Make it a felony for any elected official or government employee to knowingly lie to the public

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2023 Nov 18, 11:37am   400 views  7 comments

by Patrick   ➕follow (59)   💰tip   ignore  

Eliminate the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act which now allows the government to legally lie to us.

Why is it a felony to lie to a federal officer when that officer can lie to you with impunity?

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1   Ingrid   2023 Nov 18, 12:11pm  

this should be a given! a government should not lie to its people. But in all my years I have known very little politicians who do NOT lie! It is their profession so it seems. I had no idea there was a law allowing them to lie.
2   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Nov 18, 5:15pm  

'Knowingly' is hard to prove. Just like malicious intent is in defamation lawsuits.
3   Patrick   2023 Nov 18, 5:38pm  

@PumpingRedheads Got some better verbiage?

I would also be grateful for better wording on all of https://patrick.net/post/1303173/2017-02-19-patrick-s-platform
4   UkraineIsTotallyFucked   2023 Nov 18, 8:34pm  

I would go for just limiting sovereign immunity. If they violate your civil rights while doing their jobs, you can go after them. If they are following procedure/orders from their boss that violates your rights AND they can prove they made an effort to point out the problem to their bosses, they can skate and you can go after their bosses.

Exqmple: Ruby Ridge was probably both those situations. Waco was definitely more heavy on the first case (based upon what we now know).

Lying to you can be both bad or not a big deal. It is a very specific standard. Whereas, what I just outlined may be more preventative in results as it can apply to all sorts of situations.
5   RayAmerica   2023 Nov 19, 10:16am  

Who gets to define what a lie is, especially if that definition involves politics.
6   HeadSet   2023 Nov 19, 12:08pm  

RayAmerica says

Who gets to define what a lie is, especially if that definition involves politics.

Correct. Schiff would be excused for his lies about Trump's phone call as "parody," while Trump would be prosecuting for saying he had enough Wendy's burgers to stack to the moon.
7   Patrick   2023 Dec 6, 5:21pm  


Government is not in the truth business

Before Covid, when people would say that the government is lying, I assumed it was an exaggeration based on a difference of opinion.

Now I see the U.S. government lie constantly about a topic I know well. So I guess they were always lying and I just didn’t know enough to spot it.

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