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2011 Dec 9, 1:03am   1,173,105 views  8,824 comments

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48   Dan8267   2011 Dec 30, 7:06am  

TMAC54 says

It's a Panda !
What did you think it was ?

Until the third picture, when you start to see the black around the eyes and head, my guess was naked mole rat with missing teeth.

49   TMAC54   2011 Dec 31, 1:09am  

My thought exactly, WTF is that ?

50   elliemae   2011 Dec 31, 9:25am  

Wow, is this how teachers spend their winter vacations?

51   marcus   2011 Dec 31, 10:41am  

I save stuff when I come across ones that amuse me. People don't email me funny stuff nearly as often as they used to 14 years ago, when the internet was young.

Those are just a few from the past year or two, and took me about 10 minutes to share.

As for trying to share other things, like a point of view, I need to give up on that for a while. A New Years Resolution perhaps. But I will still be reading some of my favorites.

52   elliemae   2011 Dec 31, 2:05pm  

They were funny, I was just yanking your chain. I have an entire folder in my email full of funny stuff.

53   TMAC54   2011 Dec 31, 11:33pm  

marcus says

share other things, like a point of view

Watching your Pandas reassures me that Animals have emotions including a sense of humor. Thanx.
I first observed that prankster type behavior watching different types of parrots.
Snowball the dancing Cockatoo, on youtube proves white people aren't the only animals that can't quite keep a beat.

55   elliemae   2012 Jan 12, 1:54pm  

zzyzzx: That cat trap one is seriously funny.

56   TMAC54   2012 Jan 13, 10:32pm  

What would you change your names to ?

Pat Medoun

60   elliemae   2012 Feb 3, 1:09am  

I have several different animal varieties that I'll sell for less. Hell, I'll pay ya to take it away!

63   TMAC54   2012 Feb 12, 2:40am  


64   elliemae   2012 Feb 12, 2:56am  

With the breakup lines - the classic "It's not you, it's me..." wasn't there.

66   TPB   2012 Feb 13, 2:47am  

There's an immigrant grocer here in SoFla called Bravo, I chuckle every time I pass by their Fish display. They have "Hole Shrimp" for sale.

67   TPB   2012 Feb 13, 2:51am  

Those Break up lines translations aren't funny they are the truth.

68   elliemae   2012 Feb 13, 2:06pm  

Santorum looks like he has the matter well in-hand

72   TMAC54   2012 Feb 19, 10:41am  

Imagine if they had won !

How long til we see those prices ?

74   zzyzzx   2012 Mar 22, 1:07am  

I'm sure that we can make good use of this one:

75   Dan8267   2012 Mar 22, 4:13am  

Ah, classic Buffy from the season 4 episode 10 Hush where no one could speak through most of the story.

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