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2022 May 8, 9:37am   20,733 views  152 comments

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Selective justice is not justice at all.

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51   Patrick   2022 Aug 27, 9:27am  

Lauren Boebert
Under Biden’s FBI, no one from Epstein’s client list has been arrested, Hunter still walks free, and we never did find out who the SCOTUS leak was - but we know what’s in Melania Trump’s closet.
57   Patrick   2022 Sep 23, 10:24am  


For people not named Trump (a key giveaway that this is all political), the city of New York assesses a value to each property for tax purposes. Nearly every property owner in NYC believes his or her assessed value is too high and pushes back, to the point where these disputes are not even handled by a court but through a tax commission grievance process. Owners want a lower value to pay less tax, except when they approach a bank for the equivalent of a refi loan, when they want their property to seem more expensive to secure a bigger loan at a better rate. It is the bank that then decides what a property is worth to them as collateral, via their own due diligence.

It’s always complicated, as much art as science. Beyond the usual valuation factors of location, location, location, some buildings in New York are iconic, or famous for their brand name (cough, cough, “Trump”), what history they represent, etc. Some just have nice views. Sometimes the bank is generous because in return for the loan they’ll secure some other business of value to them.

Over-valuing/under-valuing real estate in New York City is sport, but as a crime is so much not ado about nothing it is not going to send anyone to jail. Imagine the yawns as a jury listens to forensic accountants explain Trump’s tiered exemptions and how their value is subtracted from the DOF assessed value to calculate a taxable value which is then multiplied by the current tax rate for the specific assigned property class. Next session they’ll talk about somewhat sketchy easements Trump obtained going back to when Mayor Koch was in charge in the 1980s.

The jury will quickly discover the regulations governing how one values a New York property are dense. Built into the law is an automatic fudge allowing the same property to have both a high market value and a lower asset value. Problems are sorted out as civil matters and usually settled with the city sending out a bill, especially if the bank is not claiming fraud, only the DA, as in Trump’s case.

And in the end, what? The lawsuit seeks to permanently bar the Trump family members named from serving in officer or director positions in any corporation in New York State. The attorney general also seeks to bar the former president and the Trump Organization from entering into any New York real estate acquisitions for five years, and to take back all financial benefits obtained through the allegedly fraudulent practices, estimated to total $250 million.

None of those things, even if the suit if fully successful, is likely to have an effect on Candidate Trump, and none would prevent him from running for president. Trump merely needs to re-incorporate in another state, maybe business-friendly Florida, to restart operations.

The Democrats’ plan to find Trump guilty of something, anything, seems to be coming to its own sad ending. They have tried to turn belief that Trump is evil into a crime — Emoluments Clause, Russiagate, impeachments I and II, Stormy Daniels, obstruction of justice, and incitement.

On the sidelines were extra-judicial attempts connected to the 25th Amendment, having doctors who never examined the man declaring Trump mentally ill, and even accusations of incest. The Southern District of New York previously failed to indict Trump’s children and failed to prosecute Paul Manafort. E. Jean Carroll’s rape-cum-defamation case is so egregiously lousy that even the Biden DOJ took Trump’s side. The convictions of Trump associates lawyer Michael Cohen and accountant Allen Weisselberg did not touch the principal himself.

The SDNY brought no charges. Early this year, the Manhattan district attorney, Alvin Bragg, instructed prosecutors to halt their effort to seek an indictment of Trump. It looks like Letitia James is the only one left. She can turn off the lights on her way out.
58   FortwayeAsFuckJoeBiden   2022 Sep 23, 10:25am  

Patrick says

they put a price on a Republican voter life…. around 50k. assessment came lower than expected.
61   Patrick   2022 Oct 9, 2:05pm  


Not that I think Trump has done anything worthy of prosecution. I'm kind of surprised that after all this time they found nothing real to charge him with. That makes me pretty sure he really is a clean president, unlike corruption Joe.
62   pudil   2022 Oct 9, 8:06pm  


I know some of you on this site are fine with baby murder. But can we at least agree that if you are throwing people in jail for having an opinion that baby murder is wrong, maybe we are the baddies?
63   richwicks   2022 Oct 10, 10:50am  

pudil says


I know some of you on this site are fine with baby murder. But can we at least agree that if you are throwing people in jail for having an opinion that baby murder is wrong, maybe we are the baddies?

Who in their right mind supports this?

Our police state was really put into its current formation when George W. Bush became president and our bullshit congress signed the Patriot Act into law, without even reading the damned thing.

That's when assholes started calling anybody that bitched about the government "domestic terrorists". Well, here we are. Every, fucking, power you give this shitty government will eventually be used against you. Every single one. Torture is totally legal in Guantanamo, it's a violation of the Constitution, it doesn't produce any useful results anyhow. Well now that it's accepted there, but it's called "enhanced interrogation" you can be fucking certain it's going to be used on this soil.

People have been warning about this for over 2 decades.

I'd still be on "the left" if it wasn't bat-shit crazy. Never thought it would be "the right" that woke up first and started realizing just how corrupt the government is, but they are recognizing it, when most of "the left" is still oblivious.
66   HeadSet   2022 Oct 11, 7:22pm  

richwicks says

Never thought it would be "the right" that woke up first and started realizing just how corrupt the government is, but they are recognizing it, when most of "the left" is still oblivious.

No, the left is not "oblivious." They support their team, in the same way a die-hard sports fan does not care if a compromised ref always calls for the fan's team. Just as long as they win.
68   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 12, 1:57pm  

Patrick says

Is all that true?

And the chair of the committee wanted actual bank robbing, cop shooting separatist terrorists not to be charged with crimes.
69   HeadSet   2022 Oct 12, 5:48pm  

cisTits says

Um, people who look like you did fuck Christopher Columbus. The first Hispanics, you know.
71   Patrick   2022 Oct 12, 6:23pm  

HeadSet says

Um, people who look like you did fuck Christopher Columbus. The first Hispanics, you know.

In fact, the children of Spaniard men and American Indian women survived much better than 100% Indians, because those children got some immunity to smallpox, etc, and the resources of the conquering men.
72   Misc   2022 Oct 14, 9:17pm  

Remember those lawyers in NYC that decided to toss a couple of Molotov cocktails at a police van???

Well, they pled guilty months ago.


... and they are now asking for just time served as punishment.

I'm sure they are still out and about. --- Looks like they have pushed back sentencing till November, now.

73   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 14, 9:59pm  

Misc says

Remember those lawyers in NYC that decided to toss a couple of Molotov cocktails at a police van???

Militant Anti-Zionist and Anti-Cop lawyers literally employed by Soros Funded Orgs.
74   richwicks   2022 Oct 14, 10:47pm  

AmericanKulak says

Misc says

Remember those lawyers in NYC that decided to toss a couple of Molotov cocktails at a police van???

Militant Anti-Zionist and Anti-Cop lawyers literally employed by Soros Funded Orgs.

What makes you think they are anti-Zionist?

Zionists are a terrorist group that founded a nation, through terrorism. Do you seriously think that Soros is anti-Zionist?
79   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 24, 10:28am  

richwicks says

Zionists are a terrorist group that founded a nation, through terrorism. Do you seriously think that Soros is anti-Zionist?

Not debatable. Soros has given generously to Anti-Zionist, Pro-Palestinian, Anti-Israel causes, most famous being IndyMedia. He also gave a speech claiming that Israel was illegit and should not be a Jewish State. He's behind Bend The Arc, also anti-Zionist and Far Left organization and it's headed, unsurprising, by an Anarchist and Professional Leftist Demonstrator. Alexander Soros has particularly made statements for Globalism and against supporting "Parochial" Zionist Causes

Soros is strongly disliked in Israel:

Soros further described his views on Israel in an essay he wrote for the New York Review of Books in April, 2007 titled “On Israel, America, and AIPAC.”
He expressed frustration with the Bush administration and the Israeli government for not recognizing the “democratically elected Hamas government” and was also frustrated about Israel’s “insistence on treating Hamas only as a terrorist organization” while refusing to recognize Hamas’ “moderate political wing.”


As for violence/terror:
So did the IRA. So the British thought the same of the Revolutionaries. The Ba'athists mostly came to power with terror and Violence. The Romanian Revolution was powered with violence also. Many countries are born in violence, and their detractors call it Terror. Hamas used violence to expell the PLO from Gaza and runs a one-party state there, and vice-versa.

In any case, the Lefist/Globalist/Obama-Biden Admin pivot to Iran, as well as Erdogan's machinations, will only create more opportunities for Israeli-Gulf Arab Cooperation, which is already well underway. The Nazi-Ba'athist dream is evaporating.
80   AmericanKulak   2022 Oct 24, 11:17am  

Soros also funds the BLM/M4BL antisemitic platform’s BDS “resource organization,” the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation. Specifically:

The U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation: $300,000 grant in 2018 from Soros’ FPOS.The U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation, recently renamed the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR), is the major anti-Israel BDS group and coalition in the United States. Soros’ FPOS funded the U.S. Campaign to End the Occupation via its acknowledged alias, “Education for Just Peace in the Middle East.
Soros appears to be also sending additional funds to USCPR indirectly. For instance, Soros’ FPOS gave $750,000 to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund in 2017, and the Rockefeller Fund gave $155,000 to USCPR (also via the alias “Education for Just Peace in the Middle East”).

In addition, Soros also funds USCPR member groups. For instance, in 2017, Soros’ FPOS gave $300,000 to the viciously anti-Israel “Jewish Voice for Peace,” a member organization of USCPR.

Further, Soros foundations help coordinate and spend millions of dollars funding a web of additional anti-Israel organizations (in addition to Adalah and others that co-authored the BLM anti-Israel platform). These groups’ relentless demonization of Israel strengthens Soros-supported BLM-resource USPCR. Such additional Israel- demonization groups and Soros foundations’ contributions to them include: Mossawa ($370,000 in 2006-2017); B’tselem ($150,000 in 2018; $300,000 in 2017; NIS 497,406 in 2015-2016); Breaking the Silence ($275,000 in 2016-2017 and NIS 330,990 in 2015); ACRI-Association for Civil Rights in Israel ($220,000 in 2016-2018; and NIS 88,500 in 2015; Gisha ($360,000 in 2016-2018); Ir Amim ($280,000 in 2016-2018 and NIS 66,500 in 2015); Euromed Rights ($2,550,016 in 2016-208); Mada al-Carmel ($235,000 in 2016-2017 and $707,000 in 2003-2015); Kayan Feminist Organization ($765,000 in 2006-2018) (Kayan’s “feminism” consists of promoting women’s awareness of the “Nakba” – the claim that Israel’s creation is a catastrophe, and relentlessly accusing Israel of harming Palestinian-Arab women). Sadly, there are many more such Soros-supported groups! See NGO Monitor’s Profile of Soros’ Open Society Foundations, Apr. 2020, and other sources listed above.

V. Soros Funds Anti-Israel PFLP-Run “Al Haq” BDS Group Promoted by BLM:

Al Haq: $1,291,630($891,630 in 2017; 400,000 in 2016, from FPOS.) In addition, Soros’ FPOS funded an $8,886 Al Haq internship in 2017.
BLM promotes Soros-funded Al Haq and its vicious BDS agenda and demonization of Israel. On June 28, 2020, BLM-UK tweeted “FREE PALESTINE”; falsely accused Israel of “settler colonial pursuits”; and “On the eve of Israel’s planned formal annexation of Palestinian land, we stand with Palestinian civil society in calling for targeted sanctions in line with international law against Israel’s colonial, apartheid regime,” along with an Al Haq list of four anti-Israel actions called for by Al Haq, including ending trade agreements, boycotts, ending military cooperation with Israel, and bringing Israelis to “justice” for their “war crimes.” The Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs report “Terrorists in Suits: The Ties Between NGOs and Promoting BDS and Terrorist Organizations” documents that Al Haq is headed and run by designated terror group PFLP operatives and convicted terrorists.

VI. Soros Funds Anti-Israel Lawfare Organization That Files Lawsuits to Assist Violent BLM Actions and Promotes BLM-Anti-Israel “Intersectionality”:

Soros’ FPOS also gave $1,280,000 ($750,000 in 2018 and $530,000 in 2016) to the “Center for Constitutional Rights” (CCR), a far-left, anti-Israel “Palestinian solidarity” lawfare organization that organizes BLM conferences, including the “The Art of Protest #BlackLivesMatter: Community Lawyering and Movement Building”; files lawsuits on BLM’s behalf, including a lawsuit against the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security to curtail surveillance of the too-often-violent M4BL (BLM) demonstrations; and promotes spurious BLM-anti-Israel intersectionality.

On November 29, 2017, Soros-supported CCR, Soros-supported Adalah (see above), BLM group Black Youth Project 100, and Addameer (an affiliate of and front group for designated terror organization PFLP-Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) co-organized a conference titled “The Criminalization of Home: Organizing to Protect Communities from NYC to Palestine,” claiming that “state violence [by Israel and the U.S.] enforces a system of racialized dispossession, whether through eviction, deportation, incarceration, or colonization and ethnic cleansing,” featuring the Addameer’s general director. This anti-Israel-BLM intersectionality conference was deliberately scheduled on the 70th Anniversary of the UN resolution affirming Britain’s imminent evacuation of the Jewish homeland and Israel’s re-establishment.

Also, in February 2018, CCR participated in a panel at Yale University titled “Ferguson to Palestine: Lawyering for Liberation” which sought to draw “parallels of occupation … the IDF response to movements for Palestinian liberation, the for-profit prison detention of people of color, and systemic apartheid,” featuring Hassan Jabareen, founder and executive director of Soros-supported Adalah.

VII. Soros Funds Groups that Attacked ZOA for Criticizing BLM’s Antisemitism:

Soros’ FPOS also funds several groups that attacked ZOA and/or ZOA’s president as “racist,” “Islamophobic,” or promoting “hate,” because ZOA criticized BLM’s antisemitism. These Soros-funded groups include:

New Israel Fund (NIF):$837,500 from 2002 to 2015 (See article on DC Leaks of Soros documents; and “Target Israel: George Soros-Funded Groups Leading BDS War on Jewish State,” by Aaron Klein, Breitbart, Jan. 21, 2019.)
National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW): $200,000from Soros’ FPOS in 2018.
J Street: Approx. $500,000 per yearfrom Soros, according to J Street’s leader’s statement to ZOA. In addition, Soros’ Open Society Foundations fund Ploughshares, which in turn gave J Street the largest grant ($576,000) to promote the Iran deal. Soros’ Open Society Policy Center Inc. also gave J Street another $25,000 in 2017. Notably, from 2008 to 2010, J Street lied about (falsely denied) George Soros’ and the Soros children’s first $750,000 contribution to J Street – until the Washington Examiner got ahold of an unredacted tax form showing the Soros contributions to J Street, and J Street was finally forced to admit the truth. See ZOA Report: “J Street Sides With Israel’s Enemies & Works to Destroy Support for Israel,” pages 1-2.
T’ruah: $25,000 in 2017. (T’ruah leader Jill Jacobs also spoke at a recent Open Society anti-Israel book launch.)

B'tselem is completely Left-Wing Woke Globalist. But we're looking at millions upon millions given by Soros to explicit Anti-Zionist causes as well as their allies.
81   Patrick   2022 Oct 25, 3:45pm  


Prospective Juror Booted from Jury Pool after Declaring Trump Is ‘Guilty Whatever the Case Is’
David Hawkins
October 25, 2022
82   Patrick   2022 Oct 27, 8:47pm  


Biden’s Chief of Staff Found Guilty of Violating Hatch Act by Special Counsel, Gets Slap on Wrist
85   Patrick   2022 Nov 1, 9:25am  


'Now you care about immigration!' Woke MSNBC guest slammed for vow to 'investigate' Elon Musk's US citizenship after ranting he 'does NOT love the USA' and is trying to 'manipulate' the left and right into 'violence'

Wow, hypocrisy and selective justice at the same time!

Hypocrisy: doesn't care about real illegals stealing jobs from the poorest Americans.
Selective justice: investigating someone for purely political reasons.
88   Patrick   2022 Dec 3, 7:08pm  


The Secret Service has found hundreds of documents it previously denied having in relation to the probe into Hunter Biden’s alleged gun violations, conservative watchdog Judicial Watch revealed Thursday.

Judicial Watch has been investigating if the Secret Service protected Hunter from scrutiny after the president’s son revealed in a 2019 text message the FBI got involved in the case of a missing firearm tossed in a Delaware dumpster by Hunter’s former sister-in-law-turned-lover. Nobody was charged with wrongdoing, according to reports.

Text messages purportedly from Hunter reveal what appears to be a contradiction in an official Secret Service statement, which claims the agency had “no involvement” in an alleged case involving Hallie Biden finding a gun “inside of Hunter Biden’s pickup” and tossing “it in a trash can behind a grocery store where they frequently shopped.” Yet Hunter’s text messages say “the police the FBI the Secret Service came on the scene.”

The gun store owner who sold the weapon to Hunter reportedly refused to supply the paperwork to the Secret Service when they allegedly sought to retrieve it at the time of the incident, suspecting the agency’s officers would keep the documents away from scrutiny.
Hunter has also allegedly made false statements on a gun purchase background check ATF form 4473. Conveying false inflation to ATF on form 4473 carries a fine of up to $250,000 and up to ten years in prison. ...

Hunter is under investigation by Joe Biden’s Justice Department for tax and gun related violations.

LOL! As if anyone in Biden's corrupt DOJ is going to do anything about Hunter's crimes.
89   Patrick   2022 Dec 4, 10:43am  

True. NEVER.

This is the kind of thing that led to the French Revolution.

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