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End Slavery Support Police

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This is the most misguided protest movement I have ever heard of. We've all seen or heard of the facts of the #1 cause of death for young Black males. That being killed by other Black males with a gun. It has been shown that a heavier police presence lowers these types of crimes. There has been plenty of ink spilled on this subject. Instead I will tell about the #1 cause of death for young Black females. That being slavery related deaths.

It is estimated that there are about 240000-325000 children that are in the sex traffic trade in the US.


It is estimated that about 40.4% are Black.


Based on census information that means about 3% of Black females between the ages of 13-17 are being sex trafficked. This is mostly done by young adult Black males. For all practical purposes they are slaves.

The average life expectancy of a female getting caught up in this is about 7 years.


Based on the average of these numbers, slightly over 8000 young Black females die each year from slavery related causes. If the CDC had a category for slavery related deaths, this would be the number 1 cause of death for young Black females. Needless to say, a statistic like this would certainly cause condemnation from most other countries in the world. Hence, we don't report it

Now the Feds do arrest a few hundred each year for sex trafficking, but mostly it is local law enforcement that is the only hope these victims have. If people were serious in their beliefs against slavery, they would be actively supporting law enforcement that puts away about 15000 pimps per year (details on how many are trafficking minors is not given), End slavery --- support police.
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Anyone that just wants to be amazed, please feel free to drive Figueroa St in Los Angeles from Gage south to about Century any Friday or Saturday night from about 10pm to 2am.

Word of caution...have a car in good working condition, don’t stop anywhere, and drive hyper defensively. The young black men drive hyper aggressively there and traffic laws are entirely disregarded. In other words if you have no stop sign and there’s a cross street with a stop sign, slow down anyway as the stop sign will be ignored.

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