Psychology of vaxxers. They are accepting the state into their body, becoming one with the government

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Maybe the battle is between those who unfairly benefit from credentialism, and those who don't.

Liberals defend their credentials which allow them to exploit those who don't have the same credentials. Credentials create monopolies, the ability to set high prices regardless of quality of service. It is a way to defeat free market competition.

The funding of universities depends entirely on the demand for their degrees, which they control. Their biggest horror would be a system where anyone could take tests to prove competence in a subject without paying for the years of classes and subjecting themselves to obedience to professors.

Thatcher and Trump refused to give the automatic respect many academics feel is their due. They gave the impression that they could see right through us, an uncomfortable feeling.
- Thomas Frank

Most of academia is less about learning than about paying for a paper proof of status and conformity. Non-conformists are expelled from schools, or failed out. Most teachers do not like their authority to be questioned. Bosses like the academic proof of conformity when they hire. The most "educated" are the most obedient.

Trump was a threat to their credentials and therefore a threat to their incomes and status.

The academic elite need a reason to hate those threatening themselves, therefore they use imaginary "racism", to which there is no defense. The accusation is the conviction.

Then they don't need to worry about the real class problem, which is independent of race. They would be uncomfortable looking at class, because they'd have to look at themselves and their unearned class privileges.

So maybe their faith in the injection is faith in the "expert class" of which they are members, and they demand that the hoi polloi submit to it as an expression of the elite's power and prestige.

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565   charlie303   2023 Jan 8, 6:37am  

Switzerland slated to destroy millions of mRNA vaccine doses in 2023, as even the olds have stopped caring, and nobody in the developing world wants the surplus either

566   charlie303   2023 Jan 8, 6:47am  

BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

567   charlie303   2023 Jan 9, 4:27am  

"...the mRNA vaccines are an example for that cell & gene therapy... If we had surveyed... Would you be willing to take gene or cell therapy and inject it into your body... We would probably have had a 95% refusal rate."

Stefan Oelrich (Bayer): mRNA vaccines are Gene Therapy
570   GNL   2023 Jan 10, 5:14am  

Patrick says

Missed a great opportunity in this grid. Why not show the last one as a "Died Suddenly"?
571   richwicks   2023 Jan 10, 5:23am  

charlie303 says

BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris



They are on Rumble. Basically anybody worth listening to uses other sites than just YouTube.

original link
572   charlie303   2023 Jan 10, 6:20am  

Covid vaccines are Bio-chemical, radiological, nuclear weapons (FF to 26 mins 50 secs). Dereliction of duty by the US Govn. Subterfuge of US and International Law. Legal ramifications. Military culpability, etc.

NO DOUBT IT’S A BIOWEAPON, NOT A VACCINE – The Globalists In Plain Sight! With Sasha Latypova, Katherine Watt

573   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jan 10, 6:55am  

richwicks says

BOMBSHELL docs reveal Covid-19 COVER-UP goes straight to the top | Redacted with Clayton Morris

So we are at war with Chy-Nah?
574   Patrick   2023 Jan 10, 11:33am  


U.S. — A dispute regarding the nature of vaccination has arisen among faithful followers of The Science, and of Fauci its prophet. According to sources, some progressives say that the sacrament of vaccination is the literal body of Fauci, while others believe it is only symbolic.

"The mRNA juice we inject into our bodies to cover our COVID becomes the literal body of our Blessed Lord Fauci through a process called tranvaxstantiation," said progressive scholar Banz Tinkleman (he/him). "Whether it be Pfizer or Moderna, we can have faith that the real presence of Fauci is within the vax itself. To suggest otherwise is a damnable heresy. Why we..."

Tinkleman was unable to finish his sentence, as the left side of his face suddenly stopped working.

Several progressives, however, take issue with this view. "We vaccinate as a communal time of remembrance of Fauci and everything he's done for us," said a scholar Yix Mixley (she/her), who holds the opposing view. "We acknowledge that the spiritual presence of Fauci, blessings upon him, may be in with and under the vax, but reject tranvaxstantiation wholeheartedly."

Mixley then collapsed due to heart inflammation.

At publishing time, progressive leaders agreed to settle it through a holy war in which any heretics would be burned at the stake, but ultimately elected to just burn Portland down instead.
575   Patrick   2023 Jan 11, 4:19pm  

To change would be to admit that you were:

1. STUPID for believing them.
2. GUILTY for encouraging others to submit to the death jab.

No one wants to feel stupid and guilty, and so they find it more pleasant to just keep believing.
578   Patrick   2023 Jan 13, 5:32pm  


This story is an imaginary conversation with a missionary of Pandemism. I wanted to write an article about the formal research into the fear of contagion and the sense of disgust in humans and how “disgustology” became an integral part of the terroristic COVID fearmongering campaign. (It is really quite fascinating. For example, researchers of “disgustology” found that they could influence people’s reactions and opinions toward general concern, rule following, and anger at the non-compliant—not limited to the context of infection—by merely showing them images of ugly diseases or even by exposing them to a foul odor during the session.) A proper article about “disgustology” is on the way but here is a little Pandemism sermon demonstrating the technique.
580   Onvacation   2023 Jan 14, 1:52pm  

Protect the unprotected.
581   Patrick   2023 Jan 14, 8:12pm  


Why is it that so few of the general public still don’t smell a rat? By that I mean why do so few people realise, as Neil Oliver realised over a year ago, that we are stuck in an abusive relationship with our treasonous, lying politicians who act as puppets to their globalist overlords, e.g. Bill Gates and the WHO, Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Mark Carney and the UN and the rest of the unaccountable globalist Big Money/Big Tech cabal who are intent on coercing us into a dystopian future of (Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity testimonies) digitally-enforced serfdom, UBI-controlled penury and WEF-inspired transhumanism? These people are waging undeclared war on us. Have we the will to repel them?
583   Patrick   2023 Jan 16, 10:21pm  


The "Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" Mantra Is Hurting, Not Helping

I believe the political right's marriage to being the embodiment of "facts don't care about your feelings" has become more of a detriment than a benefit for their political objectives.

We've heard since we were children that it's not what you say but how you say it. Why is this the case? Because how you persuade people to care about your cause or consider your ideas is relevant to how you communicate them.

People are more willing to consider a bad idea in a calm & convincing tone than a great idea screamed at the top of their lungs. How you choose to communicate your ideas matters because it takes into consideration the feelings of the people who are being spoken to.

The largest problem I see with the political right is their encouraged neglect of engaging in convincing rhetoric and much of it is fueled by an anti-politically correct movement that associates mindfulness of feelings as being "left" instead of essential for persuasion.

Too often both sides play the game of doing the opposite of what the other is doing even if it's detrimental to their cause. The willful decision to downgrade the importance of emotions is why the right is terrible at combating counter-narratives that are emotionally driven.

However, the rare times when the right has leaned on the emotions of a topic, it's worked in their favor. For example, Glenn Youngkin partly won Virginia because he appealed to the emotions of parents who were concerned about their children's education & protecting them.

Youngkin didn't whip out a PowerPoint and calculator to prove how the schools are failing them and walk off the stage. He spoke to the emotional concerns of the voters, especially mothers, and he was rewarded in the end.

Facts don't care about your feelings is supposed to be a mantra that appeals to truth over fleeting emotions but we're not robots. We all have emotions & to some degree emotionally driven. Some of us tend to be more analytical but find the right topic & even they can be triggered.

Humans don't connect with stat sheets the same way they connect with experiences, stories, or real situations. The left waits for an event to occur to set forth agendas but some on the right think presenting numbers is enough to persuade people to take on your cause. It isn't.

The more you believe that facts don't care about your feelings, the more blinded you'll be about how feelings don't give a damn about your facts either.

Facts and feelings aren't supposed to be mutually exclusive, they're supposed to work in conjunction to persuade.

Politics is sales and the objective is to sell why someone should consider your political proposals & vote for your candidates or party. The right has been habitually behaving like the car salesman who only tells you about the price of the car & not the experience of driving it.

There are a plethora of emotional arguments you can make that support the right-wing perspective. For example, caring about the southern border to me is about not wanting the flourishing of human & sex trafficking well before the fiscal ramifications of unchecked immigration.

Right now it seems like the Republican strategy is to wait for the Democrats to mess up so badly that people will consider the alternative. However, that's a strategy for them to come over but not stay and their advocacy will be just as fleeting as the emotions they're fearful of.

If conservatives want to win hearts and minds, they have to actually care about appealing to the heart as well and not just the mind.

Otherwise, you'll continue to appear cold and distant to the apolitical and especially the youth.

He's right. Conservatives need to present more of a vision for how things can be.
584   Patrick   2023 Jan 16, 10:55pm  


Why do so few of the general public smell a rat?

Sadly, I sense I’m still not getting through, I assume because many people still can’t believe that our politicians could be so nefariously abusive, mendacious and evil. So here I go again, this time with a somewhat different approach, to try to persuade as many people as I can that they are being appallingly abused by gaslighting.
587   Patrick   2023 Jan 20, 10:20am  


It is a tragedy what they have done to these people.

588   Al_Sharpton_for_President   2023 Jan 20, 10:29am  

Patrick says

It is a tragedy what they have done to these people.

The air outside on the wing is cleaner.
589   mell   2023 Jan 20, 11:49am  

Patrick says


The "Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings" Mantra Is Hurting, Not Helping

I believe the political right's marriage to being the embodiment of "facts don't care about your feelings" has become more of a detriment than a benefit for their political objectives.

We've heard since we were children that it's not what you say but how you say it. Why is this the case? Because how you persuade people to care about your cause or consider your ideas is relevant to how you communicate them.

People are more willing to consider a bad idea in a calm & convincing tone than a great idea screamed at the top of their lungs. How you choose to communicate your ideas matters because it takes into consideration the feelings of the people who are bein...

This looks like bs to me. Sure, Youngkin was less abrasive than Trump, but the did make it clear that the leftoids would let pedophiles use the bathroom their kids use, have regular drag queen hours, crt galore and would not allow the parents to have any say in their children's education. He wasn't very touchy feely, just softer and well spoken. You don't give into delusions and complete denial of laws of nature by acknowledging their feelings, which is close to apologizing to leftoid retards. You can be factual and polite while firm at the same time. We don't need and can't afford any more feelz acknowledged.
590   Patrick   2023 Jan 20, 9:26pm  


Now, here’s the weirdest thing: These stories all reveal that this experimental vaccine is said to be a failure that can’t be approved by regulators or distributed in the population because it “fails to stop transmission,” so people who are vaccinated with it can still be infected and can still pass on the virus to others. See, that means it doesn’t work.

Isn’t that an interesting standard by which to evaluate a vaccine? I’m….having…vague…memories of….a time when….nope, lost it.

Also, claiming that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines for Covid-19 are failed vaccines, or not really vaccines, and making those claims on the basis of the fact that they don’t stop transmission or infection, still counts as being a mean Nazi. So definitely don’t say that. Anti-vaxxer!

If an HIV vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or infection, it doesn’t work. If a Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission or infection, it’s absolutely flawless and glorious, and you should build a statue to it and worship it as a god and stop talking to your own family if they don’t take more and more and more of it like a milkshake or bottled water.
593   Shaman   2023 Jan 21, 5:59pm  

Still? That’s some wicked psyops to keep such a strong effect so long into this!
CraZy. People
Are sheep!
594   HeadSet   2023 Jan 21, 6:35pm  

Patrick says


Because the first question is clearly about Covid masking, and the second questions will be interpreted as an abortion issue.
595   Patrick   2023 Jan 21, 11:13pm  


With Every Sudden Death the Pro Jab Crowd is Playing Defense
"The emotions of the grieving do not outweigh the urgency of identifying the potential murderer at large"

It seems that even the most rabid pro-vaxxers are starting to have to encounter the question of whether the sudden deaths of people could be in some way related to Covid jabs they presumably and sometimes definitely took. ...
599   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 3:22pm  


“scared witless” is a phrase for a reason.

fear and panic, yours and others, change everything. fear alone is enough to shut down rational faculties. group level panic and the social pressures of herd following behaviors blow this into the stratosphere.

suddenly, no matter how smart you were 5 minutes ago, you’re now a blithering idiot.

suddenly, no matter how independent you thought you were, the lightning flashes, the sky tears open in thunder, and before you know it you’re just another panicked sheep in the herd stampeded by the storm.

all these things you prized about yourself are gone. it’s like one of those nightmare dreams where you remember you have an exam in a class you never read the books for.

your functional final comes and oopsie

... i believed i would be brave and free thinking and rational. but i wasn’t.

and i suspect it’s why so many “smart people” are struggling to adapt to the world post panicpalooza.

this is bitter pill to take.

"i was too afraid to buck peer pressure" feels like weakness.

rational people can admit they were wrong. but admitting you chickened out and surged with the sheep when you self identify as a "free thinker" is more fundamental.

it poses a more intrinsic threat to self image and self-regard.

it’s a form of narcissistic blow to the idea that you are self-governing. it makes you wonder if you can trust yourself.

and it makes you feel like a coward, the admission of which is very hard. being wrong is just a failure of an idea.

being scared stupid feels like a personal failing.

it's why so few want to face it especially if they acted badly, treated others poorly, engaged in or advocated their mistreatment, or hectored and harangued others out of misbegotten terror tyranny.

people will go to great lengths to not remember it that way. it’s just too damaging. whole memories get revised and whole paradigms of thought get overturned.

i suspect most people are going to be OK, but the amount of copium going around in the “intellectual” class is jarring.

"i was wrong because i was smart and brave and the people who wound up right were lucky and craven" is the most self-defeating form of rationalization.

it's not only the coward claiming they were the lion but calling the actual lions simps.

mostly, i suspect they are not mad about being wrong and endlessly touchy because some others were right.

mostly, i suspect they are mad at themselves because deep down in the scratchy dark dissonance of their subconscious, they know that they wound up on the team they did not want to and they do not like this about themselves.

and that one hurts.

... these outcomes seem especially galling for the self styled “smart” people. they look at those they deem their inferiors and say “how did you outperform me time and time again lo these three long years?” and the answer is simple:

because this was not a test of pure intellectual horsepower. few of the ones that matter are.

a panicked 99th percentiler can be easily out thought by a middle of the pack player who has retained rationality and independence, especially in times when the pack is being urged to self-harm. ...

i have all the sympathy in the world for those who are changing their minds and saying "i was wrong" and "i panicked" and "i failed the milgram and asch and stanford experiments."

that shows capacity to grow and it’s a demanding road.

and this was a seriously hard test with a low pass rate.


(people like Scott Adams) have not "joined team rationality." they have just found new means to rationalize not doing so and are just once more caving to dominant social pressure.

they are not following the data, they are following the crowd.

everyone changed jerseys and so they are doing so as well.

keep your eye on them.

they'll change back the minute the next thing frightens them.
600   Patrick   2023 Jan 23, 4:37pm  


The Left-Wing Identity Crisis
Twitter’s open discourse a catalyst for mass public-awakening ...

There is a seismic shift happening amongst the normies. There is a growing resistance to MSM narratives in mainstream and Left-wing circles, particularly on Twitter, which has huge influence that bleeds into all the other platforms as well.

The accumulation of irregularities in the MSM narratives, are taking their toll on the sheep. The current combination of the Biden Docs scandal, the jabs not being “safe and effective” as promised, and the growing body of evidence that C19 was human engineered; has caused a sort of identity crisis amongst the Left.

Their entire personas revolved around masks, covid vaccines, and Trump being a criminal. Now they are being forced to rationalize that the “anti-vaxxers” and “conspiracy theorists” were right, and turns out Biden and the DNC are criminals. The pillars of their identity are slowly being proven to be a farce, and it’s breaking the cohesion of the Left and their followers. ...

This result is largely due to the public conversation being had, made possible by Elon freeing Twitter of Left-wing algorithm and bot manipulation. The normies are no longer shielded from public discourse like they were before. The comment sections are flooded with counter-arguments to MSM lies. Conservative voices are seeing increased exposure due to no longer being shadow-banned, and it’s making dividends in public perception. ...

Some opted to fight, lashing out as a defense mechanism in response to their fear, amplifying the severity of their hatred for the Conservatives, creating more bulletin-board material for the Right.

In conclusion, Elon’s intervention into Twitter’s nefarious criminal activity not only exposed unprecedented levels of corruption within the government and private enterprise; it paved the way for truth and logic to reign supreme via public discourse, which resulted in a consistent stream of organic mass normie-waking, followed by the current watershed of awakening.

This outcome is what Elon means when he preaches “Vox Populi, Vox Dei” (The voice of the People, is the voice God). Allow the People to speak freely, and truth will out. The plan is working.

I'd like to think so, but I don't believe that the left is really changing.
601   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 9:03am  


The same could be said of all of these tropes: Does anyone believe them anymore? This is not news. It is a last-gasp attempt to squeeze more juice out of a dehydrated lemon. These messages were potent fear generators two years ago. But with each use, the charge becomes weaker.

The script has worn itself out. These tropes are now tired and ineffective. The fear-pushers seem unaware that the message has lost its effect, but do not have anything else to offer. The tell is not that they publish articles like this. It is how much these pieces show that they don’t know that the game is over and they have lost.
602   Patrick   2023 Jan 24, 2:23pm  


Most of the species fell for it. They believed everything, and went into deep panic. Many still haven’t come out. To this day you see people driving alone wearing masks, which they’ll no doubt continue wearing until enough plastic fibres seep into their lung tissue from their life-saving facial filters that they die from COPD. Most have come to their senses somewhat, but they still lined up in droves to get their armful of magic science juice.

The consequences of that mass experiment in horizontal gene transfer are still being worked out. They don’t look good. The hideous implications are beginning to dawn on the globalists’ experimental subjects, and the mood is turning ugly. As well it should.

Meanwhile, those who were most vocal in their support for injecting the entire human species with a novel genetic potion, who demanded this be done whether people wanted it or not because omigod there’s a virus won’t someone please think of the old people! are having their psyches shattered in real time by cogdis slamming like a pickaxe through their self-image as the smartest good little boys and girls in the room, and the nasty reality that they were wrong, about everything ... while those awful, ultra-extreme-alt-right-wing QAnon conspiracy theory-believing malinformation-spreading hate-speaking sexist misogynist racist homophobic epistemological terrorists were, well. You know. Correct. ...

Having passed through this purifying inferno, you now know your inner strength of spirit with certainty. Before this, you might have suspected, or hoped, that your soul would be made of such an adamantine alloy, but you couldn’t know.

Now you do.

Perhaps we should thank the tyrants for stealing these years from our lives; after all, they made us what we are now. Personally, I think we should thank them with gibbets and gallows, but I’m old school that way.

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