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2022 Sep 10, 6:37pm   606 views  7 comments

by 1337irr   ➕follow (1)   💰tip   ignore  

Attention astute stock picking investors, what has been your return this year versus the S & P 500?

Do you tend to beat the S & P 500 year over year?

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1   clambo   2022 Sep 10, 7:14pm  

I have only picked a few stocks; Apple was a home run but I don't know how it is lately.
Alibaba was a mistake, I'm underwater.
Deere was good.
Roku was good then fell so I don't think I'm ahead.
I inherited some Microsoft it's done well for me since 2017.
I also inherited some Wells Fargo and I'm underwater since 2017, it was my mistake to not sell it immediately.
I think it's fun but not so useful to pick stocks.
2   Bd6r   2022 Sep 10, 7:16pm  

I am not astute by any stretch of imagination but for some logical at that time reason I bought craploads of Exxon stock in Jan 2021 for 45/ share. First time I bought stock ever and the only stock I own.
3   komputodo   2022 Sep 10, 7:21pm  

I dipped my toe in the water and bought 5 shares of META in late feb 2022...Just one stock...I started with $1000.00. I initially bought at 5 shares at 198.50 ....i have traded the same 5 shares about 12 times...now my balance is $1000.27...lol...I think I'm beating the S&P.
4   mell   2022 Sep 10, 7:47pm  

My avg. yearly yield is 20%-30%, so doing ok.
5   1337irr   2022 Sep 10, 11:05pm  

I think I average 20 to 30% but I am not keeping tracking diligently. Measure what matters they say.
6   stfu   2022 Sep 11, 5:35am  

I'm up 1.11% YTD - no idea what the indices are at. Individual stocks are less than 5% of my portfolio. I still have a huge cash anchor from going to cash in early 2008.
7   clambo   2022 Sep 11, 6:16am  

Herewith some unsolicited opinions.
I don't like airline stocks and would not buy one; it's a very competiive business.
I would avoid specialty mutual funds and emerging market mutual funds.
I would avoid fashion stocks unless trading in and out; the customer is fickle.
I would avoid car company stocks; even Toyota can lose money and they did this year.

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