Happy thanksgiving!

2010 Nov 23, 10:21am   1,934 views  3 comments

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I still can't believe thanksgiving is here. I guess I had to admit that this year is almost over and the winter is at right arround the corner.

So, what you guys are going to do?

Heading off to parent's house?
Traveling to somewhere with nice view?
Letting TSA guy touch your body real nice and smooth?
Going to sleep like a bear to get yourself ready for black friday?

I will be staying home. No turkey and stuffings for me. I never really liked the stupid bird anyway. I am thinking about spending few hundreds to buy headphones, keyboard and some electronic parts for my DIY projects. I am sure the wife has her own shopping list, and the budget, in that case, would still be the same. When you hear about a guy found dead in his place, strangled by headphone code, beaten by keyboard, and some electronic parts arround his body, you will know who that guy is. lol.

Happy thanksgiving.

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1   elliemae   2010 Nov 23, 1:00pm  

"So, what you guys are going to do?"

I'll be drinking a glass of wine and watching a bitch of a snowstorm. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

2   Fisk   2010 Nov 23, 1:25pm  

Flying to Hawaii (pretty nice view, I think), perhaps upon TSA encounter.
My wife has been wondering if gays can request a patdown by the staff of opposite sex, btw.
Happy thanksgiving!

3   EastCoastBubbleBoy   2013 Nov 28, 2:15am  

Just want to take a moment to wish all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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