Trump VP Pick?

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2024 Jul 9, 5:49pm   149 views  6 comments

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1   stereotomy   2024 Jul 9, 6:19pm  

WTF is it with these piss poor cluster-B VP picks? Even Gabbard would be a better choice. Better yet, Luna (just kidding).
2   RWSGFY   2024 Jul 9, 6:23pm  

Itʼs the interwebz, duh. Anybody can post any shit.
3   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2024 Jul 11, 6:16am  

There is only one choice.

4   zzyzzx   2024 Jul 11, 6:23am  

Trump is waiting to see when / if the Dems dump Sleepy Joe and who is the replacement before picking a VP.

It would be pretty funny if Trump announced it was Chuck Norris (complete with Chuck at a rally) as a joke though.
5   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   2024 Jul 11, 7:18am  

I don’t think she would be a great pick, but Trump needs someone loyal even when things get tough. She doesn’t seem to have shied away from her manner of handling things, even under substantial pressure.

That said, I don’t think she is the VP pick of President Trump.
6   zzyzzx   2024 Jul 11, 7:49am  

Ben Carson is already 72, and I think Trump should pick someone younger than that.

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