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2019 Feb 17, 4:30pm   2,846,731 views  38,907 comments

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38511   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:47am  

38512   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:47am  

38513   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:47am  

38514   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:47am  

38515   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:48am  

38516   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:48am  

38517   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:49am  

38518   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 2:49am  

38519   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 3:03am  

38521   Ceffer   2024 Jul 9, 11:35am  

Rothschild Messiahs and KMaf Nazis can't keep them tamped in Moloch's sacrificial belly? The Israelis are jumping out of the furnace and running away, blighting the account holder harvest? The 'Exodus' has a reverse gear? The Elohim need the curling smoke of human flesh in their nostrils to render their bounties to their prison camp guards.

38522   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 9, 12:03pm  

Wow, CJ Werleman is grifting for Jawa Money. The one video of about a dozen recently that isn't regurgitated Paliprop against Israel, is about EVIL MODI going after the poor Muslims in India.

Muslims are wondering why Werleman hasn't converted already

ZDS is a helluva drug.
38532   AmericanKulak   2024 Jul 10, 12:46am  

Ceffer says

How about, whenever the US debt is over 100% of GDP, Banks are forbidden from writing any new loans.

We'd never be anywhere near 100% GDP in debt with that law.
38537   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:08pm  

Nothing worse than telomeres with a hard on.

38538   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:16pm  

Mockingbird News Situation Comedy known as CNN fires propagandist chaffs due to nobody believing this shit any more. Will there be a warehouse sale of fancy suits from the waist up only with zippers on the back, smart guy owl glasses, hair spray laquer, toupee's and buckets of pancake makeup and spray on tan suitable for hi def CGI? Will the honey pots have to go back to giving blow jobs at truck stops for the CIA?

38539   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:19pm  

Wow! Two CIA actors for the price of one! Hunter's whiny, sniveling junkie voice over the intercoms will make the Secret Service beg for death? Was this supposed to improve optics, or put the nail in the Biden Actor coffin?

38540   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:24pm  

The Sabbatean Industrial Complex known as the Rothschild Messiahs and the Vatican/Jesuits are always there for us. Why is printing press scrip money called dark? It's backed by the full faith and confidence of Lucifer.

38541   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:32pm  

More pathetic Goebbels reversal lies from 'The Mask'.

38542   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 12:34pm  

Biden Actor: "If I've learned only one thing, it's don't get within five yards of Big Mike's biceps."

38545   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 2:52pm  

The handshake of my fraternity was a variation on the 'apprentice' handshake. So, how many years before I realized fraternities are Masonic recruiting operations? Guess I didn't make the cut. They were good to me, though, so I have no resentments.

38546   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 2:58pm  

More black pill anti hopium for the instant gratification crowd. Divide and conquer with a Hegelian wedge in the ranks?

38547   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 3:06pm  

Oddly enough, a repeating theme oft whispered. Justin Bieber claimed he was invited to a group of record company execs wearing masks, who were in process of mutilating a child who died in the process of being bled and was sitting upright scalped in a chair. He was offered but didn't drink the blood. He said it scared him reborn Christian.

38548   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 3:10pm  

Usually don't waste time on the bandying back and forth of atrocity porn, but this is interesting.

38549   Ceffer   2024 Jul 10, 3:13pm  

Guess that undergraduate degree in 'Crazy Conspiracy Theorizing' didn't go to waste.

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