Everyone who imposed toxxine mandates must be hanged

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2022 Nov 2, 7:46pm   44,076 views  412 comments

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Mandating the injection of highly profitable experimental gene-based crap with zero long-term safety data and no definitive ingredient list into billions of healthy people, resulting in 13 million 17 million pointless deaths so far, is the worst crime against humanity ever committed. The vaxx is dangerous and ineffective, but even if it were not, it would still be a crime against humanity to force mass injections of anything, much less the new Thalidomide.

The toxxine mandates are an even worse crime because the virus which was created with Fauci's funding in Wuhan was admitted to have a 99.7% infection survival rate at the time mandates were imposed, and even that has since been proven to be closer to 99.95%, making the disease no worse than a seasonal flu. There was never any good reason for the "vaccine" at all, yet mandates continue even now for foreigners entering the US, at many universities, many US companies, and in the US military.

For children, the death rate from the virus is statistically indistinguishable from 0%, making it a yet more heinous crime to inject that garbage into children.

Note that I'm not talking about lynch mobs. There should be trials for those who forced the unknown effects of this toxic slime on billions of people, perhaps the way the Nuremberg trials were run. Sure, they will claim they did nothing illegal. The Nazis were not violating Nazi laws (well, maybe they were). The point is that they were violating fundamental human rights on a mass scale.

One of the conclusions of the first Nuremberg trials was that it is a crime against humanity to force people to participate in medical experiments, and that no one should be allowed to even voluntarily participate in a medical experiment without informed consent. No one had informed consent to be part of this dangerous experiment, because there was and still is literally zero long-term safety data.

There are never any circumstances whatsoever that give anyone the right to force or mandate any medical product. It is always a crime against humanity.

Everyone who abused his or her power to demand injections via threat of job loss, or being expelled from school, or military requirements, or being denied transplants - all of them must be hanged as soon as possible.

Everyone in government who lied that the death jab was "safe and effective" must also be hanged for willful participation in mass murder by injection.

We are now told that no one was forced to submit to the death jabs, but being threatened with firing and expulsion and death from lack of medical care is obviously raw force. To be fired is normally a punishment for a serious offense, so to claim firing is not force is a bald lie.

This is a matter of basic human rights. Until we have justice, they will do it again and again and again - they will inject you with whatever they feel like, whenever they feel like it.

Even the mere widespread discussion of hangings will have a salutary effect, as the genocidal criminals become aware that getting hanged for their crimes against humanity is a real possibility. We must all publicly speak of hangings continuously until justice is served.

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354   HeadSet   2023 Oct 23, 4:08pm  

GNL says

Patrick says

GNL says

we have to be able to hold PEOPLE accountable and charge them with CRIMES. Otherwise this is all bullshit. IMO.

I agree.

Individuals need to be charged with crimes.

Going after a faceless corporation is a wizardly distraction.

True, but suing corporations makes millions for lawyers. No profit in convicting a criminal.
355   Patrick   2023 Oct 25, 7:16pm  


White House Orchestrated Cover-Up of COVID Vaccine Heart Damage

FOIA emails obtained by DailyClout show the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knew COVID-19 vaccines were linked to myocarditis and death, but doubled down on mandates.

The White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) knew in April 2021 that the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA vaccine was linked to heart damage on an unprecedented scale for a vaccine. But they hid that knowledge from the public while pushing vaccine mandates, according to emails obtained by DailyClout through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

The emails show the White House communications team struggling to craft a cover-up message on email chains that included Dr. Anthony Fauci, then-director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and chief medical advisor to President Biden; CDC Director Rochelle Walensky; Dr. Janet Woodcock, then-acting commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and Dr. Francis Collins, then-director the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
356   Onvacation   2023 Oct 27, 5:08pm  

Conspiracy Theorist

Is it really like that? Is there a small group of psychopaths that run this world and are actively trying to kill us?
357   Patrick   2023 Oct 27, 5:10pm  

Onvacation says

Is there a small group of psychopaths that run this world and are actively trying to kill us?

There are definitely billionaires who talk a lot about the "need" to reduce the global population.
359   Patrick   2023 Nov 3, 11:49am  


💉 Social media phenom Russell Brand interviewed financial data analyst and jab skeptic Edward Dowd yesterday about the shots. In the clip below, Dowd opines that the manmade part of the disaster is “unmatched in the history of the world,” and it “won’t be talked about for the next ten years, but for the next 100 years.”


Encouragingly, Dowd — like me — thinks we are making progress. He told Russell, “The good news is, word is getting out, booster uptake is down, and people are starting to spread it, despite the media clampdown on this issue, and the political clampdown, and the regulatory clampdown.”

Guess what? You and I are a critical part of this good news, since we are all helping get the word out. At some point soon, a point racing closer and closer, we’ll reach a tipping point where enough people realize what actually happened and then things will start happening.

And at that point, there will be a reckoning that, in Dowd’s words, will be “unmatched in the history of the world.”
360   stereotomy   2023 Nov 3, 12:16pm  

I love it - "I was against the clot shot before anybody else."

Cereally, I'm glad at least some people are waking up from their mass psychosis (generally, based on Dowd's comments). Dowd has been awesome for years now.

My GP dreads meeting me for my annual check-ups, because I keep reminding of the clot shot push. When I get bloodwork about higher than normal cholesterol, I just say:

"Cholesterol is not the villain - after all, what is the brain made of? CHOLESTEROL. It's not cholesterol, but inflammation that causes heart disease. I'm limiting foods that cause inflammation, like seed oils, wheat gluten. Cholesterol concentration in the blood is a natural event. In the presence of inflammatory agents or infection, it becomes harmful. Why don't you tell your other patients about this?"
361   komputodo   2023 Nov 3, 1:05pm  

How to sell cholesterol lowering drugs? Make up a new study that will lead the medical community to lower the threshold so that you gain 30% more potential customers for LIPITOR
362   Patrick   2023 Nov 3, 1:38pm  

I remember when some doctor at Stanford concluded that a single baby aspirin per day was more effective at preventing heart attacks and strokes than all of the expensive cholesterol drugs.

The medical establishment hated him for that.
363   HeadSet   2023 Nov 3, 5:36pm  

Patrick says

I remember when some doctor at Stanford concluded that a single baby aspirin per day was more effective at preventing heart attacks and strokes than all of the expensive cholesterol drugs.

Correct, because the baby aspirin deals with inflammation, which as mentioned by Stereotomy is a cause of heart attacks. The inflamed vessels get clogged with cholesterol.
364   Ceffer   2023 Nov 3, 6:03pm  

komputodo says

How to sell cholesterol lowering drugs? Make up a new study that will lead the medical community to lower the threshold so that you gain 30% more potential customers for LIPITOR

The test for blood glucose A1c hemoglobin is supposed to give a running average of blood glucose for prior 3 months. It is said that if all the adults in China took the test, half of them would qualify as prediabetic due to the nature of their diet and the guard rails claimed for the test.

Now, blood glucose is a real problem and can cause real problems, but I seriously doubt the thresholds are 'normal' if the test is that liberal.

High glucose automatically leads to the statin recommendation, which is a gateway drug to induce conditions that lead to more medication based on symptomatology. If you read the side effects for statins, one of them is that it can push prediabetes into diabetes. So, prediabetes leads to the recommendation for a medicine that can then cause actual diabetes? Does somebody get the impression that the pancreas is one of the 'targets'?

It is also claimed that the ubiquitous and loaded 'standard vaccines' have components that cause prediabetes (aka pancreatic toxicity), even before the Covid vaxicides. Vaxes and their components are multi tasking bullets, it would seem, for the Rockefeller medicine profit complex. "We will give you medicine that will make you sick. When you ask for our help, we will give you more medicine that will make you more sick."
367   GNL   2023 Nov 7, 11:01am  

Patrick says

I can dream.
368   Patrick   2023 Nov 7, 5:48pm  


I submit that members of the covid cult don’t get to plead ignorance when they were ignorant of what they were most assured, and the scientifically bereft policies they championed and imposed were extraordinarily harmful and made a mockery of the Bill of Rights. The ignorance excuse doesn’t fly after systematically censoring and cancelling and persecuting people who weren’t as ignorant, people who expressed skepticism or questioned the prevailing consensus.

Even better is the notion that they “did the best they could with what they knew at the time.” Tell that to Drs. Jay Bhattacharya, Sunetra Gupta, and Martin Kulldorff, the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration, who had the courage to call out the wrongs of health experts and policymakers in promoting sweeping lockdowns instead of the focused protection of high-risk populations; tell that to the scientists and public officials who maintained fidelity to the truth but struggled to make their voices heard in the face of professional retaliation and censorship driven by authoritarian bureaucrats and tech platforms functioning as private arms of the state. Had they been listened to, society would have been infinitely better off. Instead, they were demonized. ...

I imagine that members of the covid cult found it exhilarating to be part of a big, self-righteous, moralizing movement, even if that movement often took on the form of a mob. Surrendering the burden of personal autonomy and individual responsibility, reveling in righteous indignation, trading in relentless propaganda pumped out by corporate media, and joining ranks with shrieking spazzes on social media to condemn “The Unvaccinated” as the new official “Untermenschen,” an underclass of subhuman “others” that the docile, unthinking masses must be conditioned to hate—these things tickle the amygdala, I’m sure.

It no doubt felt good to think you were on “the right side of history,” even when you knew it was wrong to dehumanize those who declined conversion to your cult, to clap in approval as they were segregated, stripped of their jobs, banned from attending schools, denied medical treatment, and otherwise persecuted. But just as the normal rules of society were indefinitely suspended for “survival’s sake,” so too were the rules of civility. It seemed that civility was a luxury we could no longer afford. ...

Imagine how much better things would be — how much better things would’ve gone — if the timid and overly neurotic among us had, rather than happily submit to a vague, coercive public health apparatus, instead been forced to come to grips with their own mortality, their own finitude, and demonstrate bare minimum courage in the face of uncertainty rather than prostrate themselves before the altar of Faucism and a respiratory virus with an infection fatality rate under 0.2%. ...

“Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward,” Oster says.

Uncertainty. That’s a funny word to use, considering your camp arrogated to itself a priestly right to determine the proper social order and to excommunicate those who didn’t conform. It’s one thing to present yourselves as people just doing their best; it’s another thing entirely to style yourselves as the sole arbiters of truth who brook no dissent. Had you acknowledged any uncertainty, that would’ve allowed for debate.

But there was never any debate, and the consequences of the covid cult’s self-certainty, which was so intractable that it compounded ignorance, were disastrous. These people were so confident of their totalitarian policies that they sent police to record the license plates of those attending church on Easter; they were so convinced of their own moral righteousness that they happily threatened people’s ability to feed their kids if they didn’t take experimental injections for a disease that may have posed little risk to them, and for which many had already developed natural immunity.

Vaccine apartheid and punitive mandates, Orwellian censorship by Big Tech and policies of segregation, curtailment of liberties and the repression of the working class—for two years we were subjected to an ever-changing, neurosis-fueled faux existential crisis propagated by a hysteria-driven, fear-based media apparatus that itself was dependent upon induced societal responses disproportionate to the true level of risk posed by covid, an extremely age-stratified disease. ...

By definition, amnesty is an act of forgiveness for past transgressions. But forgiveness is contingent upon repentance, and no act of repentance has been forthcoming. Indeed, I have yet to come across a single establishment voice who has admitted wrongdoing.

Ergo, to declare amnesty now would be to forego accountability, which is essential to maintaining some semblance of social order, especially when we’re talking about gross harms that some people have committed against others. To discourage future wrongs, those harms must be rectified to the extent reasonably possible. There must be a reckoning, otherwise the architects of our pandemic response and their rank and file partisan jackals won’t ever have to atone for their sociopathy and solipsistic navel-gazing, which was masked as communitarian benevolence. Nor will they have to answer for why they applauded deeply divisive policies requiring forced acquiescence to the permanency of recurring, compulsory injections by decrees justified with constantly shifting and contradictory criteria, or why they pushed wildly alarmist propaganda to convince the public that contracting the virus would put one in mortal danger and it was therefore absolutely imperative that everyone stay locked in their homes like agoraphobes and treat each other like vectors of disease, kids included.

There needs to be an inquiry into the countless unresolved questions regarding the totalitarian policies that defined the pandemic response and the underlying motivations of the officials who imposed those policies. And the corruption of the scientific process, the self-dealing, and the self-righteousness must be acknowledged.
370   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 1:47pm  


Marketing professor Scott Galloway made the comment during an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher this week. He claims those who supported lockdown protocols did not fully understand the consequences of such decisions.

‘I wanted a harsher lockdown policy. In retrospect, I was wrong,’ Galloway said. ‘The damage to kids from keeping them out of school longer was greater than the risk.’…

Galloway continued, saying that policymakers were ill-informed about the coronavirus. Therefore, he said, these individuals should not be held accountable for the outcomes of their decisions.

‘We were all operating with imperfect information and we were doing our best,’ Galloway said, eliciting applause from the studio audience. ‘Let’s bring a little bit of grace and forgiveness amid the s--- show that was Covid.’”

This is quite a change of tune for Galloway. Compare his current take to what he wrote back in 2021 in an op-ed titled “Half of America has its head up its ass. It's time for a vaccine mandate.” ...

So, to answer, Galloway’s halfhearted, entitled plea for forgiveness absent any real mea culpa or offered means by which to remedy his sins, the answer from me is “no dice.”

First of all, the Public Health™ bureaucrats were not “doing their best” on behalf of the American public that pays their salaries. They were doing what was in the best interest of their pharmaceutical industry sponsors and their lackeys in the media, who held the economy and society hostage through terror and government lockdowns until the public relented and accepted the jab.

As just one example, Anthony Fauci admitted to repeatedly moving the “herd immunity” goalpost in terms of how many Americans had to be injected before the economy could re-open not based on science or public interest but based on how high he could ratchet up the percentage while maintaining political viability – until finally admitting (after the shots had been distributed) that “herd immunity” for a constantly mutating coronavirus was always a pipe dream. ...

These were not honest mistakes; they were lies, disseminated intentionally, in the service of promoting whatever narrative du jour. The Public Health™ bureaucrats were lying – and people died and had their livelihoods destroyed based on those lies.

The second problem here is that there has been no accountability whatsoever – for COVID Warlord Anthony Fauci or the Pfizer executives who knowingly engaged in fraud to get their emergency use authorization all the way down to the lowliest county-level Public Health™ bureaucrat.

No one has been made to pay a price, either criminal or civil, for what they did. Anthony Fauci, like his co-conspirator Andrew Cuomo, should be rotting in prison on RICO convictions – and thankful he lives in a country that rarely executes the death penalty – but instead is allowed to run wild in “retirement,” still influencing government policy and making an obscene amount of money from speaking engagements. ...

All of the people who were in the actual decision-making positions of authority who enforced pseudoscientific, authoritarian, transparently immoral vaxx/masking/lockdown mandates must be prosecuted – to exact punishment for what they did and to serve as a deterrent against future overreaches, both of which are recognized as legitimate functions of the criminal justice system.
371   Patrick   2023 Nov 10, 1:50pm  


In conclusion, it is also clear at this point, unless proven otherwise, that none of these regulatory authorities have obtained data from one or more rigorous, well controlled studies designed to address the genotoxicity and insertional mutagenesis risks associated with different levels of DNA fragment contamination/adulteration of the specific modified mRNA vaccine non-viral delivery formulations employed with either the Moderna or Pfizer/BioNTech COVID “vaccine” products. Therefore, until such time as data from such well-controlled studies are produced and objectively peer-reviewed, vague statements such as “no safety concerns related to the sequence of, or amount of, residual DNA have been identified.” do not accurately reflect current knowledge.

Given prior research findings as well as regulatory precedents, the only objective conclusion to be made concerning such statements is that they functionally represent propaganda rather than proven scientific and regulatory fact.
372   Patrick   2023 Nov 12, 2:39pm  


Dr. Pam Popper on Some Unexpected Help for the Lawsuit Against the Creators of SARS-CoV-2

October 6, 2023

DR. PAM POPPER: So you're probably wondering what is all the great news we have to share, that we're celebrating got freedom [shows her T-shirt with the "got freedom?" slogan] We have worked really, really hard to try and fix some of the problems in our country and we are getting some unexpected help from some unexpected sources. One of them is Congress.

So I'll just give some background in case any of of you are new viewers. Last year our lawyers, Make Americans Free Again lawyers, filed a lawsuit against EcoHealth Alliance, Peter Daszak, Ian Lipkin, and Ralph Baric, on behalf of the families of individuals who died of SARSCoV-2. They were involved in the creation of this virus, gain of function research, and also involved in covering it up.

So the cover up is sometimes just as bad as what you did to, that needed covering up, right?

It's a toxic tort lawsuit similar to lawsuits that are filed against companies that produce chemicals that make people sick or kill them.

We filed two more of these types of lawsuits this year against those same parties. And there will probably be more because in the most recent one we named as defendants Jane and John Does number one through 100 and we have a break in figuring out who some more of those people are.

So for those of you who aren't real familiar with litigation, as soon as lawsuits like these are filed, the first thing is, the defendants come out and say that they didn't do it, didn't do anything wrong, and file for a dismissal. Plaintiffs like us who are successful in overcoming these motions to dismiss, and we're getting better and better at that, are given discovery, which is access to documents and materials that support our claim.

We may soon get a little help from the government, believe it or not. Everybody seems to be catching on. So I reported on Wednesday that funding has been cut off from the Wuhan lab, 10 year moratorium. And I reported a few weeks ago that USAID had cut off funding for the virus hunters, so you can't go into the caves in Laos and get bat poop and take into someplace like Wuhan.

Well, Peter Daszak is now scheduled to testify on November 14th in front of a Congressional Committee. And he was sent a letter signed by several committee chairs with a very long list of documents to be provided by the time, before the time of his testimony. The letter is 8 pages long. I'm not going to read the whole thing to you but it's real exhaustive and it includes all kinds of things that would be more— some of which would be difficult for us to get through the court system, lots of litigating, lots of expense, but once this becomes part of the public record, then we would have access to it, too.

So the first thing is all calendars and phone records from November 1, 2019 to the present for Dr. Peter Daszak. And the committee asked that he prioritize documents sufficient to show any meetings, phone calls, or other interactions between Dr. Daszak and the federal government or any entity in China. And then a list of all of the EcoHealth employees, contractors, or others who are affiliated, individuals who are affiliated, who visited the Wuhan Institute since January 1, 2018. And the list would include the name, title, and affiliation of the individual and the date of the visit.

And then there's a paragraph that says EcoHealth should search broadly for documents and communications regarding the origins of Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2, or any iteration thereof, gain of function research, enhanced potential pandemic pathogen research, dual use research of concern and/or the public health or scientific response to the Covid-19 pandemic, including the academic literature.

And then, specifically regarding the origins of Covid-19, this would include but not be limited to any documents and communications referencing or regarding a conference call hosted by Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Jeremy Farrar which occurred on February 1st 2020. And then there goes into all kinds of lists of things that they want related to this.

And this is the coverup. This is when Fauci and Farrar and Kristian Andersen, a bunch of them got together, Ian Lipkin, and wrote that fake paper, Proximal Origin, which gave them the ability to go out and say some great scientists have concluded that it came from nature. Well some of those great scientists were paid millions of dollars, so all that's coming out in the open, too.

So Congress, the bottom line is, if you look at this list, Congress is well aware that this thing came out of Wuhan, that EcoHealth was involved in it, that the government, the US government paid for it, and what they want is all the documentation with all of it.

I'm sure that Eco's lawyers will argue against providing some of this stuff, but if we get even a fraction of it, it's really consequential for our lawsuit.

And then, all the [inaudible] documents and communications between EcoHealth Alliance and its subsidiaries, affiliated institutions and individuals, and there are some real long lists, lots of Jane and John Does number one to a hundred but the Congress has provided us with— some of them I knew about. Some of them I have high suspicion they were involved, but this kind of confirmed it. And then we got some new names, too. And like I said, I don't want to read the whole letter to you, but you're kind of getting the idea that Congress is going to help us get a whole bunch of this stuff that we need to go after these people.

And then all the conversations and communications between EcoHealth and its subsidiaries, institutions, etcetera with the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, that's Fauci's agency, right? And then there are all kind of requests for financial information. They also want any dealings that Eco had with the FBI, the Department of Energy, the CIA, the Office of the President of the United States, and so on.

So, you know, lists upon lists upon lists of people that were, like I said, some of them we knew about, they were on our list of targets, and then some of them are new, and some we highly suspected and this confirms that they were probably involved in it.

So anyway, all good news. I mean, I just want to maybe take a little victory lap because I think I'm entitled to it, I think Make Americans Free Again is.

I started talking about this coming out of the Wuhan Institute in August of 2020. My book, Covid Operation if you haven't read it yet, you should read it, it looks like I was a prophet, and I'm not, I just do really good, good research. But I've claimed in that book that people around the world, government agencies have been concerned about that Wuhan Institute since it opened the doors, that something sooner or later bad was going to happen there. And the partnership between the CCP and the Wuhan Institute, and, and all that, I talked about that in September of 2020 that book came out.

I was vilified, I was, I received death threats. People called me crazy. I was deplatformed. I was also right, you know?

And then we started Make Americans Free Again around that time as well, around the idea that lawsuits were going to be the key to solving this, in addition to forming tribes so that we could all survive and thrive while all this crap is going on until we get it resolved. And many of us are benefiting from having the tribes.

But we have been the leaders in this field. And nobody's calling us crazy anymore. In fact, Congress and the Department of Health and services and USAID, they're all taking actions indicating that, that we were right about all of of this.

And I don't think we'll ever know if some of this was spurred by our lawsuits. I tend to think that it was. I think that the government doesn't like being embarrassed. And I think that getting in front of this, and being proactive, we're holding hearings, we're making these people come in and talk, we're cutting off funding, I think that we've put them in a very difficult situation. And then, they have put the defendants in our lawsuits in a very difficult situation as well because I don't know how they can say, we didn't do it, when all the government agencies basically are saying that they did.

I'll report next week on a Senate report that, they're all a little bit different in what they looked at and how they arrived at their conclusions, so they're all worth paying attention to. But I'll tell you what the common denominator is. They all arrive at the same conclusion. Our government helped to pay for it. One Inspector General Report said Daszak didn't take proper precautions and he was spending the money on travel and bonuses instead of a compliance officer, and I think part of the reason for that is that a compliance officer would have shut this whole show down a long time ago, and that would have been the end of the funding.

So anyway we were right. And we did the right thing. And I guess, from my standpoint, you know, after a 3, over 3 long hard years at this, dealing with not enough funding and not enough hours in the day, feels great to have been right about it, it feels like it was worth it, I feel like we're reenergized.
373   Patrick   2023 Nov 14, 12:05pm  


A COVID-19 vaccine reckoning is coming for the DOJ over federal mandates
Miranda Devine
Published Nov. 12, 2023

The Justice Department has just posted a new jobs ad — it’s looking for eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases.

Presumably, the hiring spree is in anticipation of a surge of COVID vaccine lawsuits, as people who were forced by government mandates to take the jab, and suffered serious side effects as a result, try to extract compensation from a system that is stacked against them. ...

The recruitment drive comes on the heels of a little-noticed lawsuit filed in Louisiana last month by six vaccine-injured plaintiffs against the federal government.

The suit aims to overturn the legal immunity that pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer and Moderna enjoy on their COVID shots.

Not that any of the lawyers involved expect Big Pharma to pay up, but at least if they win, it should force Congress to reform inadequate vaccine injury compensation schemes that were instituted almost 40 years ago as an alternative to suing drug companies out of existence but that have not kept up with the times. ...

Tragic jab cases
Among the plaintiffs in the Louisiana case is Emma Burkey, who was a healthy 18-year-old Nevada high school student when she received the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine in April 2021 and suffered a devastating brain injury.

“Now, after three brain surgeries and thousands of hours of physical therapy, she struggles to walk, write, and care for herself,” says the lawsuit.

Victim advocacy group React-19, which has joined the plaintiffs, also represents Ernest Ramirez, a car wash technician in a small South Texas town who lost his only son, Ernest Jr., a healthy 16-year-old athlete who died of a heart attack five days after receiving his first Pfizer dose in April 2021.

The weeping testimony of the single father at a congressional hearing in Washington, DC, in November that year was heartrending.

“I’ve raised my boy since he was a baby,” said Ramirez. “Me and my son have never been apart. He was my best friend … We got the Pfizer vaccine because I thought it was the right thing to do. It was like playing Russian roulette. My government lied to me. They said it was safe. Now I go home to an empty house …

“I love the hell out of my country but I don’t trust my government anymore.”

Ramirez couldn’t even grieve in peace. Twitter censored the photo he posted of his son’s coffin under the caption: “My good byes to my Baby Boy” and three broken heart emojis, and GoFundMe deleted his account to raise money for the trip to Washington.
375   Patrick   2023 Nov 15, 11:58am  


💉 The Epoch Times ran an encouraging story yesterday headlined, “Congress Warned About DNA Fragments in Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wi.) and Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.), Warren Davidson (R-Oh.), and Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) held a ‘hearing’ on Monday about vaccines and vaccine safety (well, their lack of safety) that was completely ignored by Corporate Media.

After the hearing, Greene told an NTD News reporter that she favors accountability for the FDA and stripping liability protections from vaccine manufacturers — so that injured people can sue them. She made even spicier comments during the hearing.


Representative Greene ended the hearing with an impassioned plea for accountability and transparency over the vaccines, without any hyperbole calling the covid vaccine campaign ‘the worst thing that’s ever happened’:

“This is in my opinion, the worst thing that's ever happened to our country in my lifetime in the world, and the government's role cannot be denied," she said as she closed the hearing. "And I share all your sentiment as well as most Americans that are outraged and angered and continue to be angered over the fact that no one has ever been held accountable.”

It’s a start! Remember the formula required for political accountability for the jabs. No politician who was involved in promoting the mandates can now join the anti-pharma movement — not at least until enough time has passed that their positions can “evolve.” So in the short term, all the heavy lifting must be done by heterodox officials like Ron Johnson and Marjorie Greene who opposed mandates from the beginning. But as time passes, and as new unsoiled officials join Congress, political lobbying for vaccine victims will keep growing.
376   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 5:14pm  


Moderna has halted a trial of a new mRNA vaccine for young people after a suspected myocarditis case

The case, which occurred in a Phase 1 trial of Moderna's jab for the Epstein-Barr virus, will only add to the concerns around mRNA biotechnology and heart issues, particularly myocarditis.

Investigators for Moderna today halted an early-stage clinical trial for its mRNA Epstein-Barr virus vaccine in adolescents after a participant in the trial developed a suspected case of myocarditis.

The case “necessitates an immediate suspension of all dosing for ALL adolescents,” an investigator at the company that is supervising the trial for Moderna wrote, adding, “Please confirm understanding and receipt of this urgent communication.” ...

The vaccine uses essentially the same design as Moderna’s Covid shot. Both jabs include a strand of modified mRNA surrounded by a tiny fat globule called a “lipid nanoparticle,” or LNP. ...

The fact that a second, non-Covid mRNA vaccine has now been linked to a suspected case of myocarditis in an adolescent will fuel the concerns that mRNA biotechnology - at least with the current lipid nanoparticles available - is unsuitable for young people. ...

Moderna began the trial in January 2022, aiming to enroll 272 participants aged 18-30, then expanded it to “Part B” for adolescents. Anyone with a history of myocarditis was specifically excluded from participating.

Why are they pretending to give a shit about death from their products only now, after they have already murdered millions of people? Ah, perhaps they are not entirely immune from liability for their murders on this new death jab.

The entire board of directors of Moderna must be tried and hanged for crimes against humanity, ASAP.
377   Patrick   2023 Nov 16, 7:56pm  

Not good enough.

Everyone who mandated that that toxic slime be injected into US soldiers must be hanged.
378   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 11:09am  


💉 Finally, let’s discuss one of the best, but least-well-known weapons for change: the Heisenberg Effect (that’s what I call it). To frame the conversation, we begin with this week’s exciting New York Post article headlined, ‘A COVID-19 vaccine reckoning is coming for the DOJ over federal mandates.”

The news was the DOJ posted a new job listing seeking eight new attorneys to defend the federal government in vaccine injury cases. “The office is currently expanding to address workload created by an increase in cases filed under the Vaccine Act,” said the ad, posted by the Torts Branch of the DOJ on the government’s USAJobs website.

I wonder what makes them think there will be more vaccine cases? Haha, just kidding. A rhetorical question.

The article’s author, Miranda Devine, speculated the DOJ’s new job listing suggests that the government foresees a tsunami of vaccine lawsuits. She’s partly right, and there’s a big part that she doesn’t know about. Let me give you a little insider background.

For good reasons, I don’t usually blog about my cases, but I do occasionally make an exception. My firm is currently preparing a major case challenging the Constitutionality of the PREP Act — the federal statute that shields Pfizer and Moderna from liability for their defective vaccine products. We have already submitted FOIA’s to the federal government in preparation for that lawsuit.

The Post’s article also mentioned ICANN’s similar, recently-filed lawsuit, not coincidentally making the same legal arguments. Like our pending suit, ICANN’s also challenges the Constitutionality of the PREP Act, and seeks to strip off vaccine manufacturers’ liability shields. If we succeed, it would then allow the real tsunami of lawsuits, comparable perhaps to the scale of the tobacco cases, or maybe even bigger than that.

ICANN’s and our theories are both generally based on the argument that the PREP Act takes Americans’ property — their right to sue for being injured by a defective product — and gives them something in exchange that is not adequate compensation. What the government offered instead of a lawsuit is the right to file a claim with the PREP Act’s Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (the CICP).

Back when it was passed, the PREP Act was sold to legislators and Americans with the promise that, for vaccine-injured Americans, the CICP would be great. It would be even easier and faster and more efficient than a lawsuit. Injured Americans wouldn’t even need lawyers, they said. A crack squad of white-coated experts would rapidly review and approve all valid claims, they said. Whereas lawsuits often take years, they said, CICP claims could be processed and paid in a few weeks. Or at most, a few months.

You can guess what really happened.

The CICP is an absolute failure. It’s a horrifying nightmare of bureaucratic incompetence. I would tell you it blew up on the launch pad, but the truth is there was never even a rocket to start with.

As the Post’s article explained, as of October 2023, only six covid vaccine claims have been paid out under the CICP, despite there being over a million VAERS reports of adverse events — each of which conceivably could be fully or partially compensable under the CICP (as the program was originally advertised). Worse, the six claims that were approved only received an average of $2,148 each. That’s almost less than a lawsuit’s filing fee. It’s about three hours of attorney time. It’s much less than what insurance companies are will pay for “nuisance value” these days.

More pointedly, $2,148 is less than one month of the cost of treatment for post-vaccine syndrome. It’s not just a joke. It’s a horrible joke.

In the history of the CICP, only 72 claims total (for all vaccines) have ever been paid. It’s an unaccountable, humanity-destroying system designed to fail. And also not surprisingly, after all these years, and all the controversy, the CICP remains shrouded in secrecy. Who are the white-coated experts who are (not) approving compensation claims? It’s a secret! How many experts are there? Nobody knows! How many full-time employees does the CICP department have, to process all these covid vaccine claims? It’s a mystery!

A bloody, bureaucratic mystery neatly-wrapped in a red-taped riddle.

But we are ripping the red tape off that riddle. Our FOIA was a shot across the federal government’s bow. We requested answers to all those questions. What I expect to see, whenever we finally get them, is that the CICP is woefully, disgracefully understaffed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has only one lawyer and a couple assistants.

They coerced hundreds of millions of Americans into taking experimental countermeasure shots and never staffed up the injury compensation program.

We expect to find conclusive evidence that the CICP is not faster than a lawsuit. It’s not easier. It’s not more fair. It doesn’t produce better results than litigation. And now that we’re asking these questions, the government has realized its error. They forgot to cover their tracks. They should have massively staffed-up the CICP in 2020. But they missed it.

The DOJ’s belated advertisement for 8 new lawyers is the government’s first knee-jerk response to our FOIA and ICANN’s lawsuit. They are panicking and trying to ‘fix’ the obvious problem that the CICP is a heartless, massively-understaffed joke, a sham of a pretext, a meritless idea of an agency, and definitely not adequate compensation for taking away citizens’ right to sue vaccine manufacturers.

In other words, the government is going to try to moot our lawsuits by preemptively “fixing” all the problems. It won’t work. The system was designed to fail, and we now have twenty years of evidence to prove it.
379   GNL   2023 Nov 17, 1:07pm  

8 lawyers will be enough to handle an avalanche of new cases? Really? Maybe they aren't really expecting an avalanche?
380   GNL   2023 Nov 17, 1:08pm  

So the lawsuits win, then what, extract money from a company that's bankrupt? The absconders already absconded with all there was to abscond.
381   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 1:36pm  

It's a step towards the hangings.
382   Shaman   2023 Nov 17, 2:35pm  

The government is also liable since it imposed vaccine mandates.
383   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 2:36pm  

Yes, absolutely. Those members of the government who imposed vaccine mandates committed a crime against humanity.
384   GNL   2023 Nov 17, 5:16pm  

Shaman says

The government is also liable since it imposed vaccine mandates.

Can't sue the Federal government, correct?
385   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 5:21pm  

You can sue the federal government:


If you or a family member have suffered a serious personal injury as a result of the negligence of a government employee or agency, you may ask, “can I sue the United States government?” The answer is yes, you may be able to bring a claim against the U.S. government and receive compensation for your losses.
386   GNL   2023 Nov 17, 5:52pm  

Only for serious personal injuries?
387   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 6:50pm  

388   GNL   2023 Nov 17, 7:36pm  

We need a class action suit against the federal government for all harms done to Americans by illegals.
390   Patrick   2023 Nov 18, 5:33pm  

The people who put up this page must be tried and hanged for their criminal abuse of authority with intent to murder children:

391   Patrick   2023 Nov 18, 7:50pm  

Patrick says

Why are they pretending to give a shit about death from their products only now, after they have already murdered millions of people? Ah, perhaps they are not entirely immune from liability for their murders on this new death jab.

Dr. Alexander has a good point. Given that this mRNA jab is suspended for being unsafe, how can the other mRNA jabs still be on the market under EUA?

393   Patrick   2023 Nov 22, 1:55pm  


Covid vaccines have failed beyond any worst case scenario that I previously could have imagined. They are far more disastrous than thalidomide, Vioxx, or diethylstilbestrol (DES) because they reach so many more people. Covid shots are the worst medical product in human history. Anyone injecting Covid shots is a criminal and anyone receiving them is engaged in self-harm.

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