a copy, even if it is just a vcr tape (I used my VCR in college until around 2008 which while obsolete did work well. My favorite way to record TV was on Windows Media center but that was very short lived. When my PC went kaput I was without a DVR until we got one for free with the cable while we were renting. We had cable because it was provided to everyone in the condo association, so as renters we got it free. But I agree with headset those $30 units from Walmart work pretty well, not as easy as windows media center but still pretty good.

I think richwichs assessment of media setting people’s personality is overly simplistic. Surely media manipulation is built into all tv and movies but not everyone is compelled to act out what they see on the screen. I’d say it is definitely a slippery slope though, normalizing a lot of terrible things.

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