Law quietly changed to extend EUA and protect Pfizer from liability for the mass murder committed with its vaxx

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2023 Feb 1, 9:44pm   119 views  1 comment

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Uh Oh. EUA law just changed with that omnibus spending bill from December that no one read
Congress never disappoints. Expect the worst and you will never be mistaken.

"CNN pointed out that fortunately, most insurance covers vaccination, and the FDA’s emergency use authorizations will not end with the state of emergency, thanks in part to some nifty language quietly slid into the multi-trillion-dollar spending package passed in December."

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1   Patrick   2023 Jun 16, 1:50pm  

‘Unavoidably Unsafe’:
Reveals the Untold Truth Why Vaccines Have Liability Protections

After getting sued heavily for the DTP vaccine, Wyeth (now Pfizer) went to the Reagan White House and demanded liability protections with the threat of getting out of the vaccine business.

President Reagan asked Wyeth why they couldn’t make safer vaccines.

And Wyeth answered that they couldn’t because vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe.” And that phrase, “unavoidably unsafe,” is in the preamble of the VICP statute.

“And so, anybody who tells you vaccines are safe and effective, the industry itself got immunity from liability by convincing the President and Congress that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe,” denoted @RobertKennedyJr

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