New FL Surgeon General bashes Fear Mongering

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2021 Sep 22, 8:57am   990 views  15 comments

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“We’re done with fear. It’s been something that’s been, unfortunately, a centerpiece of health policy in the United States ever since the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s over here — expiration date is done,” he said.

In the same speech, Ladopo touted the importance of vaccines while acknowledging the many “good pathways” to combatting the coronavirus.

“It’s been treated almost like a religion, and that’s just senseless. There are lots of good pathways to health; vaccination is not the only one,” said Ladapo. “We support measures for good health, vaccination, losing weight, eating more fruits and vegetables.”

“We need to respect human rights,” Ladapo later asserted. “People do have autonomy over their lives. It’s not OK, it’s not virtuous, and it’s not right to just take away those rights from individuals.”

Shortly after DeSantis announced Ladopo on Tuesday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) accused the governor of “playing games with peoples’ lives.”

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2   clambo   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 6:23am  

Good for him and good for DeSantis for appointing him.
Fauci is an asshole and an idiot; there are numerous diseases which do not have vaccines and doctors can treat them still.
Actually Fauci and his ilk are beyond normal assholes; he's a control freak and a liar with delusions of grandeur like many bureaucrats in our government.
3   Shaman   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 6:32am  

Why anyone would take a “vaccine” which DOUBLES their chance of dying is really beyond my capacity to imagine.
4   Karloff   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 7:52am  

Shaman says

Why anyone would take a “vaccine” which DOUBLES their chance of dying is really beyond my capacity to imagine.

5   HeadSet   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 11:16am  

Shaman says

Why anyone would take a “vaccine” which DOUBLES their chance of dying is really beyond my capacity to imagine.

Oh yeah? Why would anyone start smoking? Because being a rebel and bad-ass fit in with peers outweighs the health risks that only happen to other smokers. Why take the jab? Because fitting in with the lefty crowd outweighs the risk of getting the "rare" side effects.
7   Ceffer   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 3:16pm  

Shaman says

Why anyone would take a “vaccine” which DOUBLES their chance of dying is really beyond my capacity to imagine.

Isn't just dying and I doubt it is merely double the chances. It is also progressive morbidity on many fronts accelerating the course of the body towards a number of unpleasant and eventually deadly outcomes.
8   Al_Sharpton_for_President   💰tip   2022 Oct 8, 3:36pm  

These types of people. They don't know shit about Fauci, but need to believe in the media's narrative about Fauci. They are then able to free themselves from the hard and painful work of having to determine what the best course of action is for themselves and their loved ones. A figure like a Fauci provides a convenient way to off-load the responsibility.

11   Patrick   💰tip   2022 Oct 11, 10:47am  

Dr. Ladapo:

I love the discussion that we've stimulated.

Isn't it great when we discuss science transparently instead of trying to cancel one another?

I'm going to respond to the more substantive critiques.

#1. "Diagnosis codes for cardiac-related deaths are imperfect."

Yes! But that is true for every subgroup we examined. Only in young men was the risk extremely high, and it was also increased in older men.

#2. "COVID test information was only available on death certificates."


We used all of our data resources-test results, vaccine records, death records-to exclude individuals who had documented COVID-19 infection, as we write in the Methods section.

#3. "The sample size is too small."

3a. Elevated cardiac risk was also found in older men, and there were thousands of deaths in this group.

3b. The total cardiac deaths meeting inclusion criteria among young men was 77, not 20, as has been going around the web.

3c. Read the references about the method!

Self-controlled case series tell us whether events (death) are occurring unusually close to an exposure (mRNA Covid vaccine), or whether their timing is due to chance.

3c cont.

Even if the sample size was half of what it is, if events cluster after an exposure, that is valuable information about causation.

Finally, is it really that hard to imagine that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines that increase myocarditis in young men by 10x, 20x, or 30x (see Karlstad et al,
JAMA Cardiology, 2022) also increase the risk of cardiac death in that age group?
Of course it's not, and we all know that.
12   Misc   💰tip   2022 Oct 12, 4:50am  

Florida should just put a tax of let's say $1 per tweet or retweet on Twitter.

That would calm them the fuck down.
14   Patrick   💰tip   2023 May 14, 5:52pm  


Dr. Joe Ladapo, Florida's Surgeon General, got the most inaccurate, disrespectful letter back from Walensky (CDC) and Califf (FDA). Now he's fired back at them.

He exposes their criminal hiding of the evidence of deaths and disabilities from the COVID shots, challenges them to respond.

15   Misc   💰tip   2023 May 18, 10:47pm  

Meaningless until charges are brought forth.

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