Where in the world is Casey Kasem?
By curious2   10 comments, latest 13 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says "This next artist got her start when she was signed by Arista Records. Her mother... was a prostitute. And her father a quadrapelegic. Here she is, coming in at number 9 this week,...

Puerto Rico Munis - Sabrosa o Rancio?
By Blurtman   6 comments, latest 15 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says Viva la Independencia de Puerto Rico! End the 9 months in NY/NJ on Welfare and 3 winter months in PR gravy train.

Erdogan says borders matter
By Blurtman   2 comments, latest 49 minutes ago:
thunderlips11 says The Russians gave their answer today anyway: Sorry, Erdogan, the bear decided to smash your family business. More than 1,000 Oil Tankers in the last few days. Of course, Turkey "has no idea"...

KGB targets Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade
By Blurtman   1 comment, latest 1 hour ago:
Tenpoundbass says http://www.breitbart.com/big-g The night before the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade, New York City Black Lives Matter activists stormed Macys iconic Herald Square store wherethe parade route begins as part of their solidarity demonstration with...

Here we go again, black v white thing.
By FortWayne   #politics   19 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
SoftShell says Zimmerman found Not Guilty...

The new bubble (2015)
By FortWayne   #housing  #economics  #politics   2 comments, latest 1 hour ago:
lostand confused says Yeah up here in the frozen tundra, rentals and house prices have gone up. After this last storm , I am seriously done with cold and am looking to move to warmer...

Existing Home Sales: 2015 Report Card
By Logan Mohtashami   #Housing   31 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
Logan Mohtashami says mell says True but it can't and won't go on like this forever. No it can't but it can stay low for a lot longer than what people think if inflation stays...

Rent going to 4K, my family is crumbling, I am fucked!
By JasonM   99 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
Ironman says FortWayne says You could just live in another place where rent is not $4,000. Come on, that makes way too much sense....

Helicopter money coming
By Heraclitusstudent   2 comments, latest 2 hours ago:
Bellingham Bill says yeah no more bankshots. give it to me, I'll get it into the economy without any drama.

Happy Shitsgiving Patnet!
By JasonM   39 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
Ironman says JasonM says my ego would not let me admit how fucking wrong I was. Ahh, at least we're finally getting somewhere.. The first step in recovery is admitting you have a problem. JasonM...

Please write the White House
By Patrick   76 comments, latest 3 hours ago:
ja says Patrick says they are not ordered to make war against non-jews. show me the daily news reports of jews murdering random unarmed civilians and i'll start to worry. Granted, a Jew will punish...

Obozo won't attack ISIS oil wells because of global warming??
By lostand confused   7 comments, latest 4 hours ago:
bgamall4 says Thunderlips, you can't handle that the US armed ISIS and when we fight them we drop leaflets. You are such a pig. No offense to pigs. Go on, debunk me, arsewipe. http://www.talkmarkets.com/con

Busted: Hillary Caught Coordinating With CNN To Smear Rand Paul
By mell   #politics   posted 4 hours ago:
http://www.zerohedge.com/news/ Elise Labott, a foreign affairs reporter for CNN, is now serving a two-week suspension from the Atlanta-based global news network for posting a critical tweet of Senator Paul during the hearing. She apparently did...

President Obama Compares Syrian Refugees to Mayflower Pilgrims
By Blurtman   3 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
Blurtman says Tenpoundbass says The Mayflower Pilgrims came and subjecgated those already here. Nice analgogy Moronba. One could assume he knew exactly what he was saying.

CA union thugs want to make tax increases permanent
By lostand confused   5 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says Tenpoundbass says Liberalism and Idealism is a dangerous and expensive combination And how expensive is it Tenpound ? If you guessed in the billions - your're today's winner ! Here's the details... Taxpayers...

URGENT DEVELOPMENT -- China Joins Russia In Syria Air Raids... (Buckle Up Folks.
By indigenous   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says I hope they destroy the 50 Tons of shit Obama gave them. And get all of the ISIS thugs, that Obama warned before he bombed their Gas trucks. But only after reports Putin...

Before we were against it
By thunderlips11   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Fucking Fisk, champion of the Downtrodden.

Friends of yours Gary?
By Tenpoundbass   posted 5 hours ago:
http://www.breitbart.com/big-j The map, taken from Getty Images, accompanied a CNN Money article titled, “Beyond ISIS: 2016’s scariest geopolitical hotspots.”AfterHonestRep the error, CNN took the map downand replaced it. “Following the publication of this post and...

White House cracks down on illegal migration (to white house)
By FortWayne   #politics   1 comment, latest 5 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says You better not even point a whirly bird in the general direction the White Hoes.

Cousin marriage around the world
By Patrick   2 comments, latest 5 hours ago:
indigenous says Gary, how does this apply to the Zionists?

Laquan McDonald Shooting Video
By Blurtman   12 comments, latest 6 hours ago:
Fucked By Goats Ironman says Ironman says ......if it happened in San Antonio, that would be cool! At least you've ended the token denial that you're a racist cunt.

West Point Prof Bradford Says If You Oppose The War On Terror You Are The Enemy
By bgamall4   #politics  #economics  #humor   27 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
bgamall4 says So, Strategist, are you happy that our war on ISIS is as fake as the war on terror? http://www.talkmarkets.com/con

Undercover Reporter joins British Female Extremist Group
By thunderlips11   3 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says bgamall4 says So, again, Einstein, I have to tell you that the war on ISIS is fake. Since Russia is really killing ISIS, we upped the pressure by dropping leaflets! You dumb ass...

It's official God haters are a Religion too. Zealot much?
By Tenpoundbass   2 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
Tenpoundbass says thunderlips11 says Not playing chess is not a hobby. It becomes a hobby when you become an advocate of not playing chess.

US on the verge of war with Russia. America high on drugs tunes out.
By Blurtman   5 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says There's a fantastic opportunity to Unite all of European Civilization together against a common foe, and create one huge common market that spans the Northern Hemisphere entirely from East to West.

Let me try society's mantra ... seeing hoes doesn't make me happy
By Rin   2 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Different Strokes for Different Folks.

Send in the Lawyers: Force must be proportional
By thunderlips11   posted 7 hours ago:
When is self-defense triggered? Article 51 of the U.N. charter permits the use of force in the event of an "armed attack." However, in a 1986 case, the International Court of Justice concluded that a...

Cluster bombing civilians causes Turkey to act. Bear stew for dinner.
By Blurtman   2 comments, latest 7 hours ago:
thunderlips11 says Of course Turkey is full of shit. And so is the Torygraph, which has always been the Pro-Arab, MIC paper of record in Britain. You're talking about a country that engages in active...

8 Facts About the U.S. Program to Resettle Syrian Refugees
By marcus   30 comments, latest 8 hours ago:
gsr says marcus says Obama, for his part, said in remarks on Nov. 19 in the Philippines that the “overwhelming numbers who have been applying are children, women, families — I say it again. Are...

Clam sandwich anyone?
By Tenpoundbass   1 comment, latest 8 hours ago:
Ceffer says Pull that yeast plug out, and let the pussy breath! Better yet, sit on the roof and fire those yeast plugs at passing male chauvinist oppressors. Do we really need bread that makes...

San Diego has too much water
By debyne   posted 8 hours ago:
http://www.latimes.com/local/l Unlike other parts of California, San Diego has 99% of the water needed for normal usage. But statewide conservation mandates have applied equally to areas that have plenty of water and those that don't,...

this is weird Pat if you put an apostrophe in the title it will double post
By Tenpoundbass   1 comment, latest 9 hours ago:
Patrick says thanks for telling me about the apostrophes.

PETA to be sued for theft and murder of family dog
By lostand confused   posted 10 hours ago:
http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/201 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is being sued by a family from Virginia. The family is seeking $9 million in damages after two senior employees of PETA stole their chihuahua, and...

Home Prices & the Dow, each Inflation-Adjusted. A recent Dow day.
By ttsmyf   459 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
ttsmyf says Happy Thanksgiving & Good Luck!

Words you need to know to avoid getting fleeced by Wall Street
By Feux Follets   #investing   6 comments, latest 10 hours ago:
FortWayne says This is one awesome read.

Those Turkeys
By tovarichpeter   posted 10 hours ago:

By Strategist   posted 10 hours ago:

That pesky Iran nuclear deal again....
By BayAreaObserver   posted 13 hours ago:
A senior United Nations official in charge of the probe into Iran’s nuclear program said that he would provide a final report on the issue by next week, but warned he could not guarantee that...

Sam Harris: It sucks to sound like a Reactionary
By thunderlips11   4 comments, latest 13 hours ago:
BayAreaObserver says marcus says The change needs to come from within Islam Might I suggest Pakistan amongst the many possibilities. Muslim Atrocities In Pakistan Cause Activists To Wonder, Where's The Outrage? Pakistan is notorious for...

Could this Quran curb extremism?
By Waitup   posted 13 hours ago:
http://edition.cnn.com/2015/11 Ten years in the making, "The Study Quran" is more than a rebuttal to terrorists, said Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an Iranian-born intellectual and the book's editor-in-chief. His aim was to produce an accurate, unbiased...

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