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2023 Jul 1, 9:33am   1,010 views  24 comments

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NYC's descent into hell under extreme leftism deserves its own post.

To begin:


DC Enquirer “New York City Installs Vending Machines That Dispense Crack Pipes, Narcan As City’s Drug Crisis Worsens.”

Crack Pipe Dealer Eric Adams

The story is that, in order to combat rising public drug use in the City, officials in New York City installed this week brand new, state-of-the-art vending machines offering such spectacular wares as crack pipes, lip balm, and the anti-overdose drug Narcan — all for the convenience of New York City drug addicts who can’t be bothered to go down to one of the City’s many social services offices.

I mean, who can blame them? A trip to the social services office can take hours out of a drug addict’s busy day of panhandling, tripping, and shoplifting.

According to the story, business at the vending machines has been brisk, with officials having to refill inventory daily.

Plans are underway to expand the machines, such as by adding syringes and additional ways to pay — including IOU’s.

IOU’s from homeless drug addicts.

I don’t know how these brilliant City officials keep coming up with all these terrific ideas.

Next up: vending machines offering crowbars, hatchets, bricks, and fireworks for the convenience of looters and carjackers. This is your modern democrat party.

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1   Ceffer   2023 Jul 1, 10:07am  

Welcome to Zimbabwe forebrainless governance. Soros smiles. Hegelian dialectic is going to have another field day with the ooga booga warlords dancing in Times Square. Will the agents of captagon chaos shoot the door guards and climb the stairs to chase the wealthy into their locked panic rooms? The Visigoths couldn't have done it better.
2   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jul 1, 11:23am  

Are there any decently run large citities with black mayors?

NYC, SF, Chicago, LA, Baltimore, Seattle are all shitty, figuratively and literally, some moreso than others.
3   Ceffer   2023 Jul 1, 11:53am  

Return to the bush? Squalid, primitive, murderous kleptocracies, like joyous Africa? Crush the nation with the Hun? How Joseph Conrad of them.
6   zzyzzx   2023 Jul 28, 11:15am  

Patrick says

New York City Installs Vending Machines That Dispense Crack Pipes

8   clambo   2023 Jul 28, 7:56pm  

New York sucks today, except if you are looking for easy chicks.

It's similar to San Francisco in this respect.

"New York's alright until they push you in front of a subway." Fear
10   Patrick   2023 Jul 29, 12:17pm  

@zzyzzx You beat me to that one!
11   zzyzzx   2023 Jul 31, 9:22am  

Ripped off from another thread:

New York receives federal approval to charge Manhattan drivers in an attempt to reduce congestion

Under one of several tolling scenarios under consideration, drivers could be charged as much as $23 a day to enter Manhattan south of 60th Street, with the exact amount still to be decided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is overseeing the long-stalled plan.

People headed into Manhattan already pay big tolls to use many of the bridges and tunnels connecting across the Hudson, East and Harlem Rivers. The special tolls for the southern half of Manhattan would come on top of those existing charges.
16   AmericanKulak   2023 Aug 9, 7:39pm  

Patrick says

A little voice whispers in my head that this is Black Anti-Asianism.

"Little ching-chongs always giving packets of soy sauce and mustard and spoons and forks... people ought be buying fried chicken and bean pies"
17   HeadSet   2023 Aug 10, 12:12pm  

AmericanKulak says

bean pies

I never knew about bean pies, and I have sampled all the Appalachian po' people food from collards to crawdads to chitlins. Are bean pies Cajun?
18   richwicks   2023 Aug 11, 10:59pm  

HeadSet says

AmericanKulak says

bean pies

I never knew about bean pies, and I have sampled all the Appalachian po' people food from collards to crawdads to chitlins. Are bean pies Cajun?

Go do a search on any of these sites:

MetaPedia (wikipedia alternative)
Result Hunter
Searx (multiple independent search engines)
Start Page
Swiss Cows

I've never heard of it either, and I doubt I'd like it. There's tons of recipes. If you attempt to make one, ping me. I'd be mildly curious as to how it turned out.
20   Patrick   2023 Nov 3, 11:41am  

The New York Times ran the first of three eye-popping stories yesterday headlined, “U.S. Investigating Whether Adams Received Illegal Donations From Turkey.” The sub-headline ominously added, “A raid at the home of Eric Adams’s chief fund-raiser was part of an inquiry into whether foreign money was funneled into his mayoral campaign, a search warrant shows.”

To be clear, it wasn’t Adams’s house that was raided, it was his top fund-raiser. The Times reported that the FBI raid was related to a “broad public corruption investigation” into whether Adams’s 2021 campaign conspired with Turkey over illegal campaign donations.

Turkey! You probably wouldn’t assume the muslim nation was closely affiliated with New York City, but you’d be wrong. Apparently Mayor Adams loves to go there. According to the Daily News, at an event last week Adams bragged, “I think I’m on my sixth or seventh visit.” The Times said the Turkish government funded at least one of Eric’s trips, and maybe more.

The article explained that, right when Adams was jetting toward Washington to complain to White House officials about the city’s crisis-level migrant meltdown and the lack of any federal dollars for same, he heard the FBI had raided his top fund-raiser’s house in Brooklyn. So Adams promptly canceled all his D.C. meetings, turned Mayoral plane around, and flew right back to the Rotten Apple to take care of business.

We don’t know, but a legal noose of some kind seems to be slowly tightening around the Mayor’s sweaty neck. The Times reported that New York’s District Attorney Alvin Bragg — the same one prosecuting Trump — recently indicted Mayor Adams’s former senior adviser Eric Ulrich, charging him with 16 felony counts including conspiracy and bribe taking. Ulrich was also involved with Adams’s 2021 fundraising. In July, DA Bragg indicted six other folks for organizing illegal donations to Adams’s 2021 campaign.

Worse for Adams, whatever DA Bragg is up to is completely separate from yesterday’s FBI raid, which is a federal matter. So far, the setup has the classic appearance of a RICO investigation, where prosecutors roll up the conspiracy from the bottom, offering deals to lower-level participants to testify against the crooks at the top of the pyramid.

Adams is one of three top democrats in the crosshairs of criminal investigations this week. All of the investigations are democrat-run.

Why are Democrats enforcing the law against other Democrats? Don't don't they know the rules? Prosecution is just for Trump supporters, and of course for Trump whether he committed any crimes or not.
21   HeadSet   2023 Nov 3, 12:19pm  

Patrick says

Why are Democrats enforcing the law against other Democrats?

Adams is being "Al Frankened." That is, the Dems prosecute an out of favor Dem guy to justify an unwarranted attack on a Repub. Adams should not have complained about illegals in his city.
23   Patrick   2023 Nov 17, 11:05am  


Embattled New York City Mayor Eric Adams raised the stakes yesterday, informing Big Apple residents that because of the illegal migrant crisis, and because of competing laws requiring both expensive housing for migrants and also requiring the city to balance its budget, the city will soon be deleting many “services” that aren’t legally mandated.

Specifically, Mayor Adams announced a ten-percent across-the-board cut to all discretionary services, which he warned citizens would be “extremely painful.” Adams explained, “Migrant costs are going up, tax revenue growth is slowing, and COVID stimulus funding is drying up … If circumstances don’t change dramatically, city agencies will be forced to reduce city-funded spending by 5% two more times in the next six months.”

And all of this belt-tightening is occurring whilst the DOJ tails Mayor Adams everywhere in panel vans and eavesdrops on all his communications, because he got a free plane ticket or something. This week the FBI seized Adam’s phones and iPad in a dramatic showdown. But the Mayor does not seem cowed; instead he remains feisty. Firing right back, in an online press release attached to his video statement, the Mayor’s office blamed the looming services cuts on Joe Biden:

“We must balance our budget in wake of the $12 billion that we project to spend as a result of the migrant crisis. Our budget has been balanced with heavy hearts. Our administration is outraged to have to implement these cuts, which are a direct result of the lack of financial support from Washington, D.C., which is derelict in its responsibility to institute a national plan to mitigate a national crisis and has instead elected to dump its job to handle this migrant crisis upon the lap of a municipality and its mayor. A national crisis demands a national solution,” said Chief Advisor Ingrid P. Lewis-Martin.

A New York Times article about the looming cuts was even more blunt about their effect. The headline read, “Eric Adams Slashes Budgets for Police, Libraries and Schools.” Hinting at the developing blue-on-blue controversy, the sub-headline explained, “Mr. Adams said the migrant crisis made the deep budget cuts necessary. Progressive Democrats called the reductions dangerous and unnecessary.” The Times darkly warned readers the cuts will shred $1 billion from the education budget, close City libraries on Sundays, and require a hiring freeze that would reduce the number of police officers to 1980 staffing levels.

Meanwhile, the numbers of “citizens” who require services keeps increasing. Chronically-dropping school registrations increased for the first time since well before the pandemic, based almost entirely on illegal migrant children now required to be schooled by the sanctuary city.

None of the dire predictions matter. At some point, perhaps in a special referendum, New York voters must undo their sanctuary city laws. Realistically, Biden can’t bail out New York. The instant the feds send money to the City that Never Sleeps, hundreds of Texas towns would immediately sue the federal government for Equal Protection — in Texas. And Texas towns might not use the money in the same generous ways Mayor Adams would.

New Yorkers, who voted for the sanctuary laws requiring the city to buy foreign citizens swanky hotel stays, are just like the Portlanders wrestling with their goofy drug laws. New Yorkers — even the ones who don’t pay the taxes — are finally starting to feel the pain of their virtue-signaling choices. It will be a hard, expensive lesson. But the good news is, it’s only going to hurt for a long, long time.
24   Misc   2023 Nov 18, 6:06pm  

C'mon man, he's being investigated by the Feds. He should go nuclear and have his police start investigating who is responsible for deaths from the Vaxx. Conspiracy to commit murder etc. That would chill them out, but get Adams assassinated probably...still be funny.

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