Trump not guilty of Rape, but guilty of sexual harassment in Looney Left Woman case

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2023 May 9, 12:42pm   664 views  22 comments

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Kaplan told jurors that the first question on the verdict form was to decide whether they think there is more than a 50% chance that Trump raped Carroll inside a store dressing room. If they answered yes, they would then decide whether compensatory and punitive damages should be awarded.

If they answered no on the rape question, they could then decide if Trump subjected her to lesser forms of assault involving sexual contact without her consent or forcible touching to degrade her or gratify his sexual desire. If they answered yes on either of those questions, they will decide if damages are appropriate.

On defamation claims stemming from a statement Trump made on social media last October, Kaplan said jurors needed to be guided by a higher legal standard — clear and convincing evidence.

He said they would have to agree it was “highly probable” that Trump’s statement was false and was made maliciously with deliberate intent to injure or out of hatred or ill will with reckless disregard for Carroll’s rights.

Will be overturned on appeal. The Left is jerking off right now.

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1   HeadSet   2023 May 9, 12:49pm  

Banana Republic
2   Tenpoundbass   2023 May 9, 12:52pm  

They slandered Trump with Bill Clinton's rape on Juanita Broderick. .
3   Shaman   2023 May 9, 12:55pm  

New Yorkers hate trump. That is all you need to know.
4   RayAmerica   2023 May 9, 1:21pm  

Trump Rape Accuser’s 2012 Facebook Post Jokes about Having Sex w/ Him

'Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000?'

(But, but, but, she was sooooo traumatized by Trump that it ruined her life)

(Jacob Bruns, Headline USA) Former President Donald Trump’s rape accuser, E. Jean Carroll, has a disturbing history of sexual posts on Facebook, particularly regarding Trump himself, the National Pulse reported.

Among Carroll’s recently discovered posts is one that jocularly asked a hypothetical question about having sex with the former president.

“Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000?” she asked in 2012, roughly 16 years after she claims to have endured such a trauma herself.

“(Even if you could A) give the money to Charity? B) Close your eyes? And he’s not allowed to speak?)” she added.
5   Eric Holder   2023 May 9, 1:29pm  

6   Onvacation   2023 May 9, 2:19pm  

Statute of limitations???
7   Onvacation   2023 May 9, 2:21pm  

Carroll says

“Would you have sex with Donald Trump for $17,000?”

Obviously a whore negotiating price.
8   komputodo   2023 May 9, 2:56pm  

Onvacation says

Statute of limitations???

9   Ceffer   2023 May 9, 3:33pm  

AmericanKulak says

Will be overturned on appeal. The Left is jerking off right now.

Yup, just their masturbation and headline fantasy. Crooked judge did their job.
10   mell   2023 May 9, 5:42pm  

11   REpro   2023 May 9, 6:29pm  

Medieval time justice:

Not guilty? No problem.
We will torture you to the point until you confess.
13   AmericanKulak   2023 May 9, 10:24pm  

"E. Jean is not my lover" Song:

14   clambo   2023 May 10, 5:01am  

Trump was railroaded again by some unfuckable hag.
1996? Give me a break.
I was remembering Carnal Knowledge and Jack Nicholson having a slideshow of girls he had gotten.
He showed one and said "I can't remember her name."
This is all absolute bullshit because the Democrats fear Trump so much.
Edit: she didn't know the year it was supposed to have happened.
15   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2023 May 10, 6:47am  

i’m even more convinced that our legal system is a joke, and sham.
16   richwicks   2023 May 10, 7:51am  

FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden says

i’m even more convinced that our legal system is a joke, and sham.

Oh pshaw, you're being too negative. Our legal system isn't a sham, or a joke.

17   rocketjoe79   2023 May 10, 10:25am  

Also, they changed the law specifically to prosecute Trump.
18   HeadSet   2023 May 10, 1:00pm  

rocketjoe79 says

Also, they changed the law specifically to prosecute Trump.

I thought they could only prosecute with the laws in place at the time. Silly me.
19   RayAmerica   2023 May 10, 1:26pm  

Internationalist elitist that wears the Magic Underwear of his Lucifer Cult speaks:

Romney reacts to Trump verdict: 'He just is not suited to be president'

Recall the two POTUS elections of Obama; the 'choice' was between him and the Neo-Con globalist and Israeli lackey John McCain and then the elitist, RINO, East Coast Establishment Romney. This is the way it is with most POTUS elections. In most cases, whoever wins is going to do the work of the Establishment. Trump (and Andrew Jackson of 1824) are the rare exceptions, precisely why they were opposed so vehemently by the people that are really pulling the levers from behind the curtain.
20   KgK one   2023 May 10, 9:02pm  

Women need to stop fake accusing for rape n sexual harassment. Reduces seriousness of real ones.

How the fk can you really distinguish asking girl out n harassment. Each girl is different , hope they agree on rules n don't fk over men's lives.

Marriage rate is low, it will be even.lower if this keeps happening
21   richwicks   2023 May 11, 12:54am  

HeadSet says

rocketjoe79 says

Also, they changed the law specifically to prosecute Trump.

I thought they could only prosecute with the laws in place at the time. Silly me.

They didn't retroactively change the law. If Trump broke the law (and I doubt he did), he broke the law at that time. They modified the law to extend the statue of limitations, they've done this repeatedly to convict child rapists before. Nobody complained about that, and they shouldn't.
22   Onvacation   2023 May 17, 11:52am  

She had no evidence, no witnesses, and no proof that Trump assaulted her. She does, however, think rape is sexy.

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