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And the frantic roll back continues.

By Al_Sharpton_for_President follow Al_Sharpton_for_President   2021 Dec 29, 9:38am 1,887 views   125 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share      

Trump-B-Gone turning into Biden/Dem-B-Gone. Abort! Abort!

Why CDC doesn't require testing at end of isolation: Director

The newly updated CDC guidelines don't require testing at the end of isolation because PCR tests can stay positive for up to 12 weeks, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky told "Good Morning America" Wednesday.

"So we would have people in isolation for a very long time if we were relying on PCRs," Walensky said.

"This means that for the past 21 months, people sat home for extra days and weeks because their test came back with an irrelevant positive. We didn’t know this 6, 12, 18 months ago? Really?"

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86   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 16, 5:12pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Cruise ships are no longer required to abide by a series of COVID-19 safety restrictions issued last year by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which expired on Jan. 15, allowing cruise lines discretion in applying the protocols.

The CDC has announced the expiration of its Temporary Extension and Modification of Framework for Conditional Sailing Order (CSO), a set of mandatory rules for foreign-flagged cruise ships operating in U.S. waters, including strict protocols on vaccination, testing, and mask-wearing.

“After the expiration of the Temporary Extension & Modification of the CSO, CDC intends to transition to a voluntary program, in coordination with cruise ship operators and other stakeholders, to assist the cruise ship industry to detect, mitigate, and control the spread of COVID-19 onboard cruise ships,” the CDC said in a statement.

This is good, because these protocols were pseuo-science, worse than ineffective, designed solely to increase profits for Pfizer.

Vaxxing makes you MORE likely to get the virus, but it profitable.
The testing is wildly unreliable, as has been known for almost two years now.
Masks literally do nothing at all to slow the virus, and serve only to maintain fear so the people will submit to the dangerous injection.
87   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 16, 9:36pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

MIT scientist's warning for parents about the COVID vaccine
Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist with MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, said the possible benefits for children from the coronavirus vaccine are minimal. The rapid movement of these vaccines through controlled trials and into mass deployment raises multiple safety concerns, she said.
92   RedStar   ignore (0)   2022 Jan 17, 8:42pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says

It makes me sad that probably half the people on the internet wouldn't even understand the true depth of this meme.
93   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 17, 9:42pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I remember at the University of Michigan being amazing that "The Great Soviet Encyclopedia" in the library was receiving regular updates from the Soviet Union on which articles to remove and replace in the encyclopedia. I think the librarians did keep the old articles though.
94   HeadSet   ignore (3)   2022 Jan 18, 5:43am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says
"The Great Soviet Encyclopedia"

I remember reading the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia" back in the day. It was very objective when it came to science, giving credit to Americans for discoveries and accomplishments. For industry and politics however, it was like watching CNN.
95   FuckCCP89   ignore (5)   2022 Jan 18, 7:45am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says
I remember at the University of Michigan being amazing that "The Great Soviet Encyclopedia" in the library was receiving regular updates from the Soviet Union on which articles to remove and replace in the encyclopedia. I think the librarians did keep the old articles though.

Wait, how do you replace a single article an a book?
96   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 18, 10:49am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

They would send pages to replace. So the librarians were supposed to cut out certain pages and paste or tape in their replacements.
97   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 18, 10:49am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Major CNN host actually questions the Wuhan Virus narrative.
98   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 18, 11:51am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Former Bay Area Lockdown Guru: "OK Everybody Please Stop Locking Down Now"
"It's time to start living again," says Zero Covid thinkfluencer Tomas Pueyo

Erstwhile Zero Covidian Tomas Pueyo, whose viral Medium essays drove lockdown policies across the world, wants everyone to stop locking down now.
99   charlie303   ignore (0)   2022 Jan 18, 12:17pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says

Major CNN host actually questions the Wuhan Virus narrative.

I've known this for well over 12 months so it's hard to believe that main stream media people have not known it too.
Are they really that stupid (maybe yes) or are they being told to change the narrative for some reason?
(eg remove Biden before mid terms or because the patriots are about to break out into the open)

100   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 18, 12:47pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Slow the Spread? Speeding It May Be Safer - WSJ

Jan. 10, 2022 6:31 pm ET

The Omicron variant is spreading across the globe, but so far the strain appears to be less deadly than its predecessors. That’s good news, but here’s a risk that policy makers in every country should appreciate: Policies designed to slow the spread of Omicron may end up creating a supervariant that is more infectious, more virulent and more resistant to vaccines. That would be a man-made disaster.

To minimize that risk, policy makers must tolerate the rapid spread of milder variants. This will require difficult trade-offs, but it will save lives in the long run. We should end mask mandates and social distancing in most settings not because they don’t slow the spread—the usual argument against such measures—but because they probably do.
101   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 19, 8:26am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Top WHO scientist finally admits that kids shouldn’t get boosted!!!! Yet the US colleges and universities aren’t going to back off. Someone is very wrong here and for once it isn’t the WHO.

Twitter avatar for @IanLyne3
Ian Lyne
Top WHO scientist Dr. @doctorsoumya says there's no evidence healthy children and adolescents need #COVID19 boosters.

102   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 19, 9:02am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

JANUARY 19, 2022
CDC Admits Cloth Masks Are Ineffective
Mask mandates are more about politics than science, but you already knew that.

Remember when Anthony Fauci declared, “There is no reason to be walking around wearing a mask”?

Nearly two years into the ChiCom Virus pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has officially changed its position on the efficacy of cloth masks, essentially admitting what many health experts (and even Fauci before he did a 180) have claimed: They have almost no preventative impact against the coronavirus.

"Almost" no preventative impact?

Wrong. Absolutely no preventative impact.
104   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 19, 11:30am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

After two years of sunk costs from COVID Mania, the U.K. surrenders in its war against a virus
Let's hope the rest of the West follows.

Jordan Schachtel
2 hr ago

In admitting de facto defeat in their war against a submicroscopic infectious particle, the United Kingdom has announced that they will soon drop all of the nation’s COVID19-related restrictions. Most notably, the U.K. is abandoning its discriminatory vaccine passport system.

Yes, the ruling class in Britain will never admit that it was all for nothing, and this is a much bigger issue than just Boris Johnson. The entire U.K. system adopted, enforced, and cheered on these restrictions.

And surely, these politicians and fraudulent “experts” will put on their best COVID-19 rain dance impression, and they will even pretend that they are to credit for the disease eventually becoming endemic. But the data doesn’t lie. Nothing worked. And every “public health measure” enforced by the U.K. government — and this includes almost every single government in the world — made matters worse. They can’t afford to admit to this massive sunk costs to their citizens

Yet every policy measure devised by “public health experts” and implemented by the government failed. Every single one. Not a soul was saved by the British government, or any government, but millions and millions were most certainly harmed by their catastrophic adoption of Wuhan-like measures to fight a virus.

Boris should still go to prison for his crimes against the British people on behalf of Pfizer profits.
105   Ceffer   ignore (6)   2022 Jan 19, 12:10pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Phucking Coonts are still phucking coonts. They need to swing for what they promulgated.
107   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 19, 5:45pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Starbucks Will No Longer Require Employees To Be Vaccinated Against COVID Or Get Tested
The move comes weeks after Starbucks employees from a Buffalo, New York, shop walked out after growing concerns for their health and safety.
108   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 19, 5:50pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Thousands of College Students Are Petitioning Against Three Universities' Booster Mandates
BY ERIN BRADY ON 1/19/22 AT 11:46 AM EST

Three prominent universities are experiencing pushback from some students as a result of COVID-19 vaccine booster mandates.

Students at Stanford University, George Mason University and Cornell University have begun petitioning against the mandate. All three universities are requiring that students receive a booster shot before returning to campus. Despite the majority of the student populations already being vaccinated, the petitions and letters claim that it should be up to the students to determine what is best for their health.

"It is unethical and immoral to exploit the vulnerability of students, who would lose so much by exercising their right of refusal, to take a medical treatment without their voluntary, informed consent," George Mason law student Robert Fellner wrote on his petition.
110   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 22, 6:36pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

The truth, reduced to a few key and essential facts, is as follows:

Covid-19 is, overall, not that deadly, and getting less deadly all the time.
Most of those who die of Covid are already unwell, often extremely unwell.
Most interventions to contain Covid, in particular lockdowns and ubiquitous masking, don’t work.
Children are nearly immune to Covid and do very little to spread it.
In terms of effect on America’s prosperity, stability, health, and mental well-being, the “cures” for Covid have been far more harmful than the disease itself.
For the past year, stating these facts could get a person banned from Facebook or shut down on YouTube and Twitter.

But now, abruptly, the Biden Administration and its mouthpieces are trying to make this the conventional wisdom. Sensing political calamity if it can’t get the country to move past Covid, what might be called the “West Wing” branch of progressivism desperately wants to adjust narratives and calm their base down, so that life (and the economy) can go back to normal.

Suddenly, all over the place, the old stalwarts of Covid hysteria are saying things that mere weeks ago constituted “misinformation” you could get censored for uttering. ...

There’s just one problem: The regime’s propaganda was too effective. Millions of loyal cattle are too traumatized to go back to their old way of life. In a recent poll conducted by The Hill, forty-two percent of registered voters and a majority of Democrats said that, regardless of advice from the CDC or other health officials, everybody should still wear masks outdoors no matter what.

What is happening right now with masks isn’t science. It’s a new cult, created through a mix of political pressure and old-fashioned terror. This cult, created almost by accident, is now too entrenched and too powerful to be turned off by the people who created it.
112   Al_Sharpton_for_President   ignore (5)   2022 Jan 23, 6:27am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

A Litany of Absurdity

Allison Pearson writing for the Telegraph recounts her anti-lockdown views from early on, and how so many people who implemented draconian policies are now running from them and their own responsibility. In the course of her column, she provides a list of absurdities imposed on the British people. This column is excerpted below.

At the end of the Second World War, Gaullists and Communists insisted that the majority of the French people had played a part in the Resistance. Actual figures for those who actively opposed the Nazis vary between 400,000 and 75,000. Something not entirely dissimilar is happening now as the Government prepares to lift Plan B restrictions next week, and fervent advocates of lockdown try to distance themselves from its dire consequences. Scientists whose mathematical models persuaded anxious ministers to impose drastic restrictions on human freedom not even seen during the Blitz are suddenly keen to emphasise that these were merely worst-case “scenarios”, not something on which you’d want to base actual policy.

Did they mention that at the time, I wonder? Or has the Eddie-the-Eagle reliability of their predictions given rise to a certain hasty revisionism? Sorry, that’s unfair. Eddie the Eagle never predicted up to 6,000 Covid deaths a day this winter (actual number: 250).

Michael Gove, the Cabinet’s most hawkish lockdown supporter, admitted last week to the 1922 Committee of Tory MPs that he was a “bedwetter” who got things badly wrong (unlike Boris) when he called for further restrictions over Christmas. Wes Streeting, the shadow Health Secretary, now says that we must never lock down again without explaining why the useless, No-opposition Opposition party not only failed to challenge any of the destructive rules, but continually called for them to be stricter.

Cracks are even opening up in the wonkish façade of the Behavioural Insights Team, the so-called Nudge Unit, which bears much of the responsibility for terrifying the British people into complying with measures so cruel that I predict future generations will refuse to believe we ever allowed them to happen. Simon Ruda, co-founder of the team, told Unherd: “In my mind, the most egregious and far-reaching mistake made in responding to the pandemic has been the level of fear willingly conveyed on the public.” Eh? It’s a bit like the kid who drops a banger in the tin of fireworks, claiming he never meant to start a fire. Honest, guv!

For those who were part of the lockdown Resistance, it is gratifying, but also oddly unbearable, to see the people who attacked us admitting that the “misinformation” we were accused of spreading 18 months ago turns out to be remarkably close to the truth. I am not a particularly rebellious person, and certainly not a brave one, but if I encounter any kind of injustice, my inner Welsh dragon starts breathing fire. I can’t help it. During the lockdowns, Idris the Pearson dragon seldom stopped fuming at the thousands of harrowing stories which readers shared with me. Like the lecturer who emailed about one of his students, a glorious young man, who fell to his death after hiding on the roof when police raided his house because a small party there breached lockdown regulations and the lad didn’t want to get into trouble. He paid with his young life for the stupid rules that were made – and repeatedly broken, as we now know – by middle-aged men in Westminster.

When the Resistance dared to suggest that some lockdown measures were disproportionate, crazy and unsupported by science, let alone common sense, we were reviled. That is no exaggeration. I regret to say your columnist was called, in no particular order, a Covid denier (I nursed my entire family through the virus), a granny killer (I didn’t see my own mother for 18 months) and a spreader of disinformation. When I protested on social media that putting padlocks on the gates of playgrounds was a terrible idea, back came a fusillade of vicious accusations: “You want people to die!”

To question the official narrative that nothing mattered except keeping people safe from Covid was heresy. Witches like me had to be burnt at the stake before we could spread our subversive ideas to all Sage-fearing people. Funny how things turn out, isn’t it? It is now widely acknowledged that the NHS was never overwhelmed (that’s why the Nightingales were shut without being used). And even those prophets of doom at the BBC finally acknowledged this week that half of “Covid deaths” since Christmas are not actually “from” Covid but “with” Covid.

That is not to deny that some of us came up with occasional wrong answers. I certainly did, although I will be proud for the rest of my life that my Planet Normal co-pilot, Liam Halligan, and I had the guts to keep asking the questions.

Admittedly, the lockdown tragedy did have its moments of unintentional comedy. Who can forget the immortal exchange between Sky News’s Kay Burley and the then Health Secretary, Matt Hancock?

Burley: “How long will the ban on casual sex last?”

Hancock [serious face]: “Sex is OK in an established relationship, but people need to be careful.”

Careful, unless you were the Secretary of State for Health, of course, in which case sex outside your established relationship was fine and dandy because, well, it was with a colleague. What No 10 would doubtless call a “work event”.

How did we listen to that bonkers, ahem, advice with a straight face?
113   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 2:29pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Facebook Oversight Reverses Hydroxychloroquine Censorship Decision

MONDAY, FEB 01, 2021 - 12:04 PM

Facebook's independent Oversight Board has ruled against the social media giant's decision to remove an October 2020 post touting hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) - the antimalarial which Democrats and their media surrogates were cautiously optimistic about until former President Trump promoted it. ...

One can't help but wonder how many lives the left's politicization of HCQ may have cost, after several studies have concluded that when taken early into a COVID-19 infection, the antimalarial has been shown to reduce mortality.
114   AmericanKulak   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 3:06pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

It's here!

"There really wasn't ENOUGH of lockdowns, which is why it didn't work"
115   AmericanKulak   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 3:07pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

This is why I find the tenor of discussion around Covid-19 restrictions genuinely bewildering. There basically aren’t any. The United States is powering through the Omicron wave with its usual enforced individualism. The hard restrictions on our activities are, for the most part, not mandated or enforced by the state, acting at the behest of liberals who refuse to go back to normal because they are addicted to panic and quarantine; the limits are imposed by the virus that isn’t going away. My kid’s school class went remote for a while because people had Covid-19. He’s back in school now even though his principal has Covid-19. As usual in the United States, the people who won the political argument are now complaining the loudest that they’re dissatisfied with the results, and, apparently, it’s all the fault of the losers.
116   AmericanKulak   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 3:13pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

"What Holodomor?"
"Ah, the Phenom Phen thing was just like after WW2, maybe a few hundred refugees died, probably from typhoid" - (Chomsky, paraphrased)
"We didn't leave the low bail and minimal sentences long enough in the 70s and 80s. Let's give it more decades."
117   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 5:32pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Patrick says
Facebook Oversight Reverses Hydroxychloroquine Censorship Decision

MONDAY, FEB 01, 2021 - 12:04 PM

I bet they felt they had to wait a year after Trump was out of office to stop censoring the truth that HCQ really does help.

How many people died because of that censorship? Quite a lot I'm sure.

I'm still anti-Trump because he keeps pushing the dangerous and obviously ineffective vaxx, but he was right to promote HCQ. Would have saved a lot of lives.
118   Misc   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 23, 5:48pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

All it takes is for one governor or one State AG to declare they are starting an inquiry into conspiracy to commit murder for withholding correct info on HCQ, and it all comes unglued quickly.
119   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 24, 5:57pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

New Czech government dismisses mandate vaccination plan

The Czech Republic’s new government has dismissed the previous government’s plan to require older adults and people in some professions to get vaccinated against the coronavirus
120   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 24, 8:23pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

What's Behind The "Live with COVID" Message?
As fast as they can, they are trying to find a rug to sweep their fascism under. Many are pathetically seeking to retain legitimacy.
122   Ceffer   ignore (6)   2022 Jan 25, 12:22pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Britain, Ireland, Cheks, Danes, Mexico. Rods of God to the Swiss Octagon in Geneva, WEF, NWO, BIS, MSM, and then go back and mop up the useful idiot apparatchiks with tribunals and nooses.
123   Booger   ignore (8)   2022 Jan 25, 4:04pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Biden’s vax-or-test mandate for businesses to be nixed by OSHA tomorrow
124   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 25, 10:04pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

This is not really a "roll back" because Belarus never fell for the bullshit that took in so many other countries.

Belarusian President advises people diagnosed with coronavirus “not to worry”.

President Alexander Lukashenko has advised people not to worry too much if they have been diagnosed with the coronavirus and urged the “international scammers” to end the pandemic.

“I would advise you not to worry. I’ve been telling you for a long time, since the first time: our illness is here, in our heads. And once you start worrying about “oh and oh” and running to hell knows where, that’s bad. Young people have nothing to fear,” Lukashenko told reporters on Friday, the presidential press service reports.

He appealed to the international organizations: “I would like to say to all these international fraudsters: enough is enough. They’ve grabbed so much into our pockets that there’s nothing left. They’ve all already undressed. This pandemic must finally end. It’s enough, they’ve tormented people enough.”

The President added that he is following the development of the coronavirus situation around the world and what various experts are saying: “One, either an American or a Western expert, said: ‘If Omicron is such a light virus, then let’s everyone will get sick and that will be the vaccine for us’. In my opinion, this is an ideal proposal,” Lukashenko said.

The president, who himself recovered from COVID-19, this time after being infected with the Omicron strain, said he may have contracted it while training with Belarusian hockey players. According to him, he feels normal now, “but my voice is a little hoarse, yesterday we had hockey practice again.”

Why do we have to look to Belarus to hear a reasonable voice now?

Ah, right, because Biden is in the White House.
125   Patrick   ignore (1)   2022 Jan 25, 10:06pm     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag

Ireland to End Most CCP Virus Restrictions, Including COVID Passport
By Lily Zhou January 21, 2022

Almost all CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus restrictions in Ireland will end on Saturday, including domestic COVID-19 Certificates, curfews, social distancing, and capacity limits.

What about the feking masks?

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