Pssssssst --- those crap job numbers on Friday aren't because of Omicron

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2022 Feb 3, 5:39am   656 views  3 comments

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They are thanks to FJB. The first round of vaxx mandate walkaways.

Thought I'd let you know cause the mainstream media won't tell ya.

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1   Patrick   2022 Feb 3, 10:40pm  

I think the mass murder of small businesses via lockdowns has a lot to do with it.

Not just the employees of those businesses, but also the laid-off employees of suppliers because there are now fewer small businesses.
2   ForcedTQ   2022 Feb 3, 10:54pm  

I wouldn’t refer to them as “walkaways.” More appropriate would be fired due to unreasonable change in condition of employment. I would imagine the vast majority of the individuals that were fired would have otherwise remained gainfully employed at their jobs, until they found something better and moved on had the compliance edict and rebel remover program not been initiated.
3   rocketjoe79   2022 Feb 4, 11:17am  

New numbers look suspiciously inflated, especially after the early looks this week. We can count on major "adjustments" in Feb-March. Biden Admin needed a shot in the arm.

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