Trans activists are evil

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So Arkansas overrode the veto from beta cuck governor. But no one is asking why the leftist tran activists trying to fuck kids up before they grow normal since puberty tends to fix this shit. Such murderous jealous fucks, trying to drag kids down with them since they fucked up their own lives.

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824   Patrick   2023 Mar 18, 11:40am  

That's Dick Levine.
826   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 18, 7:23pm  

B-b-but, the Asante have a trickster god from their pagan era that ended 200 years ago that can swap genders to trick people!! I read this in Anthro 101!! That trumps what actual Asante say today!
830   Patrick   2023 Mar 19, 8:59pm  


One of the strangest facets of the iatrogenocide is that many Democrats can no longer tell the difference between adults and children. It brings me no joy to note this. But it’s everywhere and I have not seen others report on this so I will.

1. Democrats at all levels of government — from President Biden on down to county supervisors and city council members — believe that children should be able to make the decision to take puberty blockers (such as the chemical castration drug, Lupron) and undergo sex change surgery that will leave them permanently infertile.

Nearly all mainstream medical associations (e.g. the American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Endocrine Society) and public health agencies are staffed by Democrats and they are all on board with this.

Democrats are making several extraordinary intellectual mistakes in this case:
• Thinking that children have the intellectual capacity to make an informed decision about complex medical issues with lifelong implications;
• Not even bothering to study the possible long-term harms from this approach;
• Seeing adulthood as a disease to be prevented; and
• Not realizing that in many cases Pharma and surgeons are enriching themselves by taking advantage of children on the autism spectrum.

In a sane world, any one of these points would end this scheme. And yet Democrats all fell in line in the space of 15 years.

2. Nearly every blue state pushes minor consent bills to allow children to be vaccinated at school without their parents’ knowledge or permission. It’s nearly impossible to overstate how evil these bills are.
• Children are not old enough to properly weigh risks and benefits from vaccines.
• Children will not know their full medical history and any possible contraindications going back to infancy.
• What happens if the child is injured by a vaccine and the parents don’t even know that a vaccine was administered? How will the parents apply for injury compensation during the brief window of eligibility without knowing what was done to their child?
• Minor consent bills are a violation of federal law that requires vaccine information statements to be provided to the parent or legal guardian for any vaccines on the childhood schedule.

I also want to underscore the brazen hypocrisy of minor consent bills. Democratic lawmakers claim that children are mentally capable of making a decision about vaccination. Yet, these bills do NOT allow a child to REFUSE a vaccine that their parents have consented to. So are children capable of making this decision or not? It seems that Democrats consider children to be capable decision-makers insofar as they are submissive and obedient to the drug cartel and all risk of harm is borne by the child, in secret. ...

Now the Democratic Party wants society to remain in a condition of permanent childhood with the Pharma state as the (abusive) parent. Democrats’ most cherished policy goal seems to be a dystopian version of Peter Pan.

What is it about adulthood that Democrats fear?

I think the answers might be surprisingly straightforward.

Pharma fears adults because only adults can hold them accountable. No adults, no Nuremberg 2.0. So Pharma wants as few adults in society as possible. Totalitarian regimes always attempt to disrupt families because they are an independent source of power outside the control of the state. Also, Pharma makes a fortune from poisoning kids with vaccines, treating vaccine injuries, poisoning kids (many of whom are on the spectrum) with puberty blockers, surgically mutilating kids, and just generally destroying people’s health. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is a police state where people are required to remain obedient children forever.
835   RC2006   2023 Mar 22, 5:51pm  

Didn't know there was such a thing as as merwhale
836   HeadSet   2023 Mar 22, 6:57pm  

That tank is only half full when she gets out.
837   Patrick   2023 Mar 22, 9:32pm  


A world-renowned biologist has destroyed the Left’s “woke” narrative regarding gender by confirming that there are only “two sexes.”

During a new interview, Richard Dawkins, the famed British evolutionary biologist, cited his decades of study on the subject while commenting on the transgender narrative.

Speaking with host Piers Morgan on his show “Uncensored,” Dawkins also decried activists who attacked “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling for saying there are only two genders.

Dawkins told Morgan that those attacking Rowling are “bullies.”
840   HeadSet   2023 Mar 23, 6:19pm  

That is too bad, as it gives the Dem an out. Now the Dems can force all that other transFacism without the blowback from sports.
841   richwicks   2023 Mar 23, 6:38pm  

HeadSet says

That is too bad, as it gives the Dem an out. Now the Dems can force all that other transFacism without the blowback from sports.

I disagree. I always thought all this "popular culture" was completely artificial and ideologically driven mostly for social propaganda, but other people who just deny it, tell me the reason I kept hearing about "TomKat" (remember that) in the "news" is because "that's what people WANT to hear about". Now the average person can see what I saw. Just a matter of time that some dude wins the Miss America Pageant.
848   Patrick   2023 Mar 24, 12:31pm  


Of course, the newspaper USA Today chose transgender activist Leigh Finke for its Women of the Year award because in the USA of the here-and-now (today, for instance), boundaries are a thing of the past, and if a woman of the year happens to come with the “package” that signifies male-of-the-species, you’d better ignore that and go along with the gag — or prepare for the punishments that will come down until your morale improves.

The transgender movement has crystalized into the Party of Chaos’s favored instrument for enforcing its ethos of unreality on a population obdurately stuck on thinking in categories, on making hateful distinctions between things. Better to live in a protective miasma of undifferentiated sensation than a cruel state based on pattern recognition where one is incessantly prompted to understand how objects and life-forms around us differ, where things begin and end, and what all that means relative to your own ideally amorphous existence.

Mattias Desmet, Belgian author of the 2022 book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, proposed that a political faction subject to “mass formation psychosis” — the group hysteria that sets the scene for tyranny — would demand that the public swallow a cavalcade of increasingly absurd ideas in order to soften up their brains, so as to make it easier for leaders (influencers) to push them in any desired direction. I would propose that we have probably achieved peak brain-softening now in this land.
849   AmericanKulak   2023 Mar 24, 3:35pm  

Biden Nat Security Advisor Kirby warns Uganda about the passage of a "Only Two Genders, No Gay Marriage" bill into Law.

BE, as gay as you can Be
Fight for Gender Equal-ity,
Liberate Ugandans from Bigotry
In the Army
852   Misc   2023 Mar 25, 9:59am  

Patrick says


Top Female Cyclist Quits Sport over Transgender Athletes: ‘I Lose No Matter How Hard I Train’

Tell her to grow a pair ! ! ! !
853   EBGuy   2023 Mar 25, 3:55pm  

The activists do seem to be good at changing peoples attitudes. Note the direction of the trend...

854   Patrick   2023 Mar 26, 10:17pm  

If you're 18 and think you're the opposite sex, you have a mental illness. If you're 8 and think you're the opposite sex, your mother has a mental illness.

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