Celebrity Demi Lovato comes out as pansexual

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by NDrLoR   $0.10 total tips   💰tip   follow   2021 Mar 30, 8:18am  

1   NDrLoR   2021 Mar 30, 8:19am  

She's gone down the list, but what will celebrities do for attention once they've worn out all the goofy, made up sexualities?

2   RWSGFY   2021 Mar 30, 8:34am  

NDrLoR says
"Earlier this month, Lovato hinted she would be sharing more about her sexuality."

Please don't!
3   RWSGFY   2021 Mar 30, 8:38am  

On the second thought it could be a clever move, actually. Kinda like anti-cancel vaccine.

Scott Adams declared that he's now identifies as a black person for the same reason.
4   Shaman   2021 Mar 30, 9:17am  

And I just can’t bring myself to give a fuck
5   MisdemeanorRebel   2021 Mar 30, 9:30am  

While talking about whether she wants to have children, Lovato said, “I used to. I think if anything I want to adopt. I was engaged to a man last year," she continued, referring to ex-fiancé Max Ehrich. "I totally thought I'd be married, maybe pregnant by now. And that's not the case."

6   Misc   2021 Mar 30, 10:30am  

Are goats involved?
7   mell   2021 Mar 30, 10:48am  

Misc says
Are goats involved?

No just frying pans.

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