Political Humor Thread

2019 Feb 17, 4:30pm   551,998 views  23,600 comments

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23110   Ceffer   2023 Mar 17, 4:59pm  

Fake but fun? It ain't no Michael?

23111   Ceffer   2023 Mar 17, 5:04pm  

Soros Crazy Eyes Michigan Guv joins the concentration camp guard self exonerating tango line dance. Bribes and payoffs dried up, people are learning and getting pissed, Switzerland telling its useful idiots they are on their own?

23113   Ceffer   2023 Mar 17, 6:23pm  

Guess the CIA is getting close to finishing the training and masking makeup of his imposter for the public stage.

23114   Ceffer   2023 Mar 17, 7:47pm  


23127   RWSGFY   2023 Mar 18, 7:43am  

Ceffer says

This is not funny.
23130   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 10:21am  

I always seek truth from a man living a delusional lie:

23132   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:24pm  

Freedom of KommieKunt Struggle Session Subversion! Live by the unqualified pidgin diversity admissions, die by the unqualified pidgin diversity admissions! What could possibly go wrong? The only thing they are good at is porch screaming. They are just playing to their strength.


23137   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:41pm  

THis about sums it up.

23140   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:42pm  

Now guess who the enemies are?

23141   Ceffer   2023 Mar 18, 12:43pm  

Well, credit where credit is due, It wasn't really Biden Actor but the Senior Executive Service trying to start WWIII.

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