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Conspiracy Theories That Came True:

By BayArea follow BayArea   2022 Mar 25, 6:26pm 351 views  21 comments           share      

Can we compile a list of what was considered to be a conspiracy theory that transitioned to being accepted as true by both sides of the political spectrum?

I’ll start

Hunter’s laptop
1   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 25, 6:39pm  

Here's the low hanging fruit:

Circa August, 2021:
Snobby Leftoid Legacy Blogger's Haughty Derision -


*COVID Vaccine will provide "immunity"* (as defined for decades upon decades prior to COVID)

2   HeadSet   2022 Mar 25, 6:39pm  

Hillary et al created the Russian Collusion hoax.
3   HeadSet   2022 Mar 25, 6:40pm  

If you get the vax, you will not get Covid.
4   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 25, 6:51pm  

Hunter Biden's Laptop

5   AmericanKulak   2022 Mar 25, 6:55pm  

Deep State:

"The Deep State exists to battle people like Trump" - NYT

NYT Celebrates the Deep State lining up to destroy his presidency, 2018:

Before, the NYT was against the existence of the Deep State as a "Conspiracy Theory"
6   Hircus   2022 Mar 25, 9:46pm  

Wow, I was thinking about this very topic this morning - wanting a list of all the "dangerous misinformation" that was true. What a coincidence. We should have started building this thread 12 mo ago.

"jab causes heart problems and blood clots" - scandanavian countries banned moderna in under 18's due to myo or pericarditis around aug/sept 2021, and theres other studies showing its true, and many articles saying "its true, but it very very very very rare. racist.".

I think blood clots have also had a few studies prove it too. And I think theyve been struggling with getting jab approved in children, although I think they got it by arguing the benefit outweighs the heart problems.
7   SunnyvaleCA   2022 Mar 26, 1:28am  

Not quite there yet, but heading in the right direction: FBI was spying on Trump campaign and the Trump presidency.
8   SunnyvaleCA   2022 Mar 26, 1:30am  

The Wu-Flu ("Kung-Flu") came out of a lab. Did not occur naturally.
9   SunnyvaleCA   2022 Mar 26, 1:34am  

Only N95-type masks, properly worn and maintained, offer meaningful protection against transmission.

In truth, I actually think all the masks are "helpful" in the sense that they remind everyone to keep their distance and make going out in public spaces unpleasant so that people tend to stay home. Of course, requiring people wear a 20-pound chain necklace in public would have achieved that goal with less expense.
10   SunnyvaleCA   2022 Mar 26, 1:35am  

The Fouchi Ouchi protects against Omicron spread.
11   richwicks   2022 Mar 26, 4:49am  

BayArea says
Can we compile a list of what was considered to be a conspiracy theory that transitioned to being accepted as true by both sides of the political spectrum?

I’ll start

Hunter’s laptop

Operation Ajax and PBSuccess were conspiracy theories when I was in college. Both were made public in the late 1990s.

MKultra and Operation Mockingbird were called conspiracy theories, although each were revealed in 1975 during the Church Committee. Still they were called conspiracy theories at that time.
12   Shaman   2022 Mar 26, 6:41am  

There are no BioLabs in Ukraine!
13   Shaman   2022 Mar 26, 6:43am  

Antivaxxer conspiracy theory (March 2021) claims that the government will mandate the jabs! There are currently NO plans to mandate the jab and Biden himself has said it should be a matter of choice.
14   Tenpoundbass   2022 Mar 26, 6:44am  

BayArea says
Hunter’s laptop

That was never even disputed, the official response was "you're not seeing what you're seeing, it is Russian disinformation."
15   Onvacation   2022 Mar 26, 6:55am  

Oswald killed Kennedy!

All by his self.
16   Onvacation   2022 Mar 26, 6:55am  

Epstein did not kill his self.
20   1337irr   2022 Jun 22, 9:34pm  

Patrick says

I would need a study on that...
21   NuttBoxer   2022 Jun 23, 9:07am  

Some people will always deny the truth, and some truths are far too dangerous to ever publicly acknowledge. Here are a list of known conspiracies easily provable with modest research:

* The Illuminati is formed around the 1500's and begins infiltrating various governments, and subverting the Masons.
* Rothschild's become form the largest banking cartel in history, spend the next few centuries funding both sides of world conflicts.
* Fort Sumter was a false flag to justify decimating states rights
* Lincoln didn't give a shit about slavery
* The Federal Reserve is formed to take back control of the money supply from independent western banks, and keep it firmly in the hands of the NY banking cartel
* The Lusitania was a false flag to allow JP Morgan to recover it's investment in English and French bonds
* Federal reserve engineers first economic collapse (Great Depression)
* William Randolph Hurst gets all hemp illegalized(even commercial) using racism and fear-mongering.
* Pearl Harbor attack was instigated by American sanctions on Japan, and allowed to be carried out as an excuse for US to enter WWII
* Operation Paper Clip absolves most Nazi scientists, brings them to US to start working for deep state.
* Deep state starts funneling Federal Reserve dollars into secret projects shortly after NASA is formed
* Kennedy was assassinated with approval of US government
* Gulf of Tonkin never happened, another false flag to justify Vietnam
* US military heavily involved in Laos and Cambodia
* MKUltra studies performed.
* US Government launches the War on Us(War on Drugs)
* Federal Reserve engineers second economic collapse (Gas inflation)
* Franklin Scandal exposes rampant pedophilia in federal government, and coverup by FBI
* Gary Webb exposes CIA source of income is drug sales, commits suicide by shooting himself twice in the back of the head
* Federal Reserve engineers third economic collapse (SnL scandel)
* No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
* ATF kills innocent family on Ruby Ridge, then innocent cult at Waco(yes they were a cult, but they did not without provocation harm anyone)
* CIA funded and trained Taliban
* Federal Reserve engineers fourth economic collapse (dot com bust)
* 9/11 false flag gives us Patriot Act, unlimited spying by NSA, DHS, TSA, the biggest curtailment to citizens freedoms since the Civil War
* Federal Reserve engineers fifth economic collapse (housing crash)
* Federal Reserve begins printing insane amounts of federal reserve notes
* US government begins droning own citizens and killing reporters in Middle East
* Jeffery Epstein continues satanic pedophile club exposes in the 80's.
* Epstein murdered in jail.
* People begin looking through celebrity social media and find a sickening amount of pedophilia exist in the entertainment industry.
* US backed Chinese bio-labs intentionally release a spike protein bio-weapon, triggering WEF's "Covid" power grab, greatest curtailment of freedom since the beginning of centralization in the 1500's.
* Economic collapse triggered by Federal Reserve printing, and accelerated by Covid false flag begins to usher in Federal Reserve's sixth(and final?) economic collapse.

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