Soros bought Drudge Report

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2024 Mar 8, 1:11am   320 views  9 comments

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1   AD   2024 Mar 8, 1:19am  

"Where is Matt Drudge" is a podcast which was featured recently on Meghan Kelly's show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTriAn0MRUg&t=3938s

So where is Matt Drudge and is still associated with Drudge Report ?

I have not seen or heard Matt Drudge in the media for a very long time , at least for the last 6 years.

Where is he ? I read in last October he was trying to sell his Miami condo.

2   zzyzzx   2024 Mar 8, 4:38am  

Which is why people stopped looking at Drudge Report a long time ago.
3   Tenpoundbass   2024 Mar 8, 7:02am  

Drudge got Trump elected, then cashed out and took the money and ran. The site lost who ever bought millions. I'm surprised they haven't shutdown yet. Liberals won't read it because the site is still Larping as a conservative outlet. Conservatives don't go there. I don't blame Matt, had he not sold it when he did, he would have certainly became the focus of the FBI to take him down. Perhaps he knew before anyone else just how oppressive and corrupt they are and the weaponization they will use against their enemies.
The fact he hasn't gone on to make another site, seems to point to his cunning ability to avoid such pitfalls. He's not a CNN host so perhaps he's not a turncoat just calculative.
4   NuttBoxer   2024 Mar 8, 7:12am  

Ever since Breitbart's murder, Drudgreport has gone downhill. Increasingly so in the past few years(when I stopped using it). Never underestimate the power of threatening someone's life or loved one...
5   DemocratsAreTotallyFucked   2024 Jun 29, 6:22pm  


Drudge Report bails on Biden:

6   Ceffer   2024 Jun 29, 7:06pm  

Who knows who fucking Jill is. She's is probably another CIA prop actress. She/It doesn't act like any natural wife or woman. Maybe she'll deliver the coup de gras if they decide to 'assassinate' Biden Actor for some false flag.
7   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 9, 10:08pm  

Drudge was on the Trump Train until just before COVID.

Did Drudge's sources tell him about COVID, and Trump didn't react the way Drudge wanted him to?

Drudge seemed not let money get to his head, was a millionaire by the end of the 90s yet kept ticking for many years after, enjoying what he did. Aside from his site, he was a private guy who lived privately.

But he did extensive travel - did he get honeypotted on one of those trips?

The two best theories IMHO are:

Trump didn't heed or comply with his advice/warning and he felt slighted (possibly re: COVID incoming)

He was busted doing something embarassing and had to toe the line afterwards.
8   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 9, 10:10pm  

There's one last interesting point that was recently made:

Drudge did a very rare interview with Alex Jones on Infowars in 2019. Not long after that interview, everything changed with him.
9   AD   2024 Jul 9, 10:41pm  

Ceffer says

Biden Actor for some false flag

Where is the actual Joe Biden ? Is he on life support in some bed down in the White House basement like in the movie Dave ?

and where is the actual Jill Biden ?

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