Vax Death Spike

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I downloaded a csv file from the CDC


I was curious about trends so I then downloaded the last six years of death data from the cdc and concatenated it into one file. I graphed it:

It was obvious that there was quite a spike from the corona virus (Blue Gray line) when I eliminated total deaths from the chart.

At this point I was curious if some of the other causes of death had gone down so I eliminated heart disease, cancer, and covid-19.

This is when I noticed the annual winter spike from flu and pneumonia was gone in 2020-2021. I also noticed the spike in "not elsewhere classified". I zoomed in and got this:

Logic using people can see there is a problem here.

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207   Onvacation   2021 Oct 27, 9:13pm  

I heard on the radio that there has been a surge of "broken heart syndrome".
https://www.health.harvard.edu › heart-health › takotsubo-cardiomyopathy-broken-heart-syndrome
Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, also called broken-heart syndrome, is a weakening of the left ventricle that is usually the result of severe stress. Its symptoms resemble those of a heart attack, and treatment is usually the same as that for heart failure.
208   Patrick   2021 Nov 2, 3:52pm  

Someone else notes the surge in deaths after vaxxing started:

Yet as with so much else, Covid has thrown long-established journalistic norms out the window.

Even to demand more information about individual cases - much less to suggest a pattern - is to raise questions about the vaccines.

And if you are a reporter for a elite media organization, you’d best think twice before you raise questions about the vaccines. To do so to commit journalistic harakiri. If you’re a really bad boy, you may even be shut out of social media - and lose a huge portion of your audience in one fell swoop.

Newsflash, folks:


No one knows why. No one is even trying to explain why. NO ONE IS EVEN DISCUSSING THIS. And now some of the healthiest young men in the world are collapsing before our eyes.

If those cases don’t get our attention, I don’t know what will.

209   Patrick   2021 Nov 4, 12:04am  


I have to wonder if the unvaxxed are being murdered through "testing", just at a slower rate because sticking something in your nose is not as deadly as injecting into you.
210   Onvacation   2021 Nov 4, 5:57am  

Onvacation says

Here is the rare disease death count for youth aged 15 to 24:

DON"T VAX YOUR KIDS! You are not protecting them from a disease that doesn't kill healthy people and you are exposing them to deadly short term effects and unknown long term effects.

The CDC no longer updates this dataset.
211   WookieMan   2021 Nov 4, 6:44am  

Onvacation says
The CDC no longer updates this dataset.

That's why it's still EUA and not approved. I'm sure plenty of people and kids died from the polio vaccine itself, but we never hear about that because they eventually did get it right.

Fact is there's no point in kids getting this vaccine. The flu or bacterial infections are far more deadly to children. I've mentioned the story before, my neighbors normal healthy 4 year old got some bacterial infection and died. Your kid is at exponentially greater risk of other things before covid. Probably doesn't even make the top 100 of things that could kill children.
216   Onvacation   2021 Nov 10, 5:29pm  


The above graph shows the cumulative number of doses of Covid-19 vaccines administered in the United States by the week alongside the number of deaths due to symptoms signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings not elsewhere classified registered per week.

As you can see the significant steep rise and then slight drop off in the number of vaccinations and number of abormal deaths are extremely similar, suggesting the experimental Covid-19 injections are the cause of a 600% increase in abnormal death.

We know that the deaths are not due to Covid-19 as they would be classed as being so if they were, and an uptick in abnormal deaths did not follow the introduction of the alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus to the United States. The one thing that millions of people have in common since abnormal deaths began to rise against the expected average, is that millions of people have been given an experimental injection, for which there is no long term safety data to know what the consequences of that will be.
217   Onvacation   2021 Nov 10, 5:35pm  

"Rare" deaths continue at six-fold the long-term average.
218   Onvacation   2021 Nov 20, 10:42am  

The CDC is flattening the curve.

219   porkchopXpress   2021 Nov 20, 5:40pm  

ACS Risk Biomarkers Significantly Increase After mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine

The risk of developing acute coronary syndrome (ACS) significantly increased in patients after receiving mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, according to a report presented at the American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions 2021, held from November 13 to 15, 2021.

The study included 566 men and women (1:1) aged 28-97 years, who were patients in a preventive cardiology practice. All patients received a new PULS Cardiac Test 2-10 weeks after their second COVID-19 vaccine. This test result was compared with a PULS score from 3-5 months prevaccination. The PULS Cardiac Test measures multiple protein biomarkers, including hepatocyte growth factor [HGF], soluble Fas, and IL-16, and uses the results to calculate a 5-year risk score for new ACS. The PULS score increases with above-normal elevation. All participants received this test every 3-6 months for 8 years. From prevaccination to postvaccination, the levels of IL-16 increased from 35=/-20 to 82=/-75 above the norm. Soluble Fas showed an increase from 22±15 to 46=/-24 above the norm. HGF rose from 42±12 to 86±31 above the norm. As a result, the 5-year ACS PULS risk score increased from 11% to 25%. By the time the report was published, changes had persisted for 2.5 months or more after the second vaccine dose.

The study author concluded that “mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”

Here's the actual study:
220   Patrick   2021 Nov 20, 5:52pm  

Onvacation says
The CDC is flattening the curve.

Wow, looks like outright fraud to protect Pfizer and Pfauci.
221   Onvacation   2021 Nov 20, 6:09pm  

Patrick says

Wow, looks like outright fraud to protect Pfizer and Pfauci.

Or something. Maybe they are reclassifying these deaths under different categories but I don't think so.

All of the dataset downloads were pretty much in synch until the vax campaign began.
222   GNL   2021 Nov 20, 6:55pm  

Has anyone linked vax/sudden/rare deaths to a map?
223   Patrick   2021 Nov 20, 9:27pm  

That would be interesting for sure.
224   AmericanKulak   2021 Nov 20, 9:52pm  

Wife is experiencing strange things. Getting headaches, nausea, she just had her second period in 4 weeks. She's in her 40s, and double vaxxed. She's incredibly anxious and high strung.
225   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2021 Nov 21, 4:48am  

Onvacation says
All of the dataset downloads were pretty much in synch until the vax campaign began.
it's a grand experiment.
226   Hircus   2021 Nov 21, 1:24pm  

Onvacation says

This data set ended in March. This chart, from a different dat set, shows the rare deaths for all from rare diseases.

The rare deaths started spiking before the jab officially started being given out. I think Dec 14 was when they started public jabbing people, but this chart shows that Dec 4th already had elevated deaths.

Does anyone know how many people received the jab prior to the official rollout on Dec 14th? We know some people clearly got the jab early, like the people in the clinical trial.

this phase 3 moderna said 30k usa participants https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/promising-interim-results-clinical-trial-nih-moderna-covid-19-vaccine
and this pfizer phase 3 trial said 43k'ish global participants (not sure how many of those in the usa) https://www.pfizer.com/news/press-release/press-release-detail/pfizer-and-biontech-conclude-phase-3-study-covid-19-vaccine

And or course there was phase 2 trials too. I saw 8k mentioned in one of them. So maybe we can assume 60-100k usa people got the jab before Dec 14th, and the trials seemed to start in early summer.
227   Onvacation   2021 Nov 21, 1:26pm  

WineHorror1 says
Has anyone linked vax/sudden/rare deaths to a map?

I created a table with vax rates, Wuhan and rare death rates, along with overall death rates. I could not see any obvious correlations.

Some of the rows

State AllCause RareDisease FromCovid Rare% Covid% Vac%
Florida 470,924 9408 53193 2% 11% 61%
California 601,305 8824 71063 1% 12% 63%
Texas 482,156 6521 72095 1% 15% 54%
Puerto Rico 60029 1062 2721 2% 5% 74%
Vermont 11654 22 119 0% 1% 72%
Pennsylvania 283,628 5811 29708 2% 10% 62%
Ohio 261,443 5473 25679 2% 10% 53%
New York 216,261 4503 25415 2% 12% 68%
Virginia 149676 3736 12848 2% 9% 64%
Massachusetts122080 2694 13259 2% 11% 71%
New Jersey 165,451 3376 23960 2% 14% 67%
Nevada 59659 704 7695 1% 13% 54%
Mississippi 72425 325 9214 0% 13% 47%
Rhode Island 21391 43 2204 0% 10% 72%
Maine 29680 171 1036 1% 3% 72%
Connecticut 65080 640 8010 1% 12% 72%
West Virginia 44300 648 3899 1% 9% 41%
Idaho 31674 237 3265 1% 10% 45%
Wyoming 10423 10 912 0% 9% 45%
Alabama 120150 2398 14735 2% 12% 46%
Mississippi 72425 325 9214 0% 13% 47%
North Dakota 15264 10 1640 0% 11% 48%
Louisiana 103743 949 12368 1% 12% 49%
Hawaii 22868 374 686 2% 3% 61%
Alaska 9414 0 554 0% 6% 54%
South Dakota 17645 0 1974 0% 11% 54%
228   porkchopXpress   2021 Nov 21, 6:23pm  

CaptainHorsePaste says
Wife is experiencing strange things. Getting headaches, nausea, she just had her second period in 4 weeks. She's in her 40s, and double vaxxed. She's incredibly anxious and high strung.
How long ago did she get her second dose?
229   Onvacation   2021 Nov 21, 7:35pm  

sjmoca says
Honestly there seems to be no smoke here when you take that into account.


What do you think about the 600% increase in death rate that started in July, or August, or October or whenever the number spiked?

You do see the spike? Don'tcha?
230   Onvacation   2021 Nov 21, 7:39pm  

sjmoca says

Looks familiar.

This isn't about "Unknown cause of death" it's about "symptoms signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings not elsewhere classified" or "rare diseases"

And welcome to Patrick.net, if you have not been here before.
231   AmericanKulak   2021 Nov 21, 7:44pm  

porkchopexpress says
How long ago did she get her second dose?

About 6 months ago.
232   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 7:22am  

The correlation of increased "rare" deaths with the vaxx is enormous and unmistakable.
233   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 7:58am  

sjmoca says
Seems mistaken to me. There's enough information available to see this data is just showing the expected lag effect. Not saying nobody died of vaxx, but pointing to data lag as proof of a vaxx spike is erroneous.

How can you just ignore the immense increase in "rare" deaths after the vaxx rollout?
234   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 8:00am  

What are they, other than vaxx-induced deaths?

Can you summarize clearly?
235   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 8:36am  

sjmoca says
This "spike", or hook upwards in the most recent months of data of deaths with unknown causes, is always there, before the vaxx and before covid, due to data lag.

Can you generate such a graph for a year before 2020?
236   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 8:45am  

I think it needs to be earlier than 2020 to prove your point.
237   Patrick   2021 Nov 22, 9:34am  

To be clearly earlier than the vaxx's existence.

Given the unreasonably short timeframe in which the vaxx was supposedly created, and the tremendous number of lies told by Fauci and the CDC, I suspect the vaxx may have been tested on the public in early 2020.
238   Onvacation   2021 Nov 22, 11:44am  

sjmoca says

I can try.

Do you believe the vax is "safe and effective"?
239   Onvacation   2021 Nov 22, 11:47am  

And why do you suppose the CDC is no longer updating its "death by cause and age" dataset?
240   Onvacation   2021 Nov 22, 1:25pm  

sjmoca says
Happy to discuss why or why not.

Why, since multiple deaths and injuries were caused by the vax, do you think it is safe?
Why, since multiple jabs are required, do you think it is effective?
241   Onvacation   2021 Nov 22, 1:27pm  

Many here at patrick.net, including me, believe the vax is genocide and or an attempt to have CCP type social control.
242   GNL   2021 Nov 22, 2:41pm  

Onvacation says
Many here at patrick.net, including me, believe the vax is genocide and or an attempt to have CCP type social control.

These are the only 4 reasons I can come up with.
1) a conditioning program
2) depopulation
3) simply to determine who are compliant and who are trouble makers
4) part of the build back better plan for total control of the population
243   Onvacation   2021 Nov 22, 6:24pm  

sjmoca says
On a relative basis, much more deaths have happened in the unvaccinated. Based on UK data, 32x more likely to die of Covid. 2.8x more likely to have died of anything, all-in.

Link please. I'd like to see the raw data.

What you have shown here is that the unvaxxed mortality rate is a little over 2000 and a little over 3000 for all the vaxxed people.

The CDC data also seems cooked. I have seen vax rates of 150% in some of their datasets.

Your explanation of reporting lag makes sense as the last couple of weeks in the latest dataset are always low. I'll have to look closer and see where the deaths have been moved to.
244   mell   2021 Nov 22, 8:27pm  

This data is complete bullshit. Most of the kids aren't vaccinated anywhere and none of them die. If you added all the asymptomatic infected unvaxxed kids this statement would turn over on its head. They are basically taking severe cases amongst adults (aka hospitalizations) and then compare. Many unjabbed adults have comorbidities and can't take the jab. All you need to do is look at highly vaccinated states and countries and rising case, hospitalizations and deaths to see the jabs are not only dangerous, they don't work. Never has been there such a dangerous and ineffective vaccine in history, maybe the flu virus in some years when they don't get the cocktail right, could match in ineffectiveness.
245   mell   2021 Nov 22, 8:30pm  

The seroprevalence is estimated to be about around 40% now. They don't take any of those into account. The jab may lessen severity of symptoms for 4-6 months but at the expense of death and crippling for some, plus ADE plus cumulative side effects for all of those who need to keep boosting every 4-6 months.
246   Shaman   2021 Nov 22, 8:39pm  

sjmoca says
mell says
Never has been there such a dangerous and ineffective vaccine in history, maybe the flu virus in some years when they don't get the cocktail right, could match in ineffectiveness.

This idea doesn't seem remotely accurate. The vast vast majority of rising cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, are in the unvaccinated.

Thanks for the FAKE NEWS but your source is not at all credible. And the chart data is not given. My information shows that current Covid patients are mostly vaxxed in the USA, and almost all vaxxed in many other countries.
Also the death rate is rising, among vaxxed Covid patients. It is now almost double the rate of death for 2020.

What kind of vaccine increases your risk of dying by two fold?

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