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American journalism is officially dead. "Reporters" are now activists, overtly biased.

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The CBS scandal you may have missed because of the 60 Minutes hit job on Ron DeSantis

The news network has published an article advising major companies on ways to "fight" Republican-backed voting laws. The report’s original headline read, “3 ways companies can help fight Georgia's restrictive new voting law.” Naturally, the story itself contains several tips on how businesses can protest Georgia-style legislation.

This is not journalism. This is political advocacy, and it’s all done in service of a traditional beneficiary of the press’s ethical lapses.

Imagine, for a moment, if one of the three major networks published a story advising businesses on how to “fight” ultra-permissive abortion laws. It’d be unthinkable. Yet, here, is CBS doing exactly that sort of politicking, but for bills such as the one passed recently in Georgia.

Perhaps realizing it had strayed headfirst into political advocacy, CBS amended the report’s headline eventually, softening its tone into something decidedly less partisan.

The headline as it appears online now reads, “Activists are calling on big companies to challenge new voting laws. Here's what they're asking for.”

In a way, this is actually worse than the original. At least in the original, CBS had the guts to declare its allegiance outright. The amended version chooses instead to hide behind “activists” to push an obvious political position.

As for the report itself, it remains unchanged. It still outlines various ways in which businesses can “fight” voting laws championed by Republican legislatures. It is still just as partisan as the day it first published.

“Do not donate," the report recommends. "Activists said companies should immediately stop making donations to Barry Fleming and Michael Dugan, the Georgia Republicans who co-sponsored the voting changes."

It continues, naming and shaming major businesses such as Delta and Home Depot for donating to Fleming and Dugan.

"Ending political donations is one of the most immediately impactful steps a company can take to sway lawmakers," the article reads.

The article also says companies can help fight Georgia-style voting laws by producing ads that "help stamp out efforts nationwide to pass voting laws similar to Georgia's," including in Arizona and Texas.

"Activists say it isn't enough for companies to issue tepid public statements in defense of voting rights," the CBS report reads. "Instead, companies should launch television and social media ads that oppose efforts in Georgia, Arizona, Texas and other states considering voter restrictions."

Companies, the story continues, can also support the coercive monstrosity known as the “For the People Act."

"If passed,” the CBS report reads, “the act would create same-day and online voter registration nationwide. It would also require states to overhaul their registration systems. The act seeks to expand absentee voting, limit the states' ability to remove people from voter rolls, increase federal funds for election security and reform the redistricting process.”

Though the CBS article is several days old, you likely missed it amid the network’s other major ethical lapse, when it promoted the lie that Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis rewarded a grocery chain with an “exclusive” deal to distribute coronavirus vaccines as part of a “pay for play” scheme involving political contributions.

If you missed all of this voting law boycott business when it happened, you can be forgiven. After all, CBS’s “report” on DeSantis is possibly the worst political hit job since Dan Rather went on-air with forgeries of former President George W. Bush's National Guard service record.

It’s obviously not a great situation when one media scandal is obscured by a concurrent scandal and all by the same newsroom. If there are adults still left at CBS, now would be a good time to take back control.

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60   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 3, 11:21pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Something journalists refuse to report:

62   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   ignore (7)   2021 Jun 4, 4:10am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Something journalists refuse to report:

Nearly all the attacks on Asians are being perpetrated in large cities...NYC, SF, Atlanta, and Los Angeles...cities with massive homeless populations...by black homeless men.

I posted that on a local news article in the Facebook comments section. It got about 25 likes including several Asians. But literally zero reporting of that fact.

Another non news coverage I discovered. LA County homeless population is 65,000. City of Los Angeles homeless population is 41,000...2/3 of the total. Yet LA County is 10 million total population and city of LA is 4 million...40% of the total. If you look further, I’d bet anything that Long Beach and Santa Monica have another big chunk of the homeless. And furthermore the chronic homeless population in City of LA has exploded since 2013, coinciding with Eric Garcetti’s election as mayor.

However not one article...not one peep critical of Garcetti. Not anything in the news about City of LA’s failed policies. Garbagecetti just signed a budget with another billion dollars to throw at the homeless problem...$25k per homeless person.

WTF is going on here?!?!?!
63   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 9, 9:46pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Yet Another Media Tale -- Trump Tear-Gassed Protesters For a Church Photo Op -- Collapses

That the White House violently cleared Lafayette Park at Trump's behest was treated as unquestioned truth by most corporate media. Today it was revealed as a falsehood.

See also:

65   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 11, 6:05pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Remember how the media said Trump cleared out protesters with tear gas and rubber bullets for a Bible photo op? Yeah, turns out that never happened.
67   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 15, 12:58am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


“Nick, it’s not really journalism, is it?” Kenny continued. “They are really stenographers in a way, aren’t they? They are documenting history, but they aren’t being critical. With Trump, ultra-critical. Inflammatory in some instances.”
68   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 15, 9:22pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Austin's premier newspaper wouldn't print a description of a mass shooting suspect because he's black and it "could be harmful in perpetuating stereotypes"
69   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 15, 9:25pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Progressive Democratic operative caught red-handed stealing signed petitions to recall the San Fran school board, media silent on this particular story of voter suppression for some strange reason


Jun 14th, 2021 12:48 pm
I suppose that's one way to stop voter fraud:

Stop a vote from ever happening!

The incident took place May 30 as organizers were collecting signatures to petition for the recall of the San Francisco school board.
70   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 15, 9:26pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Here's a summary of how awful the media is in just two pictures, courtesy of Time:

71   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 15, 10:50pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


The Columbia Bugle 🇺🇸
22 Oct 2020
.@DarrenJBeattie: "We see these journalists are not even acting as meaningful journalists. What they're doing is acting as commissars & Neo-Stasi effectively in order to crush the rebellion of the American people against their corrupt ruling class."
74   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 20, 11:41pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Jun 20
Replying to @PierreKory @Kevin_McKernan
Can’t force trace tokens and digital vaccination passes unti the entire population if you can just get rid of the flu by taking a simple medicine.
75   Hircus   ignore (0)   2021 Jun 21, 9:05am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says

btw I checked, and he's been a director of BAE since 2015. Notice how they list his positions only up to 2015, excluding BAE? This article was written in 2019.

There's nothing wrong with posting his opinion and quoting him, but they NEED to CLEARLY tell readers about the HUGE conflict of interest, but instead they clearly intentionally hid it, which is what makes this clearly military industrial complex corruption.

paid propaganda outlet.
76   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 24, 3:08pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


The Hong Kong-based pro-democracy news outlet Apple Daily has been forced to shut down after a police raid last week that saw five of its executives arrested. The paper had been under increased scrutiny since last year after the arrest of its owner and Beijing critic Jimmy Lai.

Apple Daily will distribute its last print edition on Thursday. The 26-year-old tabloid will also stop publishing online from midnight June 23, and its website will no longer be accessible from Saturday.

“Thank you to all our readers, subscribers and clients and Hong Kong for 26 years of immense love and support. Here we say goodbye, take care of yourselves,” Apple Daily said in a statement.

The outlet’s demise further raises concerns about freedom of the press, freedom of expression and other rights in the former British colony, which was handed back to Beijing in 1997 and its freedoms have increasingly suffered in China’s grip.

America is halfway to this unfortunate state already.
78   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   ignore (7)   2021 Jun 25, 7:11am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

I’m genuinely surprised the CEO’s and VP’s of these media organizations…not to mention the reporters themselves….haven’t been physically assaulted. Their lies are so egregious that they ought to be considered traitors to the American people. If I was ever to meet one in real life I’d be very hard pressed not to jump on the person and just pummel away.

I’ve always wondered how these people live their lives. I know Chris Cuomo had a very public meltdown where he said he was tired of being yelled at and called a liar in punlic(not enough so to make him change though). I can’t imagine they socialize much or go out in public.

It’s very odd. Normal local media members mix with the hoi polloi. Jim Hill was a long time sports news guy in LA snd it was well known that he hung out at strip clubs, particularly Spearmint Rhino. A few others are very visible. But those guys aren’t really distorting the news. The sports writer from the LA Times for years…TJ Simmmers was an idiot, but he’d respond if you emailed him and again was a very public guy. But now, you never see LA Times reporters anywhere. They should be super visible in the South Bay where the LA Times is now located…and they aren’t. I really don’t understand how people live as hermits, but I think that’s exactly what the media members now do.
80   SumatraBosch   ignore (3)   2021 Jun 30, 6:19am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Since editors and reporters from outlets other than Fox News and OAN are criminally insane alien agents of the PRC, there is no reason not to shoot them in the face at will. Except that the courts and cops are controlled by Soros. Our only hope is that the next Jan 6 tour of the Capitol lasts for 100 years in which all reporters are dismembered and eaten by patriots' pets and Fox News and OAN take control of all media.
81   richwicks   ignore (3)   2021 Jun 30, 8:25am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

SumatraBosch says
Our only hope is that the next Jan 6 tour of the Capitol lasts for 100 years in which all reporters are dismembered and eaten by patriots' pets and Fox News and OAN take control of all media.

Are you kidding me? FOX is no better than the rest. Find that Weapons of Mass Destruction program in Iraq yet? FOX "news" claimed they did HUNDREDS of times. They are propagandists too.

Original Link

You know who is in that fucking audience? Our nation's "top journalists". The reason they are LAUGHING is because they knew damned well the weapons of mass destruction program claims of the Bush administration were bullshit - they're laughing people were naive enough to ever fucking believe them. They are professional propagandists.
82   richwicks   ignore (3)   2021 Jun 30, 10:49am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Columbia Journalism Review Abandons Neutrality – Adopts Gun-Control Advocacy


"Reporters" can no longer tell the difference between journalism and propaganda.

Of course they can.

They're not stupid, they are just propagandists, but it's not like they can be honest and just state outright they are producing propaganda. These people aren't making "mistakes", they are lying.
83   Bd6r   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 30, 11:10am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Columbia Journalism Review Abandons Neutrality – Adopts Gun-Control Advocacy

I will buy Walther PPK today because of that!
84   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 30, 12:25pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

SumatraBosch says
Since editors and reporters from outlets other than Fox News and OAN are criminally insane alien agents of the PRC, there is no reason not to shoot them in the face at will.

Why, I think AF is actually back!

Welcome back @SumatraBosch
85   Bd6r   ignore (1)   2021 Jun 30, 12:33pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says
Why, I think AF is actually back!

Welcome back @SumatraBosch

I missed refreshing jokes by AF. @SumatraBosch
86   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jul 5, 7:24pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Media Malpractice in 2021

... In theory, the news media was supposed to inform us so we could be responsible members of a democracy. In fact, the media delivers click-bait sensationalism and 20+ minutes of commercials each hour. On top of that, we have a world of information in our pockets. That was supposed to leave us better informed. Instead, we’re fed corporate propaganda and told what we “need” to buy. I’ve watched the media create the false impression that gun owners in the United States are dangerous. Those media inconsistencies are easy to find.

One obvious example is that the MSM calls a gun a “patrol rifle” or a “personal defense weapon” when a government employee carries it, but they call the same piece of plastic, aluminum, and steel an assault weapon if it is in my wife’s hands. We’re told that a gun is completely ineffective to affect government behavior, and yet the same gun is “much too dangerous” to be left in the hands of honest civilians. It seems the media, and some government officials, want it both ways.

The media’s lies extend beyond the hardware and include the nature of gun owners themselves.

Yes, the media lies to us about who owns guns in the United States. I think I know why. The media stereotyped gun owners for years. They call us old-white-rednecks, yet most new gun owners are women and minorities. For obvious political reasons, the media doesn’t want us to know what today’s gun owners look like. Times change and the media doesn’t want minority women to know that they are the fastest-growing segment of the gun-owning population. In 2020 and 2021, more minority women are curious about guns as they see their friends become gun owners and take training. That is called a preference cascade. The media lies to us so we won’t know what is possible for us. ...

Mass media pummels us with horrific images after a mass murder. They seldom show us the mass murders that were stopped by armed civilians. The media never shows us the good news to the same extent as the bad. One reason is that the media has to sell outrage to capture our attention. The truth is too dull, and outrage is the only way we will sit through 20 minutes of advertisements an hour.

The media tells us about the robbery at the convenience store. The media seldom shows us the story of the armed store clerk who chased away the two robbers late at night by himself. The media should give us a sense of proportion. Instead, the media feeds us sensationalized headlines. Each year, we defend ourselves millions of times with a firearm while dozens of us become the victim in a mass murder. You’d never know that from the media coverage. The media doesn’t want us to know that most robbers would rather run than get shot. That story doesn’t fit the biased narrative that the media is trying to sell.

Media bias against honest gun owners is fueled by both the preferences of the advertisers and by the political bias of the news editors. We can blame a failure of imagination on their part. They can’t recognize when guns save lives. Our social elites simply can’t imagine defending themselves, so they are blind to it. Self-defense never happens according to their view of the world. When it comes to personal safety, that is what they pay the private security guards at their condo to take care of. That is why their office has a security guard at the front door. If you wanted protection, then you’d do what they do and live where they live.. or so they think.

Since they can’t imagine protecting themselves, they think guns ought to be outlawed. They can’t admit that licensed gun owners who concealed carry are more law-abiding and non-violent than the police. It is outside their experience, and we might as well tell them that gun owners are from the moon.

Before we gun owners feel special, the elites don’t know people who own a pickup truck either. The news is corrupted by the personal and corporate bias of the news organizations. That would be of academic interest, except the media’s bias is getting our children killed.

The media elites ignore that mass murders usually occur where guns are banned. Mass murderers deliberately attack us where you and I are disarmed. We are disarmed in “gun-free” zones because we obey the law. From the media point of view, more disarmed civilians mean more stories of mass murder and more commercials for auto insurance. What is worse is that there were over 80 copycat murder plots after the mass murder at the high school in Columbine, Colorado.

These murderers said, in effect,
“I want to have may face and my name in the news. I want everyone to know who I was.
“I want the same multi-million dollar publicity campaign that the media gave the last mass murderer.”

and the media was only too eager to give them what they wanted.
We had to coin a new term to describe this media phenomenon; it is called “celebrity murder-suicide”. The media lies to make money and they lie to feel good about themselves, when in fact, they help drive the mass murder that gets us killed.

87   Onvacation   ignore (7)   2021 Jul 5, 7:30pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Rb6d says
Patrick says
Why, I think AF is actually back!

Welcome back @SumatraBosch

I missed refreshing jokes by AF. @SumatraBosch

AF was my hero. For a while he was one of the main drawing points of Patnet. His sense of humor was not for everyone.

We all know cannibal anarchy is coming. AF gave us good advice on nutrition and fields of fire.

Alas, nobody, not even AF, knows WHEN cannibal anarchy will arrive.
91   Patrick   ignore (1)   2021 Jul 12, 5:13pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      


Americans trust media the least, globally.

Gee, I wonder if it could have something to do with the continuous lying in American media.

Or maybe it's just the relentless and ridiculous level of partisan bias in American reporting.

Or maybe it was four years of tantrums and pants-wetting after the American people elected Trump to resist the collusion of the deep state with global corporations.

Maybe it's one of those. Or all of them.

92   FuckTheMainstreamMedia   ignore (7)   2021 Jul 12, 7:07pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

My fellow Americans are waking up.
95   FuckCCP89   ignore (6)   2021 Jul 17, 8:38pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says


They were also very concerned about "covid" spread at Trump rallies.
98   gabbar   ignore (0)   2021 Jul 21, 5:38pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag      

Patrick says

Its been a decade since we have watched any news on television.

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